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  1. It's somewhat disappointing to me that the corps decided to drop the cymbal line because a flash in the pan caption head wants it that way. I'll just wait till the next one comes along and reinstates it. It shouldn't be long. I'm not sure why Lane has such a difficult time with orchestration and education of a cymbal line. I think it's probably a bad decision to hire a guy who says things like this, [emphasis mine] "The bottom line is I have a clear vision of what I want my percussion section to be..." Doesn't sound like someone who cares about the history of the corps or is a much of a team player. I hear they are fundraising for a new box truck though...
  2. I decided to take this challenge mostly because I was curious - I started with the 90's because I just know it better, but gave up after 20 minutes of searching. It was a unicorn then too. 1992 - July 24th Cadets 88.0 - Star 91.9 (close enough to 4 points to count) 1997- July 27 Madison 90.0 - Crossmen 84.3 (tied for 5th semi-finals)
  3. He was 15, at the time. Anyway I suppose it was a fruitless search since he made it back to the bus unscathed.
  4. Really? As in they literally went looking for a 15 year old kid who screamed "Crossmen Drumline"?
  5. My exact thoughts. I actually like the uniform, but it sort of begs for the aussie.
  6. That's a fair guess, it's the last year that the Crossmen came within 3 points of the Blue Devils. They couldn't close the gap with Cadets that year though.
  7. August 3rd 1992: Cadets 90.3 Crossmen 88.8
  8. You're both sort of right. End of the season DM uniforms were a black see through thing with the guard leotard underneath. Early to mid season the DM's wore this: http://crossmenalumni.org/1998photos/2zjth9ztigbx9pth0g6dyqs0mgzqj7 They were absolutely hand me downs. They are the exact same jackets the corps used since 1990 with obvious changes. There was such a shortage of XL jackets that for the first few shows 5 or 6 of us wore sweatshirts with red triangles sewed on!
  9. Crossmen certainly get the award for most improved that year. I think we might have had 25 horns at the May camp that year. I would love to see a video from our first show in Bayonne.
  10. Maybe it is. Its hard for me to gauge how a show that I never saw live was received. 1995 Madison was widely loved at the time and is still talked about constantly.
  11. The same guy screamed "Crossmen drumline" in 1993 before the start of the third song. He had a friend join though.