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  1. I would never want these kids to travel on the vehicles we did. And proper hydration wasn’t even on the radar. Truth is, I could live without the proppery but I’m very happy for the safety and health of the members that is addressed now.
  2. Unfortunately, the owners of my favorite restaurant in Lisle take their vacation the week of the show there. Bavarian Lodge. Check it out if you’re ever in Lisle again. Beer is sold at this show.
  3. I’ll be down there in St. Louis and Indy. Probably Detroit, too. At Illinois Benedictine University where Cavies hold their show, you have to sit up high to get the seat backs. I’m not big on bench seats any more.
  4. We got our Lisle tickets. 2 rows from the top #kneesdontfailmenow
  5. http://riparianlights.com/ The Cadets start at 3:20. This house is in Naperville! I’m going to go see it tomorrow!
  6. Lol no the Marine Corps. He worked in Avionics. Jet engines (hearing) and radar detection systems (artificial lenses in his eyes). Add the ruptured rotator cuff from being wounded in Cambodia and that’s service to your country. Yes, I’m proud of him.
  7. Oh that never happens here. 🙄😂
  8. Like some sadomasochist who hands out E flat horn parts for the sight reading portion of contest. “Transpose on the fly, girls!”
  9. The criteria of evaluation for becoming an open class corps would be no different for a start up, a sound sport group, or an all age corps.
  10. The only conversation that took place was that DCA corps were not allowed to talk DCI directly about an all-age championship in Indy. Nothing was discussed about a DCA corps choosing to become a DCI open class corps.
  11. This^^^^. It had nothing to do with leaving DCA entirely.
  12. I don’t think it meant that they couldn’t leave DCA and become a DCI open class corps.
  13. I only donate to organizations I truly trust after being burned pretty badly.