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  1. Now you all who are asking all these questions will have your chance tonight. So you want answers, make sure you go get them FROM THE SOURCE. Hopefully that'll steer this thread into Cadets 2020 show.
  2. Hopefully they'll have an EXCELLENT show in 2020!
  3. Oh so what? That someone reported that every brass player wasn't at a camp in Florida is now a concern? But all the other camps that people have reported about high turnouts are to be discounted? I'm sure MANY of you who have been in drum corps have been at "mandatory" camps where everyone has not been able to make it. Let's get real.
  4. If they were there, would it matter? Every time @dans comes on here with some positive information from the camps, so many people want to question what he/she saw. But now, people are willing to defend a negative review of a (satellite) camp because that person was there. Essentially, these are all opinions. But I am willing to listen to the opinions of those who were there, regardless of whether it is negative or positive. That's what drum corps is.
  5. Exactly. Not many people know about drum corps, but it still thrives. Not many people think break dancing still goes on, but it thrives.
  6. Uggggh! Are you kidding me? That's too hard to do. It's easier to pontificate on this site.
  7. Please. Cadets had an issue, the director is gone. They got a new staff, people still think it's not good enough. They change the staff for 2020, STILL not good enough. They leave YEA, STILL not good enough. People on here were CLAMORING for Cadets to give some sort of update. They give an update, people STILL are not satisfied. Save me the credibility bullsh@t because with some people, it doesn't matter. Additionally, if you're relying on posts from people who have no affiliation with the 2020 Cadets for "credibility," then you REALLY don't want the answers you claim to be seeking.
  8. It's like some people here won't be satisfied until Cadets fold. They provide information and some people are still questioning their decisions instead of letting the pieces fall into place. There is just no pleasing some people.