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  1. Crown still has a bit more to perform, but from my understanding it's already on the field.
  2. Uh oh, has the cavalry arrived to save Liahona from something he started? Too bad. Now I won't have anybody to play with.
  3. You're so cute thinking that your tweets still get to me. Nah, I'm good. 3.5 point thread cushion, so I'm pretty comfy. :)
  4. Awe, can't take the heat? Are you a witch? Should Boston burn you instead? I joke I joke. It's all in good fun right?
  5. Nah. Just giving them a taste of their own medicine. :)
  6. There has to be something they can do. Regardless of their confidence or lack there of, I know plenty of high schools who have about the same difficulty of work and don't have the confidence but perform without dropping. There's something they can do, dont know what, but hopefully they can figure it out soon. Part of it may be the uniforms, but the uniforms aren't going to cause that big of a drop.
  7. Based on the recap last night the only caption they have a chance on beating Crown in is guard.
  8. Eh, people said the same thing about the percussion for years.
  9. I rather like how they integrate them with the corps instead of them sticking out in the background. Also, if I understand the scoring procedure correctly, their achievement scores are also putting them in 6th place, so clearly their performances are equal to the staging in hindering them. If they could get those achievement scores up they might move up a spot or 2 in the rankings and boost the corps as a whole further up.
  10. Benefit of the doubt was last month for me. This month there is absolutely no excuse. I know he's doing his job because he was getting on them at the rehearsal I attended. This guard is gonna hold a corps back that could otherwise be a potential gold medalist.
  11. Yeah, because being 2nd and 3rd in GE has to do with the talent and membership. To each their own I guess, but just because the show doesn't work for you personally doesn't mean it doesn't work period. Blue Devils never works for me but it does work.
  12. This show is anything but formal, and it's meant to be that way. Just saying...