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  1. ThirdValvesAreForWimps

    2019 Phantom Regiment

    Put the helmets back on, pull some Stravinsky out of the files, do a Rockford file during a drum break, then blow everyone away with some Tchaikovsky.
  2. ThirdValvesAreForWimps

    DCI 2018 Post Season Review

    Beautifully stated. At fff the stadium rails would pick up the resonance and vibrate.
  3. ThirdValvesAreForWimps

    DCI 2018 Post Season Review

    The acoustic sound was not from this world. It was full, transparent, in tune, and energetic. I wish I could time warp each and every one of you born too late to have heard the ‘75 Scouts, ‘76 Blue Devils, ‘77 Cavaliers, and any Jim Ott Spirit of Atlanta line live. The sound is great now, please don’t get me wrong, but there was a hard edge to the sound those lines put out. It wasn’t just loud. It was good.
  4. ThirdValvesAreForWimps

    Alumni Horn Lines - Which bugles

    It’s a non-issue. I played a G bugle with The Cavaliers but I’m way better on my Bb trumpet any day of the week. It’s no big deal to switch from one key horn to another because even non-music majors like me are used to it. Those of us who have played orchestral music, for example, routinely switch between Bb and C trumpets. Heck, I originally learned to play on an Eb trumpet my school had because all the Bb school horns were taken.
  5. ThirdValvesAreForWimps

    What rule would you propose for the 2019 DCI tour?

    Clip mics allowed on the bells of soloists’ horns if necessary. Max of two speakers allowed for soloist amplification. No mass amplification of brass permitted. No live vocals permitted. Time limit on recorded vocals/narration/other artificial sounds. No synthesizers.
  6. ThirdValvesAreForWimps

    Do you care about show cohesiveness?

    Programs aren’t cohesive now. All I hear is ten minutes of mashup.
  7. ThirdValvesAreForWimps

    The future is here

    In 2017 the opposite case was true. You can’t look at one single season to define the entire body of work for a particular corps. Lighten up.
  8. ThirdValvesAreForWimps

    Interesting occurrence at I&E this year

    Right sentiment, wrong venue.
  9. ThirdValvesAreForWimps

    DCI World Champs Finals - Aug 11, 2018

    Santa Clara Vanguard just blew the roof off this place! What a sound!
  10. ThirdValvesAreForWimps

    DCI World Champs Finals - Aug 11, 2018

  11. ThirdValvesAreForWimps

    DCI World Champs Finals - Aug 11, 2018

    Brandt Crocker, There’s a “t” in “Phantom.” Sincerely, Everyone
  12. ThirdValvesAreForWimps

    DCI World Champs Finals - Aug 11, 2018

    That was an inspired performance by the Crossmen! Phantom will have to bring it to stay ahead of them.
  13. ThirdValvesAreForWimps

    10 More Years in Indy

  14. ThirdValvesAreForWimps

    DCI World Champs Finals - Aug 11, 2018

    ...and that’s sad. I like to see some surprises on Finals Night. Back when I marched we moved up a spot in Finals more than once and it’s a great feeling.
  15. ThirdValvesAreForWimps

    DCI World Champs Finals - Aug 11, 2018

    This panel isn’t so good for The Cavaliers. Only adding The Torch would make it worse. Speaking thereof, I remember when Sandra Opie parked herself less than two meters in front of me during the hardest soprano (trumpet) lick in Celebration Suite.