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  1. You do make a great point. They shouldn’t be ask to judge if they are not trained on the sheets.
  2. Don’t make excuses Francis for scores being lower when all-age corps are judged on DCA sheets by DCI judges at DCI shows vs when judged at DCA shows. If a organization expected they would be judged lower than ask that their DCA score be withheld from being published because it could be biased when compared to DCA scores from DCA shows and not in a good way. It’s possible that the DCI judges find it difficult to separate the DCA performance criteria when they’re also judging DCI OC or WC corps, but they’re entirely different sheets which confuses me why they would be lower at a DCI show vs a DCA show. BTW Stephan said to say hello!
  3. Now I’m really confused! Difficult to believe DCI judges are so incompetent not to understand DCA sheets or the criteria used. Do any DCI judges also judge DCA? Do all-age corps outside of the NE have better member attendance at DCA shows in the NE than DCI shows closer to their location? I would think it would be the other way around. Certainly understand that there may be a small percentage of older members having to leave work early, but a few hours to review and warm up should suffice for week night performances.
  4. If all-age corps are getting evaluated on DCA sheets at DCI shows, how do those scores compare to DCA sheets at DCA shows? Why would they travel to attend a DCA show if they’re already getting DCA scores on DCA sheets at DCI shows?
  5. I went to the DCI schedule and tickets site and began entering DCA corps names to see which organizations have DCI shows. Was surprised to see who and how many shows scheduled. Suggest you check it out for yourself. Doesn’t look to me that DCA is preventing all-age corps from competing in DCI. However it doesn’t mean preventing them from having a DCI all-age show in Indy.
  6. As I understood it there were all-age organizations that wanted to begin and end their seasons the same as DCI, and wanted DCI to hold a all-age show in Indy. Perhaps there were some all-age organizations who were going to tell DCA to pack salt and just do DCI shows and then Indy. Perhaps there were some that were going to do both DCI and DCA. DCA and DCI administrations had a meeting. DCA sets up a conference call with their member organizations and tells their member organizations that they are prohibited from dealing directly with DCI about a show in Indy. DCA also stated during the same conference call that if there is to be a all-age show in Indy it would be a DCA show, and any organization that commits to the Indy show has to commit to going to little league town too, thus preventing the break away or break off from DCA by those all-age organizations wanting to begin and end their seasons the same as DCI. I have not heard or read anything confirming or denying a all-age show in Indy, and doubt anyone would commit to it and then two weeks later go to little league town too. IMO there is little to no interest for drum corps fans to attend such an event. OC prelims/finals, WC prelims and semis, SoundSport, Drumline Battle and WC finals. What’s special about an all-age show in comparison to the rest of the events?
  7. Smart move! At the end of the day, they will be way better off.
  8. I’m saying probation was a meaningless word. There is no list of consequences for infractions of any sort. It’s all left up to the discretion of DCI which IMO opens the possibility for abuse of discretion.
  9. Probation from what? Two years ago GH was ready to load the buses and go West. Did DCI know about their financial issues? Would they have still scheduled Cadets to Cali? DCI reschedules tour only after the GH incidents are exposed. The Cadets season was essentially unaffected, the show must go on.
  10. Revenue sharing among all WC corps and spending caps are ideas to examine which may create both parity and financial stability. Limit the total amount of money that can be spent to create competitive balance. As it is now, any corps can spend all the money they can afford on staff, performers (yes performers), costuming and field equipment. This means that those corps with more limited financial resources cannot afford the top talent, best costuming and field equipment, putting them at a competitive disadvantage against those corps with greater financial resources. Not saying this will ever happen, in fact I seriously doubt it. It's an all for one to hell with the rest of you activity. There are those who sole purpose is to limit their competition, and one way is to out spend them forcing competitors into the inevitable debt collapse because they can no longer keep up with the Joneses. BTW what's the over and under on sousaphones this season?
  11. Don’t have the tolerance for a war of linguistics acrobatics, so please try not to abuse your privilege to act imbécile.
  12. With respect to the price of meat will go up reference is directly related to the cost of adding woodwinds to the ensemble. Another incurred cost that is really not needed. But there might be some who want to hear that woodwinds sound from Crown.