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  1. Interesting... can you point me to Boston's championships and Regiment's championships with Cadet people? Ignore the facts, whatever suits your narrative...
  2. The Madison members buy in, too. Buy in and competent design/education are not mutually exclusive.
  3. This is a post of two tales... Lists everything that is the EXACT OPPOSITE OF THE ENTIRE DIRECTION OF THE ENTIRE ACTIVITY RIGHT NOW (except a failing Madison) Then says that all this is based on having competent designers. BRUH. Competent designers wouldn't do literally ANY Of the things you've listed, or they'd be unemployed.
  4. Go into BOA and get some young design blood, keep the percussion team, and get Chris Johnston more involved on the ground level from the beginning of the program. Then things get way better in a hurry.
  5. These kids are awesome. These adults should be ashamed of themselves. Every day that Rick doesn't make it known that everyone is gone is a missed recruiting opportunity for next season.
  6. Why wouldn't you just put shotgun mics at the box and broadcast what the adjudicators actually hear?
  7. I don't necessarily disagree. I'm just unsure of the specifics of those things. You may be right. I do know that JD, Paul, Klesch, Jamey, Adam Sage, those types weren't people cutting their teeth at Regiment. They weren't learning how to be good at PR. (This next section not directed at you, SUTAsaurus.) Is there a current PR designer or caption head that was successful in their role at another drum corps? Brad Toth is the only one that comes to mind. Will's stint with Spirit was a nonsucess that burnt to the ground. (I think the show was actually about fire.)
  8. You mean the guy that wrote Avon, cut his teeth as the visual caption head and rewrite guy at Cadets, who SAVED the drum corps (PR) with a full drill rewrite in 2000 after they fired a bad writer? Yea we all remember Leon. A PROVEN commodity. People keep coming into this thread acting like Leon May, JD Shaw, and Paul Rennick were unknown question marks when they started at PR. The biggest case of revisionist history I've ever seen to try to prop up people who are CURRENTLY underperforming over people who were known.
  9. Getting closer to making finals isn't a victory. Getting closer to finals is the best thing for the kids. This staff deserves to go. In finals or out. Regiment's moral victories shouldn't be "making finals" or "beating spirit". There's been enough time for this regime to show its true colors.
  10. I would imagine Rick's role is more to place the program coordinator in hiring role and give them financial limitations or other guidelines to follow in crafting that staff. Which means that he has failed on the Will Pitts front, but not much past that. George Hopkins was one of the exceptions to this model, not the rule. He had his hands in everything.
  11. The membership seems bought in to the show, regardless of how broken it is. The changes Will and others have made to the member experience seems to be the biggest pro taken away from the disastrous competitive outcomes.
  12. Let's not forget that that scenario existed a few years ago and the ensemble STILL got worse, with a big name Program Coordinator. There are only 3 constants here. The corps has gotten worse since Dan's role diminished and his ultimate retirement. The corps has gotten worse with Will on board Rick seems exceptionally hands off on the competitive side of things, but has done an amazing job cleaning things up financially.
  13. I would say it is ironic... but they both were terrible programming choices.
  14. Yes, minus the fact that the regiment pockets are pretty shallow. Dunno where that money will come from. Rick Valenzuela has done an incredible job making the ensemble fiscally responsible, but that, by no means, means that the corps has money to throw at things, yet.