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  1. I hear ya, brother. I'm tragically unhip.
  2. I got a great night's sleep. Still a dust up on here. Eight hours later.
  3. Bedtime! See ya Saturday, Blooo! I'll be the Chicago contingent wearing your swag. Peace out!
  4. I have one coming. I'll practice my Fosse pose. See you on the 50!
  5. You are REALLY going to like Crossmen in person. The golden screen doesn't show how fun they are!
  6. Really just outstanding! I'm just marking time this week waiting to see Blooo Saturday.
  7. Looks as if a lot of us will be in San Antonio this year. I haven't been in 11 years. My spawn was still marching!
  8. Three winners in one night within one thread. Unprecedented. I feel the need for a cat picture.
  9. I do agree that is a DCI score for a DCA corps is specious, but they are playing on new brass and have attracted a higher talent level.
  10. I've seen videos. They are head and shoulders above last year.
  11. Please George...don't get me started...I'm having a moment after hearing "heavenly" voices.