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  1. Can’t wait to see where Music City debuts tonight. I’d really love to see them solidly competing with Pacific Crest all season, hopefully even breaking the 80.00 mark by season’s end. Last year they premiered with a 57ish; I’d be thrilled to see them premier with a 60 tonight. And of course, I too am insanely curious about seeing last year’s 11/12/13 corps meet up so early, with the added layer of Spirit’s debut! This is quite the interesting contest!
  2. I agree, George --- the corps sounds and looks extremely strong out of the gate. They've got a talented pool of membership this season.
  3. Indeed there is : ) My take is that this is a highly competitive show. Last year, the brass is what propelled them within spitting distance to Finals; this year, all captions are on board, especially the GE captions that held them out last year. In fact, I realized after watching that Spirit's rise back up has been marked and smooth in terms of the trajectory upward....from 2016 when everyone was just happy they were able to field a corps with their financial states, to Crossroads the year after which was a great show and proved they intended to rise again, up to Knock last year putting them back in Finalist contention, to this year where the design & corps itself is all clearly Finalist-worthy material. Talk about a swift and sharp rise back up the ladder of quality!! I really love what they've got this year. Brass sounds phenomenal, guard looks strong. Visual design is fresh & unique, and more streamlined than Knock. The Krump opener is meaty, the ballad impact is bizarre and wonderful, and the Color Wheel closer is EXCELLENT. That closer really just brings everything home beautifully. I haven't been this pumped for a Spirit show in a long time. I actually am going to compare them to Cavies this year in that the identity of the corps bleeds through despite not an ounce of their traditional colors anywhere. The whole music book grooves in such an unpretentious way that you just know it's Spirit. I'm fully on board this year!
  4. Love the addition of the little weather symbols at the top of each show!! (.....unless that was present last year and I never noticed...)
  5. Oh I absolutely am!! After two years of sizzling pop ballads, this gives me the same feel as 2016, which I adored as well. A fully developed, slow building tearjerker. Love it!
  6. I've been reserving my opinion until I got to catch a video. Finally was able to tonight; someone finally posted the tour premier for Cadets on YouTube. I don't care for the show. It's a mess thematically and the pacing of it is particularly bizarre. I was really excited preseason for the Maslanka; I forgot they were using it until it popped up as the closer and I was both surprised & underwhelmed. It's too bad the design isn't there this year, because the corps seems strong and hungry! This is truly only the first year the new team has had full control over the design, and that's just flat out not nearly enough time to determine what direction they're going. Yes, this year appears to be a swing and a miss already, but I'm fine with giving the corps time to gel without GH at the helm. That was a massive (and of course much needed) change in leadership, and the pieces aren't going to come back together perfectly over night. As long as Cadets can keep retaining the talent they're clearly still drawing, they'll be fine in the long run.
  7. The differences & additions between last night & tonight are astonishing! The show already had much more clarity from tonight's performance to last night's. If that's the pace at which they refine this beast of a show then...well...it's going to be an interesting season for those just under the top 6. What a performance, Mandarins!!
  8. Ok, nice show!! I agree with other posters in that the direction the last two years is just a touch sterile. But, all the right things are happening at the right time and it's a very well-written show lined up this year. The brass was uncharacteristically crass tonight, and holy hell the white legs expose allll the visual dirt, but I have confidence all of these issues will clean up well. It's quite a demanding show, musically and visually. The brass plays a ton. Love the color guard book, and I love the aesthetic of the show in general. BOTW is indeed spectacular. And that flugelhorn soloist is supremely talented!!!! I do miss the Klesch sound, but I understand that Steve Vento has brought tons of success to Broken Arrow & Blue Springs throughout the years, and I also understand keeping everything "in house". I still maintain adding Lindsey Vento last year was a brilliant hire. It all looks wonderful, Academy; just clean up this difficult & well-written show : )
  9. Some beautiful soul posted the entirety of the competition tonight on YouTube. Glad I got a chance to see Troop! I actually think the show has some pretty solid bones, although it's dirty as all hell right now. I really like the minimalistic, monotone design of it all. The brass sound pretty great. Just clean, clean, clean!
  10. I hate to agree, FlamMan, but I thought the same thing as well. Unfortunately.
  11. Yep! It's a T.S. Eliot quote. I believe Center Grove did the year before that....or someone. The line & poem (Burnt Norton) is some fantastic stuff.
  12. This is a season debut I’m particularly anxious to see —- the corps has been steadily building the last two summers, and their late season push towards finals last year was really fun to watch. All the reports during the off season was that we should expect them to pick up where they left off, and I can’t wait to see if that’s the case! The show sounds very interesting and out of the box for them!
  13. YES!!!! Immediate 2014 vibes when I saw that moment. Loved it!!!!
  14. It sounds like last night's scores were of a pretty bare bones, early season performance based on the comments in the Clovis thread. I'm really curious to see where Troop lands this year, and how well this new direction & leadership play out (although I understand that's not always apparent the first year of a major change). Based on the preseason comments released by the new leadership, I'm optimistic about the season. Despite Troop landing in 17th the last two seasons (and I loved the show last year), it's easy to forget that they spent 5 out of the 6 seasons prior to those 17th place finishes as the #1 or #2 corps out of Finals. DCI as a whole is healthier when Troopers are in the Finals fight. Here's to a great season, Troopers!
  15. Now that I've seen Mandarins, I'm dying for someone to leak a video of one of my other perennial favorites: The Academy! The corps that really defines measured, sustainable growth. All the pieces are in place this year; let's see a rise up in the ranks by the season's end : ) I'd love to see Academy back in Finals!!