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  1. You've got me looking VERY forward to this show.
  2. I know here in the DC area, there are a lot of places that have gotten rid of the covid entry requirements. I presume when that Annapolis show happens, it'll probably be the same thing there. I could be wrong though.
  3. I was walking to my job today and the smell of fresh-cut grass entered my nose. It brought back some great memories of drum corps. Today was a GOOD day.
  4. I apologized but if you wanna keep being a baby about it, so be it. I probably could have delivered my comments a little more tastefully, but the essence of them still stand. Take it or leave it. I don't know you to get upset by you but apparently anything with words seem to upset you. You can ignore my comments as well. I really do not care.
  5. Read the response above. Calm down.
  6. That came off way too crass. My apologies to the poster to whom I was responding.
  7. Narration has been done by so many corps since like 2007. It's been over 15 years. Get over it.
  8. Yeah, I was hoping it was Adrenaline City.
  9. I wonder what the tempo of Adrenaline City will be...
  10. Cadets: Cadets Spring Training Erie Sports Center
  11. I'm sorry, but everyday is International Tuba Day in my world.
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