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  1. I read most if not all threads. Thought that the Box5 issue was resolved. Might be wrong but it appears that’s not the case.
  2. Who is this Box5? You would think they would have tested everything first! No failover or redundancy! What kind of outfit did DCA hire 🤔Bozo’s
  3. Sounds like it was a successful kickoff of the exhibition season.
  4. BD has made a profit on several occasions, but usually breaks even. As far as abandoning two years of age outs, I think not. The overall organization is mostly local. Sure the A-Corps 2022 auditions will be up, most non-local, reloading for another DCI championship run.
  5. Yes those naughty little Devils will be at it again.
  6. Stephan always tells me I don’t have to say everything I think. Well we all know what is said about opinions now don’t we!
  7. Did you forget 2021 is exhibition only! In more simple words, an exhibition is simply a collection of things for display, and in that regard the Crownies put on a nice display. So just because my expectations were higher is really meaningless in the grand scheme of things. Just like exhibitions are.
  8. I didn’t see or hear anything groundbreakingly original! Thanks for sharing.
  9. I predict that BD will win another DCI title before anyone else does!
  10. This is a Federal hand out for DCI to do with it as they please. It’s still far short of what is actually needed for annual operations. Hopefully they will stop with the cast of Ben-Hur approach to administration and become more responsible.
  11. I would agree! Most were still marching without fluttering, ring-around-the-posie, and striking poses. Brass were playing music without over abundance of front ensemble, microphones, and electronic tracks. Percussion actually played solos while marching. Guards were still doing a lot of unison work and props were not used to try and prop up a bad show.