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  1. Pretty much agree with the Bluecoats, Cavies and Devils. Always seem to enjoy Crown's brass book. But all these dark, angry shows disturb me. What is the activity so mad at and why are we teaching the young people to emote hatred and anger? There is so much to celebrate in life that only music can foster the emotions of a positive future and happiness. Anger is such a base emotion I see no reason to continue teaching it. I for one see no gratification in paying serious money to watch perhaps the most talented young people out there snarling at me.
  2. Hmmm. I believe neither is eligible to run for a board seat. I highly doubt they are association members?
  3. The answer to the question as to why the hell the corps in in hotels and who is responisble is....... DCI. DCI is reponsible for arranging DCI Championships housing. And the same is true for all the regionals as well. Whenever DCI fails to secure housing DCI puts the corps up in hotels. Therefore there will be no impact tp the Sccouts 2019 bottom line. As far as renting a food truck. The old was a wreck and had to go. The cost of food trucks has really escalated. A minimum of 100K to replace. DOT regulations regarding mobile kitchens are pretty stiff. Madison does not have that kind of cash laying around. Leasing one makes sense from budgeting too as you pay the lease fee and you are off the hook for any repairs to the trailer for the summer. It's a firm, predictable expense with no surprises. So they send the trailer back on Wednesday and "cater" thursday through Saturday. As for "Feed the Corps" promotion. This is a fund raiser that several DCI corps use. Some like Boston and the Academy have it runnng all tour long. While I do not recall seeing Madison use it in the past, like a lot of good ideas the corps communicate at the DCI Boards Consortium various ideas that work. If it is a first year endeavor there are likely a few wrinkles yet to work out.
  4. To answer the original question, virtually all corps have a specific disclosure on member documents that any and all fees are NOT refundable. This primarily exists to protect themselves from contract members who drop late in the year and the hole has to be filled. Hard to ask a member in may for 3K or more. But the disclosures encompass all fees. They have the discretion to act on a case by case situation but it rarely happens.
  5. Jim. The authority DCI will use will be the perfomance agreement each corps signs prior to the season. These are the terms and conditions that each corps agrees to in order to compete in sanctioned shows. You are correct that DCI itself is no more than a show promoter (by their own admission) and has no authority to compell any of the members to do anything internally. But they can prevent the corps from competing if they are not in compliance with the performance agreement.
  6. You're missing another quite important factor if you are attempting to re-create the G sound. The whole line was choired in a common key. All were in G. All the middle voices would be off. If trumpets were to play in the key of G as you suggest, then the mellos/french horns would be keyed in G. This would produce a distinctly different middle voicing. Fun idea to play with though.
  7. Argonne Rebels ....... one serious horn line. 27th Lancers ....... great identity. Nissei Ambassadors ...... always fun shows. Star ........ don't consider them folded, they just took their principles and evolved to became Blast. Hundred of thousands, perhaps millions of tickets sold. Can't say that for today's G7. Kilties ....... as a junior corp, of course. They were so unique, performed with a real attitude the fans loved. Bridgemen ...... showmanship par exellance, with one wicked drumline. Too bad this list continues to grow.
  8. Mr. Boo Once apon a time sir, I thought you had some class. Your dismissive attitude to this man is unfortunately typical of this forum.
  9. Perhaps his opinion was one of looking for the positives he saw rather from one based on derision?
  10. Jesse...well done and a wonderful tribute to Gail. How fortunate we both were to have the chance to march with two of the more historic corps in the activity. mynwa
  11. FWIW*** Ray is being inducted to the DCI hall of fame this year. I understand there is to be a ceremony at drums on.
  12. Tom Brown, Jim Webb, Gary Lee and Chris Metzger, I believe
  13. Count me in. Warhawk stadium chasing the female sopranos from Argonne afterwards.....they were staying in the dorms.
  14. Gary.. It's Jimmy. Just close your eyes and you can hear every word or that coming out of his mouth. Bill