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  1. 93 - Only experienced watching videos of this performance as I didn't know anything about drum corps until 1995. 96 - Guard was incredible. 97 - First time I'd ever seen Cadets live and first year I was able to march a DCI drum corps. I thought they were robots. 98 - This is the show that made me want to march there. Drill and marching were absolutely magnificent. 2000 - Obviously, since I marched this year. Funny thing is I HATED this show when we first came out, but it grew on me throughout the season. 2011 - A visual masterpiece. I am such a huge Cadets fan that they used to call me SuperCadet when I was in Cadets. I'm going to miss this corps deeply. The tears in my eyes as I type this can't express how much I hate this news.
  2. Well, this is what happens when you put your hands on people you're not supposed to. Though I'm extremely sad about this outcome, I'm more ANGRY at the adults who committed these crimes and put the corps in this position. The HATE I have in my heart toward those people is beyond any measurable order of magnitude. No amount of innovation, influence on the activity or World Championships excuses putting your hands or other body parts on CHILDREN or adults who do not consent. Let this be a lesson for STUPID adults who consider committing these types of crimes. I hope you're punished to the fullest extent of the law. This will probably be my last post on this site as I really see no more motivation to be here. I'm grateful for the way Cadets have changed my life, as well as the lifelong friends I've made from marching there. But the anger I have in my heart right now is taking over the excitement of participating in any type of drum corps discussion or watching drum corps again.
  3. Imagine, for a moment, that you are a kid auditioning for your favorite corps. You take look around as you stand in the horn arc, drumline or guard line and realize you’re the only kid of that ethnicity standing in that hornline; no one else there with whom to talk about your background, no one else who identifies with the struggles you’ve had to get to the point where you can actually AFFORD to march; hardly any instructors, staff members or caption heads who identify with your background. This isn’t exclusive to one demographic; in fact, this exists with many different people. THAT was what it was like for me. I truly believe those who are against diversity or who claim initiatives like DEI are “political” do not have a full understanding of the entire history of this country and why it is important for all of us to have representation in many different aspects of life. There are many historical events in this country that we HAVE to learn and other parts of this country's history that is put on the back burner. That needs to change if we are to truly have a better understanding of EVERYONE'S struggles, triumphs and successes. Kudos to corps like Bluecoats for delving deep into this and contributing to make drum corps a much better experience for EVERYONE.
  4. I won't be surprised if women and men, who have been affected, come after ALL the personnel and corps that have allowed this to happen. Given the events that has taken place in many business, activities, corporations, CHURCHES, etc., I will not be surprised if these things lead to DCI's demise. Apparently A LOT of sexual assault has happened all over the place in the past and too many people have not been held accountable for that. Drum corps is not immune to that, and all these people may have to pay for that.
  5. I remember reading an article about a Chinese restaurant that received a negative yelp review among a load of positive reviews. The Chinese restaurant responded to that review by telling that customer not to ever come back and that person doesn't have a right to be seated in that restaurant. Obviously, I wouldn't want a non-profit organization to respond in this way, but the lesson is, the customer may not always be right. Let's not sugarcoat things here. It didn't need to be public. It seems to me you wanted it public because of the apparent slight you felt by the answer you were given, and therefore, felt it important that others who agree with you should know about.
  6. While this may be true, things are different now than they were back then. You had many more corps than what we have today so losing one or two is a much bigger deal today than it was back then. Each corps that folds nowadays shrinks DCI as an organization even smaller and smaller.
  7. Like I said to the other person. Donate to whomever you want. It's neither hurting me emotionally nor financially, so if it makes you sleep better at night to post that, good for you. If my statements don't pertain you, then I don't see why you need to continue quoting me. If I had something to say about what you've posted, BELIEVE ME, I would say it directly to you. But if you want to sit here and minimize my thoughts by calling them "attitude," I really don't give a _____. But it doesn't change my thoughts on what I see from many people on this site.
  8. It's almost akin to reprimanding your subordinates in public instead of admonishing them in private. Many people have VALID concerns and I will not minimize that. This lawsuit against Cadets is serious AND warranted. But to post personal conversations between yourself and someone else (especially when that person chooses not to defend himself because of the potential problems that may arise given his being a member of the BOD) is classless and makes you no better than the very organization you're criticizing for "transparency." And you're right. He could have just said he wasn't answering. But you could have also kept your personal conversations to yourself, less it makes you look as if you're bitter for not receiving the answers you required. This entire country has been affected by events that have taken place in the past few years; many business have closed, many people can't afford to pay bills, etc. Drum corps is not immune to those problems. Sure, may of them have been self-inflicted, but too many people come on here as if their #### doesn't stink. I'm trying my best, believe me. But it is sickening to read some people's thoughts here that are based on nothing more than conjecture.
  9. Then don't donate. I don't need an education from you as to how the world works as I have been in and around it long enough to know how it works. I have no skin in the game. You don't get points from me for being loud, vocal, or whatever, and I am not here calling you or anyone else specifically out for anything. I simply pointed out what I'VE noticed. If you disagree with it, I really do not care. But I do find it funny that you've chosen to air out a conversation you've had with a specific person, point out that they've asked you for names of people who've said what they've said (which, by the way, I agree that you shouldn't have to disclose any names or information like that), but then also demand transparency as to why certain events have taken place. You can do what you want; you don't answer to me. I simply stated my opinion just as everyone else has. If the shoe fits, wear it. If you guys get off on calling out certain people, airing out conversations, then do what you do. That's not my business. Just know that as there are people here who agree with you, others do not.
  10. ...and notice, your name was not mentioned in my comment, so this is all irrelevant to me.
  11. That I responded to and quoted your comment doesn't mean I was talking about you. I'm pointing out things just as you are.
  12. And some are more than happy to see some organizations fall as they are more than willing to gloat.
  13. Mods, you can close this thread or do whatever you like with it. Doesn't matter to me anymore.
  14. Congrats on your vindication. Now you all can continue with your schadenfreude. And when they fold permanently, you can all rejoice. As to the person who is suing them, GOOD. Sick of the bad behaviour from these stupid adults. I'm done for good with all this.
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