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  1. OMG you've seen the show?!?! Can you provide some details? I'm dying to see and hear what they're playing.
  2. I've always said quality trumps quantity, but in this case, I am looking forward to seeing Cadets with an 80-person hornline. Hopefully it is of quality as well as quantity.
  3. Hmmm.....looks like there may be a battle going on, and I say that with no evidence at all.
  4. There are many people who committed these types of crimes who have made great contributions to society. That doesn't give them a pass to do what they want to people. He deserves everything that's coming to him for doing what he did. I don't care how many championships Cadets have. Someone's life and well being are more important to me than the contributions that he has made to Cadets.
  5. Definitely not like last year's. Hopefully they make some changes that grab me...then again, I haven't even heard it on the field yet.
  6. Honestly, I just want to be on the edge of my seat and scream again, like before I marched.
  7. Annnnnnd spring training starts in 4 days!!!! (Don't mind me, I am a little drunk).
  8. Lol bring down that ego. I don't know you or anyone else from a can of paint. What makes you think I care how much you or anyone else enjoy it? As far as I'm concerned, we are all just the internet so I couldn't really care less whether or not you enjoy it. What I do know is I've had enough wasting my time typing replies to negative people who seem to get off on being cynics. You can have fun with all that.
  9. Lol those of you who don't watch Game of Thrones are missing out.