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  1. I’m going with the following for my top 12. BD, Bluecoats, Cavaliers, BAC, Crownies, SCV, Phantom, Cadets, Blue Knights, Blue Stars, Mandarins, and Crossmen.
  2. I’ve never seen any statistics showing the percentage of students who marched OC that went on to WC. I’m inclined to believe it is a small percentage compared to those who only did WC.
  3. The touring model is not sustainable for the majority of current organizations regardless of their class. The million dollar mark to tour is a difficult nut to crack yearly. The equal distribution of all earnings might help delay the inevitable. Maybe 10 to 12 is the minimum.
  4. True! But a few less corps won’t impact the activity as a whole. The big dogs always eat first.
  5. The activity will continue in one forum or another so long as individuals and businesses continue to make money from it.
  6. Monkeypox isn’t a new disease. The first confirmed human case was in 1970, when the virus was isolated from a child suspected of having smallpox in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Monkeypox is unlikely to cause another pandemic, but with the COVID-19 mindsets still present by many, fear of another major outbreak is understandable.
  7. Did Jeff Fiedler and J.D Shaw get fired by SCV?
  8. My Definitions of Pageantry Leeches: 1. Has affiliation with one or more verticals within the marching performing arts activity. a.k.a. Drum Corps Bum 2. A employee who has not achieved or completed the required years of creditable study and/or participation in order to earn the right/distinction to be called an educator. a.k.a. Clueless 3. Demonstrates a pattern of self-centered, arrogant thinking and behavior, a lack of empathy and consideration for marching members and/or staff, an excessive need for admiration, and honestly greedy. a.k.a. Narcissist 4. Known to speak jargon, that is perceived as fashionable at the particular time or in a particular context that is incoherent and incomprehensible to those pretending to understand during rehearsal. a.k.a. Babbling idiot 5. Holding idiosyncratic beliefs of entitlement to receive payment for times spent on-a-mobile phone, traveling or commuting while on tour, sleeping and daydreaming. a.k.a. Delusional
  9. Throwing out the ball apples 🍎 is not only the right conclusion it’s always the best option.
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