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  1. 45 minutes from my house...gee, let me think...
  2. "Jacob is a Barber" has been bumped? 🙂
  3. Unless the Screamin' Banshee shows up
  4. Isn't this actually the first time that the 154 members will be competing in the West Coast ?
  5. And we wonder why corps don't release show details early. I'm just going to go to ST, watch this thing develop, and enjoy. I read the description of the show once and won't again, because in the end it's what I see and hear on the field that matters to me.
  6. 50 donors reached...unlocked brass recording on cadets.org
  7. This! I have a feeling we'll be learning a lot very soon. Cadets alum, vols and fans are excited and the counts will rise quickly...I'll be one of them!
  8. "Uniforms on site" was a quick picture view on the overhead screen, from what I was told. I left before the meeting. Props were definitely there.
  9. Spent part of two days there and the atmosphere is electric. Show and tell was crowded and the corps didn't disappoint. It's good to have the kids and staff this excited...
  10. Me too, with wife and 2 kids, hopefully. This one is close to home so we can't stay away...
  11. muck·et·y-muck /ˌməkədēˈmək/ noun INFORMAL•NORTH AMERICAN noun: muckamuck; plural noun: muckamucks; noun: mucky-muck; plural noun: mucky-mucks a person of great importance or self-importance. "a big Hollywood muckety-muck" Origin mid 19th century: from Chinook Jargon, shortening of high muck-a-muck.
  12. Word from the muckety-mucks on the 2019 uniform is that we'll instantly know they are the Cadets...that's a good thing.
  13. Latest development... http://www.wfmz.com/news/lehigh-valley/george-hopkins-yea-settle-civil-suit-regarding-compensation/996003334