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  1. Yeah that's true, but dwelling on the past doesn't help the future. Cadets have a lot of trust to gain back, and they seem to be making tangible changes to earn that trust. Some of what they have been doing aren't really popular, like getting rid of Cadets2, but they're doing what's hard in order to make their future a little easier. There's really no point in pouring salt on the wound.
  2. ...one of the reasons I have a lot of respect for percussionists...
  3. THANK YOU for providing some insight. Sorry I had to drag you out of hiding lol...
  4. Well my apologies for the quip. Here's a peace offering:
  5. All this sugar out here and you choose to be bitter. All I'm saying is there's way too much negativity on this thread lately. I'm not trying to restrict what people wanna talk about, but it would be nice if for once we could insert some information about the camp. And if you don't have anything to say about it, you can bypass my post. I'm not here for the negativity today or any other day pops.
  6. It is a shame this thread is called "Cadets 2020," Cadets just had a camp this past weekend, some people like @dansattended the camp, and instead of actually talking about the camp, the new staff, the possibilities of this upcoming season, etc., we are STUCK on BS from the past. Come back to the future. PLEASE.
  7. I wonder what they're playing this year.
  8. Welp....the Nats actually won the World Series. I think I need to spend more time at home and less time in London.
  9. Thanks. I was being sarcastic though...hence the gif.