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  1. Most charter bus companies are already out of business too.
  2. Around here we see every imaginable fabric worn as a protective mask and in so many creative ways too! Wouldn’t one think that only a specific type of mask be worn? Stephan calls mask a symbol of fear. It’s not about the mask it’s about the symbol it represents.
  3. Not much enthusiasm! The C19 dynamics has had a substantial impact at all levels. Even with shameless begging for money, organizations are losing money everyday due to closure. Supporting BLM probably didn’t help with donations. Stir in the pageantry leeches who drive up the annual budgets, and sexual predators moving about the activity aimlessly, the damage is proving to be catastrophic.
  4. I can’t emphasize enough how important voting is! The more you vote the better the outcome.
  5. Will the Governor of Michigan allow voting in person? It’s very much discouraged here because of 19.
  6. We Californians are ordered to stay home except to go to an essential job or to shop for essential needs. So me and Stephan work from home and decided to go to the Love Shack by SPARC a Recreational Marijuana Dispensary for some much needed do well goodies, then stopped at the Jug Shop Liquor Store for wine and spirits. Once home we filled out our third mail-in ballot, enjoying some Chinese Hunan and Mandarin offerings from Kung Food carry out.
  7. No! trying to stir up some conversation. GH is always good for some discussion. With the exception of pandemic experts disseminating and even creating COVID-19 falsehoods, this place has been deader than Kelsey’s nuts.
  8. Yes! Should be reinstated! HOF is based on the criteria of accomplishments to the activity and not on minor misdemeanors or misdeeds.
  9. I’m surprised he received any punishment. Guessing he will win his wrongful termination case too. Doubt any victim has a chance to win a counter-suit based on his very minor conviction. GH will be back designing shows in no time.
  10. Right you are regardIng new requirements to enter both Open and World. Expanding performance opportunities to both scholastic in addition to pre-existing independent teams is somewhat confusing. Will year round performance opportunities impact WGI Winds? Will SoundSport under Varsity diversify and include scholastic percussion and/or guard?
  11. GH will once again be designing Championship shows in no time!