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  1. I'm with a few others in that I don't think the "any instrument" proposal is particularly hair-raising; the important ones to me are actually the sound reinforcement & brass amplification limiting proposals. Having spent millions of hours on these forums, I feel like THAT'S where the current distraught mostly lies within the fan community; yes, we all have nebulous discussions about whether drum corps will fundamentally change with a woodwind instrument on the field, but the real ink has been spilled (proverbially) in the last few seasons over the purity & authenticity of the sound being produced on the field, as well as where it's physically coming from and often how harsh and unbearable it has become in the first few rows. I've seen this discussed a million times more than most other subjects, and I think these are the rule changes at stake that could go the furthest in preserving the authenticity of the activity. Even more, I feel like now would be the perfect time to put limits on sound reinforcement --- the cat is far from out of the bag, corps are still experimenting, and now is the time to enact limits after a few seasons of free-range testing. Those are the two proposals I'll be watching with the most curiosity.
  2. "Ok Boomer" could not apply any more thoroughly.
  3. Bump. Gotta be some people around here who marched and have an idea. Anyone know if they’re planning on returning in 2020?
  4. Do you mean John Meehan? If so, I relegate most of his original compositions as well to the category of forgettable/uninteresting that houses the vast majority of works written for the field.
  5. It's way less common than it was at its height in the mid-00s, and thank whatever deity you believe in for that. Only one Finalist in the past 10 seasons has had a music book composed of primarily original music: Xmen's Continuum (Andrew Markworth) in 2016. Otherwise, it's been over a decade since Blue Stars flirted with original Frank Sullivan shows, SCV tried out original Key Poulan music, Cavies used original Saucedo music, etc. It's a mostly-passed trend, thankfully, and that's even apparent in the BOA world: long time original music hold outs Tarpon Springs (Sullivan) and Carmel (Saucedo) have been using real music for the past 5+ years, and have found much more consistent success with it. Original music on the field has always been a pet peeve of mine, especially at the high school level. I was teaching at various band camps during my college years in the late 00s and early 10s just when this trend was sweeping through the high school marching band world, and I watched way too many groups I worked with spend 5-6 months focused on nothing but a wind book that most would call musically uninteresting and unworthy of performing, lacking in all hallmarks of musicality other than some non-organic technical passages. One caveat: at this point, heavily original music shows seem to be suitable for lower tier drum corps (not marching bands, whose students should still be learning how to play musically) who are rebuilding, or who need a cohesive vehicle that can take them to a certain point. There's something to be said for the design team creating something together and tying up elements that maybe weren't aligned before --- a great example is Genesis this year, or Mandarins leading up to 2017. Granted, using all or heavily original music shows keeps a ceiling on the group as well (Mandarins 2016 went about as high up as they could with that show), but I do think it can provide a cohesive vehicle for groups near the bottom who maybe don't have one otherwise. Once you get to a certain point in the rankings, all-original music books don't hold a candle to a masterfully-designed music book with great source material.
  6. I'm positive 2019 will stick out as one of the great top 2 rivalries of the years. I've revisited both shows with alarming alacrity since the season's end, and I believe both shows will age well --- not a dull moment in either one.
  7. I do disagree on this point. I comb these forums like a madman and can't get enough of drum corps throughout the season, and this seemed to be a very popular BD show. I think the general consensus seemed to be that most loved both BD & Bloo this year.
  8. What's with the resurrections of all these 10-15 year old threads this season??
  9. An interesting twist to this thread: those who are intrigued by this idea vs. those who are totally confused as to why anyone would put a Babs (or even worse, "who's that?") show on the field is a clear litmus test for who's gay and who's straight on DCP. Babs is before my time; millennial gays might prefer a Gaga compendium, although we as a people always pay respects to any of the Great Divas.
  10. ####, that’s disappointing. They’ve developed such a lush, sonorous brass ensemble sound over his time period there! But, Blue Stars are nothing if not intrepid when it comes to getting the best people in and keeping them around. I’m sure this won’t even be a bump in the road.
  11. Agreed! I revisit it with frequency. It truly does check all of the boxes for any drum corps fan --- a vague storyline that was insanely clear without being heavy-handed (and unique at the same time....how many other "death comes for the bride and then eventually the groom and they're reunited happily in the afterlife" shows have we seen? I would imagine the number would be close to zero), full hummable melodies and the use of well-known repertoire, the bizarre choice of ending with the ballad that proved to be one of the best choices they could have made, the xylobones, the beautifully written (and performed!) flugelhorn solo in Unchained Melody...ah. Seriously. I could wax poetic about that show all day long. Impeccable design choices for every detail, large & small. What I also love is that they were comfortably in Finals after Prelims & Semis; Boston was of course the corps that memorably knocked Madison out, meaning that the show is one of the few isolated Finalist events that isn't really viewed as knocking someone else out, so there's really no bad blood towards this show from anyone --- fans or members who competed against it.
  12. Oh god Academy 2016!!!! And if you think otherwise you're wrong. Not that I meant to break it to you so bluntly, but that doesn't make it any less so. I still listen to that show fairly often. It has aged incredibly well and is chock full of wonderful music. Every design decision is impeccable.
  13. I enjoy a fair number of these, but I have to go with Xmen's "The In Between" from last year. It's probably in my top 10 listened to shows of 2018 --- just a fantastic music book. Excellent, top notch treatment of Tchaikovsky, unique pacing decisions throughout the show that make it sound fresh, that glorious build after Sweetness Follows, the huge low brass at the end of Tchaik 6, the distinctive umbrella/sisters of perpetual indulgence look for the opening segment that was actually pretty innovative. I think this music book is aging quite well and is proving to be more solid than many who finished around them in 2018, now looking at it a year removed.
  14. Blue.......*choke* At least he didn't ask Spartans if their OC championship meant anything.