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  1. I stand corrected. Since it was before the most recent overhaul of Megan's Law requirements, he doesnt have to register
  2. Indecent assault is a Tier 1 offense, requires 15 years on the list
  3. According to Tricia's Twitter feed, GH pled no contest to indecent assault 2nd degree misdemeanor charge, sexual assault charges were dropped. 2 years probation and $5K fine.
  4. Not without generating some interesting comments, though...but yeah...within hours it was gone
  5. Sorry I missed this month's camp...can't wait for the next one!
  6. Recap: 1. They're "new" 2. Cadets/YEA! didn't have to pay for them 3. Move forward with 2020 preparations
  7. This. Tom A also mentioned starting fast out of the gate at around 192 for the opener. That Bliss piece had some power to it...even with everyone's personal horns I thought it sounded great.
  8. For what? Losing Scott, or losing Vicky, or both?