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  1. Good lord! How about Twiggy the Water-Skiing Squirrel and PoPo the Clown they might sell more tickets to these DCA show’s. LOL 😂
  2. Looking forward to seeing and reading about the member experience throughout the season.
  3. Makes sense to me. If the organization is going to spend a lot of money to cross the pond they would want the most bang for it. DCI provides far more exposure and offers better venues for their members to perform for larger audiences than DCA. According to post on DCP by those who attended DCA in little league town attendance was less than 2k, was held at a high school stadium that faces the sun with bleacher seats and no aisle railings. Understandable why they are not attending DCA.
  4. Besides being contentious your point is?
  5. No! The current tour model is not financially sustainable for the majority of corps. The annual incurred cost between 1.8 and 2 million dollars for corps to operate will continue to rise. The return on investment is a shortfall that in itself has to be part of the budget listed as a drag on the annual P&L. Less regional participants create long term financial issues due primarily to most members not being vested to the organization. The majority of donors and financial support for many of these corps comes from rooted drum corps people as private and corporate donations. Many if not most are baby boomers and genX. Those dollars will eventually go away as people get older and there is less disposable income Organizations are looking at creating new revenue streams outside of alumni support knowing that they cannot depend on substantial donations from alumni. For an example; if a rookie age out from Nebraska trying to pad their resume to become a band director after college by marching with BD, what do you think the likelihood of that individual becoming a donor to BD? Slim to none. Why! Because they’re not really vested in the organization. Less regional participation has also had an affect on attendance. The days of attending a show by friends and relatives to watch someone they know in a corps is practically gone. No local participation is a challenge for show sponsors trying to sell tickets to a disconnected audience.
  6. Yep one side of the story doesn’t exactly explain or validate either.
  7. All is more than one, unless there’s a cut off number of issues before exception? How about if any of these allegations are true?
  8. Is there a reason not to hold the Cadets to at least the same standard if not higher than the others? You would have to agree these issues don’t reflect well on the activity as a whole or do you see it differently?
  9. Exactly! Should also be upset about many other things besides sexual harassment that are happening. It shouldn’t matter what the name of the organization is. Violate the policies and procedures accept the consequences.
  10. IMO if all of these allegations are true, Cadets need a time out to get their house in order and resolve some serious financial and legal matters. These reflect on the whole of the activity, and not in a good way either. Example being Pioneer.
  11. Seems to be inconsistencies considering how DCI deals with its participants who violate its policies. Wasn’t there a letter that was removed immediately that indicated DCI was twice aware of a situation and complicit in preventing its public exposure even after the death of the organizations founder? I’m one who believes that if something happens to five people once it’s probably not an issue, but when five things happen to one person that’s concerning.
  12. Put whatever spin required to deflect from the obvious, so predictable! Would have to stand in a very long line waiting for others to unpile to pile on, and I simply don’t have the time or the inclination to do either thank you.
  13. What are you trying to say? Give names of others with the same issues as Cadets?