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  1. C McN & G C from Cadets to BAC Hop out as Program Coordinator (still Exec Dir) Brass Caption head at Troopers resigning after getting into physical altercation with stadium security in INDY That's been the buzz this week.
  2. Not going so far as to title this winners and losers, because all the corps are winners, right? Thumbs up - achieving or surpassing expectations 1. Bluecoats. Self explanatory 2. Cavaliers. Reconfiguring of the design and teaching teams pays dividends. 3. Academy. Top 12 written all over this corps 4. Lower tier of World Class - From Oregon Crusaders to Pioneer all have all upped their game in 2017. 5. Spirit of Atlanta. They exist as a viable organization. Don't underestimate what that means. Thumbs down - the offseason hype didn't help 1. Cadets. Raise your hand if you saw this c
  3. I bet the last thing Genesis expected after San Antonio was to be looking up at Legends and Spartans. Did they peak in front of a pretty much hometown crowd? Other questions.... It's an even year, so that means Blue Devils B win, right? Who raises performance levels amongst the next tier to grab the bronze like Spartans did last year? What will it take for Music City to break into that tier next year? Certainly isn't membership nor the amount of time on the road. Is this the Raiders swan song? After barely making it out on the road again this year (Exec Dir resigning, then not resigning..
  4. This may be the funniest post I have read in many years on Drum Corps Planet. Scores are manipulated to please the marketeers of DCI? Did you march in a corps from Roswell, New Mexico?
  5. "Not you, but 3rd &10". You left out the comma.
  6. How's that? Vis perf scores are right in line with the corps total score in the 65-67 range....
  7. Order of appearance dictates how long a given corps rehearsal day. Pioneer ends their day @ 2 to be at a show by 5 to go on at 7 Blue Devils end their rehearsal day at 5 to be at a show by 8 to go on at 10. 3 hours a day x 30 or so performance days is an incredible imbalance.
  8. Good use of all your vocabulary words for the week. You get 1 star for effort but 2 demerits for being you.
  9. Well son, seeing as you are on The Raiders staff and given us very limited parameters to determine which designer it was.....why don't you elaborate? Was this designer provided with adequate and timely information to create a high level product? Did the corps live up to their end of the financial bargain? Was their a musical book that allowed for a creative design or was it as much to blame? It goes both ways.
  10. "BK has the most well pit together show this year" Seriously?