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  1. Sorry I missed this month's camp...can't wait for the next one!
  2. Recap: 1. They're "new" 2. Cadets/YEA! didn't have to pay for them 3. Move forward with 2020 preparations
  3. This. Tom A also mentioned starting fast out of the gate at around 192 for the opener. That Bliss piece had some power to it...even with everyone's personal horns I thought it sounded great.
  4. For what? Losing Scott, or losing Vicky, or both?
  5. This was news in the area for about a hot minute. Overzealous band director that was worried about damaging the uniform with baby powder, but was OK with them standing in a downpour in previous games...alongside marimbas and vibes and electronics that are worth way more than uniforms.
  6. I think it was the center tenor Anthony D'Andrea that's coming back as a tech...he was a beast this year.
  7. As Miss Anne Elk would say...Yes my word you may well ask what it is, this theory of mine. Well, this theory that I have--that is to say, which is mine...is mine. My guess (theory?) is that in the supposed example of the 3rd Bari tech, said individual was advised his/her services weren't needed anymore a while ago, and hopefully gained employment since then. Could this 3BT possibly figure on riding the wave of remaining payments for any extended time without other income? I highly doubt it. Unless we're talking about some higher level admin, the dollars probably aren't life-sustaining.
  8. I've helped out a couple times this season and you're right. Salt of the earth, selfless folks. I'll be with them in the 2 days before the classic at JBC.
  9. I would consider this as constructive dialogue. Along with spatchcooking (hopefully the carrots read this occasionally.)