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  1. Genesis is closing in on having their highest score ever as an organization. Congratulations!!
  2. Good point. But why does it appear the target is always moving? If there was consistency in judging, wouldn’t scores move closer together over the years rather than being slotted in the same placement area year in and year out?
  3. I would somewhat disagree. The activity cannot continue without butts in seats.
  4. After 5 years of watching Drum Corp, I am no expert. But I have become firmly convinced that what the fans like and what the judges prefer are polar opposites!
  5. You just called the students of a bunch of parents turds. And you are helping how?!!!
  6. I haven’t seen the show but I keep hearing about a “wall of sound “. Finally saw a picture of them stacked on their props! Holy smokes, I bet that is cool!!
  7. Babes Chicken House is a must in the DFW area
  8. NASCAR also punishes other infractions within days of discovery. They also spell out tiers of punishments in relation to severity and repeated offenses.
  9. If the finances were being bankrolled by the director (which I think I read on Reddit that he was), then the money leaves with the director. That’s part of the inherent problem with the start of some the newer corps...they are started by an individual who puts their finances on the line to create these corps. My limited understanding of the history of many of the older corps is that they were started by a civic club with shared financial responsibilities. We know that students tuitions only cover part of the budget.
  10. Not sure where you got the info they almost didn’t get approved.
  11. Finally, practical application for the future in for educational settings: (I bolded the reference in the quote) 1) Always 2 adults present and involved. 2) Code of conduct that addresses educators interactions with student(s) on social media and messaging (observable messaging apps with multiple access points for supervisors to spot check interactions?) More?
  12. Is there a fine line though? Please hear me, protecting kids from sexual predators is paramount. There are not enough means for institutions, whether they be schools or corps, to find out the information. But let me give a recent incident at Texas Tech..... A high profile football player was arrested last week on an outstanding warrant for theft from 9 months ago. It made the front page of the newspaper, 6 o'clock news, and social media sites. Mere hours later it was reported that the arrest should have never happened. The campus police had actually found the correct thief and the player was innocent. But the police had failed to correct their police report before it was turned over to a grand jury. There is video evidence the player was innocent. Now, even though the news has tried to get the correct information out, the player is still being ostracized by the public as a "star player beating the system" or "getting off due to back door deals." Despite the evidence, he is still guilty to many people for a crime he didn't commit. My point....where does public knowledge start, institutional privy begin, and where does legal rights begin? I don't know the answer. I realize this isn't apples to apples. But is there information that should only be available to employers (who have proved at times to not use the info correctly) or is the information so important to the public that people be ostracized with no hope of possible correction with facts? Gosh, I don't know. I hear the arguments. I hear the torture of the victims. Its so frustrating that people in trust positions have failed, both as employers and as people committing criminal acts. I mourn that we have lost our ability and first intuition of trusting people. I guess just take this as a vent.
  13. I don’t guess I understand why at this juncture a new board and director couldn’t be found in time for Pioneer to tour in 2019.
  14. Soccer relegation is strictly limited to the wins and losses of the team. There are no human judges with likes/dislikes which influence the win/loss record.
  15. Ding ding ding....This is the difficulty of autonomy as a polity.
  16. Not suggesting they close down. Simply trying to illustrate how little control dci has.
  17. You can’t control what isn’t yours. If DCI were to close down, would corps not simply continue on with their own reorganized tour?
  18. So much about the way DCI operates is based on trust. Trust has been lost. How will it be regained?
  19. Change the culture of DCI or Pioneer? To change DCI would require the corps to give up their own autonomy to a reorganized charter and board of directors. (I.e. NCAA, NASCAR,etc)
  20. While your theory is interesting, it fails to include one simple ingredient: personal taste. I'm not a fan of The Beatles, Elvis Presley, or Michael Jackson. Personally, their music falls flat and does not stir me at all. But they have millions of fans who totally disagree with me because of taste. I saw SCV one time all summer. I didn't understand the show, but I liked it. It grooved, it raised up and down, and it sounds brilliant to me.
  21. Ah. I had to go through the peasants gate. Lol
  22. Multiple washings with oxiclean or other powerful smell detergents. But in 2 seasons, my son's stuff still sometimes has a funk....its
  23. This is a crazy one.... what if every 5 years DCI set a theme and every corp had to develop a show out of that theme? Would we get a bunch of different shows? Don't shoot me!!! Just thinking outloud....
  24. LOL...true. But the next concession stand over wasn't removing any caps! It was just funny.