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  1. This. Tom A also mentioned starting fast out of the gate at around 192 for the opener. That Bliss piece had some power to it...even with everyone's personal horns I thought it sounded great.
  2. For what? Losing Scott, or losing Vicky, or both?
  3. This was news in the area for about a hot minute. Overzealous band director that was worried about damaging the uniform with baby powder, but was OK with them standing in a downpour in previous games...alongside marimbas and vibes and electronics that are worth way more than uniforms.
  4. I think it was the center tenor Anthony D'Andrea that's coming back as a tech...he was a beast this year.
  5. As Miss Anne Elk would say...Yes my word you may well ask what it is, this theory of mine. Well, this theory that I have--that is to say, which is mine...is mine. My guess (theory?) is that in the supposed example of the 3rd Bari tech, said individual was advised his/her services weren't needed anymore a while ago, and hopefully gained employment since then. Could this 3BT possibly figure on riding the wave of remaining payments for any extended time without other income? I highly doubt it. Unless we're talking about some higher level admin, the dollars probably aren't life-sustaining.
  6. I've helped out a couple times this season and you're right. Salt of the earth, selfless folks. I'll be with them in the 2 days before the classic at JBC.
  7. I would consider this as constructive dialogue. Along with spatchcooking (hopefully the carrots read this occasionally.)
  8. Wondering if there will be a full judging panel or not....Genesis, Crossmen, Cadets and Troopers plus a drumline battle.
  9. Positive press is a good thing today
  10. It almost has to be. I helped run merch at a JBC show once and it was a PITA. Plus the logistics of getting everything there early at every tour stop (another vehicle to maintain and drive) and setting up and making sure it looks good, and is lit right, and prepared for the rain...blecch. Let Pepwear do what they're good at.
  11. Alrighty then...I learned a thing today!
  12. The Cadets are using Pepwear for all merch sales (much like they have been for USBands for quite some time) and have nothing to do with the sales tents or whatever is set up at the shows. Pepwear also sells merch for those corps you mentioned as well. I don't know of any "partnership". I think the corps do it to alleviate the hassles of designing, producing and moving all that merch and associated tents, scanners, wifi sales stuff all around. Plus it frees up staff. A side benefit is that Pepwear is big...and has the horsepower to ramp up production if needed and will probably not get into backorders and sorting thru boxes in Allentown like YEA! used to do.
  13. Did anyone notice at the end of the Demoulin Cadets commercials last night on FLO...there was a tasty morsel shown briefly