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  1. Yes, 11's great. They need to find a solid theme that they can really fill the whole show with, not just so they have musical material, guard costumes, and a title. They need something with that theatrical bravado that will allow the corps to have that signature Madison stage(field) presence
  2. Even then it seemed to lack something. Maybe just development. It seemed like it had a lot of missing pieces, and missing energy. I think 2013 and 2015 is the closest they have gotten to nailing down the Madison "image" in recent years.
  3. I think Scouts may rebound pretty well after a year or two. Maybe the design and instructional staff are still working out the kinks of working together. The design staff really needs to work on finding material, thematic or musical, that fits the Madison "image" and style while also being new and unique; hearing familiar material is nice but leaves you feeling stagnant. However, it definitely seems like it may be difficult to find genuinely "new" material that will still carry Madison's "image" well.
  4. Was at the show tonight. Heatwave seems to on a pretty good start for a young group. Really was impressed with Legends. The design reminded me of something Cavies might do. Not too much to say about Surf. It's a good production. SoA sounded great but the design lacked so much. I don't think Will Pitts understands that just having the hornline play the HARMONY from Georgia on hits is not nearly as effective as using the MELODY. I'm also pretty sure the brass played no more than 10 notes during Can't Help Falling in Love. Boston was real nice and definitely deserved the GE win over Crossmen.
  5. I had a guy on reddit tell me that they played some Pat Metheny at one of the audition camps. However, he said he's not sure if it was show material or not. This is the song he said they played: Seems to be right up their alley in terms of being both contemporary and technically challenging, so it's possible!
  6. The show this year is such a huge step up from last year already. The music and visual books seem so much more challenging than 2014.
  7. I could feel a rotating company front coming on from the Scouts. I wouldn't be surprised if they add one in later in the season. It would really make that ending rock even more.
  8. The piece in the video is an excerpt from the orchestral fugue preceding the famous "Ode to Joy" chorus in the final movement of Beethoven's 9th. Probably one of my favorite moments in any piece of music!
  9. Finally a show they might not kill someone in!
  10. SCV needs to begin attempting innovation again if they want to get anywhere. They need to find music that nobody could possibly expect a corps to use.
  11. Yes but rehashing a legendary show is not what anyone needs
  12. The Vanguard needs to do something game-changing again!
  13. What ever happens to old retired uniforms anyways? Especially those from now defunct corps. I assume that they're donated or sold to high school/college marching bands and then get stowed away in a stuffy storage room when the marching bands retire them, right? And nowadays corps just send the uniforms back to the uniform companies right?
  14. Is it safe to assume each question mark represents each letter?
  15. On another note, does anyone think Colts could possibly make their way into the top 12 again?