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  1. The cost of touring was never going to get cheaper! The perceived touring prerequisite has been the demise of many organizations since the formation of DCI.
  2. You presume the Cadets are drawing from the same pool of talent as the top six. They’re not!
  3. Still auditioning, so I doubt they made final cuts.
  4. Outstanding analysis! Don’t expect long term fan or financial support from those who have little time invested in either the corps they marched or the activity as a whole. This is a cause and affect of high tuition cost and a non-geographically local membership participation.
  5. I understand why, but the process takes time.
  6. You’re assuming each organization spends the same on staff, which they don’t. Loyalty has legs, and instructors will go where the money is, if a better offer is made. Hence the annual end of the season staff changes. Not unusual - professional sports. There are a handful of organizations who if they wanted to could simply spend their competitors out of business. Thankfully there are still some drum corps purest in charge who won’t accept unrealistic recommendations from their short term employees.