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  1. C.Holland

    2019 Move to World Class?

    I don't think there's anyone with the fundraising currently. While i believe there are a few who can design shows to hold up, I don't think they've got the money coming in to do it.
  2. considering there's thousands of schools that have audio design and reinforcement programs across the united states, canada, and across the pond... you can find excellent students, well trained, that would be happy to design, schlepp, and operate live sound on tour literally anywhere in the world now.
  3. unless they've isolated the sound to be supported from the area its coming from. more sound from the speaker closest to the soloist.
  4. I concur. just because the field isn't littered with props, does not mean there's little expense required. good design, choreography, and education all require significant funding. creating a cohesive product on the field requires lots of planning, time, and education.
  5. C.Holland

    Prelims - August 6, 2018

    What is their mission statement? That answers all the questions you need to understand. This is how they operate. Do they need to fold? Not unless they're are financially in trouble. Do they need to drop to Open Class? Not unless they want to give back their return on investment into DCI World Class. (yes, that's an incredibly stupid idea, they get paid from their share of DCI) This isn't premier league where the bottom placing group gets sent down after throwing billions away on stadium upgrades for television. It's a youth activity. Some will not agree that financially stable, continuously operating within their means, and continuing to build good humans is a success, but they're still there, and doing those things. Are they a destination corps? Likely not. Are they a corps to get your start in? Sure. But if they're ok with what they present, and they're financially stable doing so, who cares? To be honest, if you do anything in this activity, and are financially solid that's deserves at least a 12 pack of PBR and a hug. Do we want to see success within the ranks for them, sure. Frankly, i'm surprised at what they provide to their students for the cost. https://pioneer-corps.org/join/fees-membership-dues.html You get quite a bit for the price of an ok used car. I'd bet $5 that Kiwanis Kavaliers, Suncoast Sound, 27th, Glassmen and all the others would trade some of their success, for prolonged financial stability. Because as long as they're surviving, they'll live to fight another day. And if they have a desire to move up the ranks, they can do it at their own pace.
  6. C.Holland

    Madison Scouts 2018

    Throughout. Recap is updated as well
  7. C.Holland

    Madison Scouts 2018

    ive never had that experience with staff, board, no one. Im not saying anyone else has not had that experience as described. but i have not.
  8. C.Holland

    Madison Scouts 2018

    this is the key though. so many aren't willing to help. they're happier grumbling from behind a keyboard instead of trying to raise money, or even pick up someone from the airport.
  9. C.Holland

    Madison Scouts 2018

    so you're saying the poop isn't over head level? YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. C.Holland

    Madison Scouts 2018

    im hoping all the curmudgeons will leave first. screw it. add females into the corps. that'll really #### em off.
  11. C.Holland

    Madison Scouts 2018

    You’re right. Burn it all down. Salt the earth.
  12. C.Holland

    Madison Scouts 2018

    actually. i've never said this show was amazing. I did say to trust the process, and support the guys, because no one knows how that goes with the current team beyond the team. and scrapping the entire idea or team, to hand to someone else and say "fix this" is both a poor financial decision, and often results in an even more piecemeal production. I actually like the idea of the show. and I like the song choices. We shall see what happens today. Because its not like the corps phoned it in, and went out drinking all night. Do I wish it was in the top 10? sure. But process in this day and age is varied. never know what will happen. We shall see how the execution of this show takes place in a few hours and what they've done to it.
  13. C.Holland

    Madison Scouts 2018

    yeah. this point 4 is a tough one. in entertainment design, we tack onto my estimates for the amount of headache we receive for working with certain groups. yknow... art, fun, money. the three components you think about when we take on a project. whichever we need more of, we take from the other two to supplement.
  14. C.Holland

    Madison Scouts 2018

    they're well fed, traveled, and cared for infinitely better than generations before have been. "starving" refers to those who've stated they'll not support the corps in any way until they see a revamp of the board, admin, coordinators...etc. Turning your back on your family when they're down, to me, means you don't need to be welcomed back only when things are all sunshine and rainbows. You dont get it both ways. You can't walk away, and expect your voice to be heard. I think my point is, yes, there should be one voice for the show design, and if it's not up to par, you change that person and their team. (except Boerma... his arrangement to me, is what Madison Sounds like) You take the good with the bad. The good, they're not folding, and some budget aspects seemed way better than years before. The bad, the show design isn't placing how we'd like. One thing is much easier to fix next season than another. I don't believe anyone in the admin would sit on this years competitive success, and then say "yeah, let's do that again". But they would say, what do we need to do, as an admin, to provide all the tools necessary to put a team in place to put the corps at back where they should be, without sacrificing how the members are treated.
  15. i'm happy to discuss the magic of theatre that those boxes are, how they're designed, and what makes them what. Offline of course.