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    Member 00-01 Madison Scouts, 98 East Coast Jazz, 96-97 Golden Lancers, Staff 02 Lake Erie Regiment, 03 Eklipse, 4 Seaons Raiders, 2.5 Season Sunrisers
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    Madison Scouts (duh), BD, Cavies, The (old) Velvet Knights, Freelancers, Suncoast Sound, SCV
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    Madison 1999 ,1997, & 1992, BD 92, 03, SCV 89, 2013, yeah... there's a ton.
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    1996 - the first year I marched.
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    New York City
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    drum corps, golf, theatre, kickball, softball, and music of all kinds.

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  1. you need to have a market to have this issue. DCI can't even get a TV spot on a low viewership hour of the day.
  2. well. some corps have been able to generate revenue, and yet still charge their members thousands for a "touring experience" instead of reducing fees. because they can. The fees paid to world class corps for appearances barely fills a diesel tank or two, let alone pays for their stay each night. Open class corps get paid $0 for a performance at an open class show. the customer is certainly the member paying to do this, not the person in the stands. If the customer was actually the people in the stands (that's not a kid the activity is trying to lure into paying to join) the show content, sheets, and operations would be very different.
  3. this idea already works for a group of less than 10, who perform for the New York City Football Club. they perform pre game, at the break, and after. They're paid, they're fed. But again, its a couple of each of trumpets, mellos, baris, a tuba, and a couple drummers. We do this with brass bands in and around NYC. see also.. Tappan Zee Bridgemen. (a couple trumpets, flugels, trombones, a tuba, and a couple drummers) You can pay us to play your parade, festival, brewery...whatever. But its all great players, making money to perform. It really only works with a small group.
  4. 1. fix the sheets to be less designer influenced. less needs for "layered demand". 2. shorten the season to maximize participants 3. will both reduce costs and help bring in more of the "ticket buyer". note ticket buyers arent in the stands, its the people paying to march.
  5. read a box (theoretically) and assign numbers to said box. back up numbers with jargon on a tape, and then ask "did you hear my tape" and not know how to respond to "do you remember your comments?" its not rocket science... its just all made up to compare apples and forks.
  6. They already do. But you have a chain of command to either move you or correct the situation. Schools don’t have that option.
  7. Drum corps Midwest used to have DCA groups in their shows. Some shows out east have a few DCA groups there. I think you need to time it right for the weekend to make it beneficial.
  8. totally understood, and I'm sure this is all still in development, however I just find this not on par with even the DCA groups in the same region. While RHR's season costs more than this total, it feels like you get more for your money overall. And Columbus Saints cost half this. Which i think that those are the most comparable programs to this, and in the same region for understanding costs.
  9. While I think this is a cool idea, I am a bit taken back at the cost. Granted, we havent seen a schedule, but Soundsport was intended to be affordable. Which also prompts the "what is affordable" in this day and age, but woof.
  10. If you're a corps outside of NJ or PA, your opportunities are very limited for DCA shows. Often the shows of DCA in your area have perhaps 2-3 corps in some cases, or your other option is virtual shows. Where you record your show and send it in for evaluation. Even in NJ we have shows with only 5 groups. (see rant about operations and placement of intermission in another thread) So if you want to provide opportunities for your members where they have larger crowds, and more performance opportunities in general, you'll take what your options are. This doesnt always work if DCI comes through your city on a tuesday or wednesday, but if you can do it, there's no reason not to. Its a performance op for your members and exposure for your ensembles in a very niche activity.
  11. DCI doesnt provide housing every night of tour. That's why the cost for housing is so great. Do go back and look through the operations book as to what the collective of executive directors is actually on the hook for, and what they are not.
  12. my last tour in OC actually had really good crowds at all the shows. i do enjoy hearing the crowd in the stands tell me "they enjoyed open class more due to the lack of crap all over the field"
  13. Mr Greg Orangy county... that comment wasn't directed at you. apologies for the confusion
  14. DCI IS the corps. DCI is operated by the directors of member corps.
  15. Directors that want to do summer are already on tour. Everyone else wants their summer off. Many bands already charge students to participate, and to cross state lines you often can’t use a school bus. So renting is the only option.
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