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  1. When dudes treat women like objects for hundreds of years, your being offended at their putting women at the forefront of the activity is now secondary.
  2. Within the next 5 years, Amtrak will have new trains. YAAAAAAAY!!!!!!
  3. Well, this is cancel culture and no matter what, The Cadets should fold.
  4. What DOES a coordinator do? I don't know much about it.
  5. I believe some people are just more frustrated because the thought was that a lot of this would change with new people at the helm. While we know change takes a relatively long time to take place, it's important to understand that Cadets need no more controversy given the circumstances. However, I am ALWAYS against giving up. That's not the lesson Cadets taught when I marched and I don't believe many people on this thread who marched there learned that lesson as well. Regardless, I, too, am pleased with the people who are (back) at the helm and although I am reserving any excitement until August, I am hopeful that we will get a competitive product this upcoming season. FHNSAB...
  6. If there is anything on this site that is the most ridiculous reading, THIS is it. You think it's good to just give up? Is THIS the attitude by which you lead your life? How many people who have marched drum corps live by this attitude? At some point, instead of advocating the complete shutdown of a corps, maybe you should just stop following it and just stop contributing to this thread since you are the "give up" type.
  7. That was MOST amazing. I got dizzy when they were spinning their whole bodies like they were (i have no idea what that's called, guard people).
  8. But we don't KNOW that it is accurate so we should probably wait until we KNOW instead of trying to stir the pot.
  9. If this is real, it was STUPID to post it on social media. And why is it that everyone seems to find every negative thing to want to post on this forum, as if there isn't enough to worry about?