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  1. Well, bleargh. There goes my annual pilgrimage to the Alamodome. I suppose I will check out how they split that show across San Antonio and Corpus Christi. Happy to see the St. Louis news, though.
  2. I wanna take that Cavies show behind the middle school and get it pregnant.
  3. Good evidence it is a voice actor named David Pettitt. Found one of his clips that matches the show narration perfectly. And this link...
  4. This show has grown on me, just like every Blue Knights show in the last several years. Many layers, rewarding repeated viewings. One of my favorites of the year now.
  5. Whoever arranges “Signal to Noise” first is going to have a monster number.
  6. What influences my pick? Important to note that the question in the title of this thread does not actually ask who I think should win (like I know much about DCI judging) but rather what factors weigh into who I prefer. That’s a much more interesting question. I’ll take whichever corps that plays more Beatles songs. Especially “Come Together” followed by “She’s So Heavy” followed by a tag of “Hey Jude.” Seriously though, when I saw that the Bluecoats were planning a Beatles show, I rolled my eyes so hard I tied my optic nerve into a knot. I have been part of mediocre Beatles shows, I have seen Beatles shows that ranged from god-awful all the way to, well, mediocre, and I just assumed this was going to be more of the same. Upon seeing the show at the tour premiere (theatre not live), I lost my ###### mind. Here was a Beatles show that pushed all my buttons - the arrangements, the costumes, the transitions, and - to me - one of the most joyous and energy-packed final two minutes I have seen in 30+ years of DCI. So yeah, I love the Beatles, and I finally get to see a Beatles show that I adore. Not complicated. Best of luck to both groups. Love you take = Love you make
  7. I have one thing for each corps: Phantom: instead of the male guard playing brass for the opener, everyone plays brass at the beginning - ensemble, battery, entire guard, DMs, you name it. Then everyone switches to rifles for ten minutes of silent drill. Bold! Crossmen: two words - nude Bones. Mandarins: taking a cue from SCV, one of the bungee-bouncing guard members becomes a human tetherball. Cadets: they actually do better. Blue Stars: Bomble the snowman from the Rankin-Bass special just slides down the slide all show long. Blue Knights: ICE agents stop the show due to themes related to immigration. BAC: in a shocking twist, Goliath wins. Cavaliers: they win the whole ###### thing because they are awesome and their show is awesome. Carolina Crown: brass don’t play at all in the opener, letting the choral reinforcement really shine. Several DCP commenters inconsolable. SCV: after a corps vote, they just take a swing at doing “Babylon” again. Bluecoats: in complete defiance of the rules, the guard member who comes down the ramp with a drum major mace is replaced with...Sir Paul McCartney! When the prop is rotated after the opening hit, the set player is replaced with...Ringo Starr! An amp and speaker is placed in the lap of every audience member. Chaos! Blue Devils: looking for that elusive perfect ending, out comes a pep band arrangement of “Ghostbusters”, showing that the Devils are, in fact, not afraid of no ghosts. Win gold anyway.