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  1. The brass will have two managers, Gino and Jarrett, while all the other captions will have one. Does this mean Jarrett is in charge? and Gino comes in every once in a while and makes the hornline better with his presence? Which is a perfectly fine role & maybe the dynamic the Boston Brass need to go over the edge. MOJO is a powerful tool.
  2. It comes off as “I know something you don’t. Neener neener poo poo kaka head” Not to mention these are human beings who probably worked very hard and have pride in their efforts, posters in this thread don’t take that into account. The amount of factors that should go into the retention and/or discontinuance of a staff person should not only be based on the placement of a corps. What if the program coordinator is a bad communicator? Is that why a visual designer gets fired? What if the talent level is low? Is that why a tech is not be brought back? Should either of those lead to an end of a career? I’ve seen, in other threads, talented individuals get trashed for something they did years ago. Can’t we give the benefit of doubt that people can grow the same way we expect growth in all aspects of life? We are a tough judgemental crowd sometimes.
  3. When do the staff announcements start? Asking on behalf of readers of this thread who are interested in the subject of this thread? 👅 Unless someone wants to actually say names and places......
  4. At the viewing party I was at, questions came up that quickly led to speculation. Would a spokesperson for this corps be able to answer these questions? ~ Bucs march mostly DCI age-outs? ~ If you march Bucs brass line you are guaranteed a spot in Crown or Boston? ~ same for Bushwackers percussion and Crown. ~ Why are the brass sections of these DCA corps not as “professional” looking and sounding as the drum and front lines? This includes Bucs and Cabs. Do they rehearse m&m less? ~ What is it that Fusion is doing that Hurcs aren’t? Many of us thought Hurricanes sounded better than Fusion. We were all surprised to see Fusion’s Brass beating White Sabers brass. Lots of dropped phrases in Adagio for Strings and certainly more awkward brass tone production than Hurcs and White Sabers. I’m in the medical field and have a handful of music training. I play in a community band here in NJ that has lots of drum corps talk going on during breaks. And during rehearsals. That’s to say, I’m up on my drum corps knowledge and I have eyes and ears. What am I missing with some of these obvious misplaced sections and drum corps I appreciate the enlightenment.
  5. My first show this year. The feed is flawless.
  6. Why does PR need to use a female composer’s music to bring this theme to life? Female professionals want to be known as “professionals” not “female professionals” To me the way the music is used is whats important please forgive me me if this was already addressed?
  7. Is there an word in Robby Jones drill? Where does someone even get to see preseason drill videos? Ned
  8. Instructional staffs holding the administration accountable is ideal but not without its consequences. The hiring of design and instructional staff is finalized by administrators. If an administrator hears that the staffer they are hiring can be a pain in the a$$ towards the administration, that staffer has less of a chance of getting hired or rehired. This happens in DCI & DCA regularly. “I heard” or “she has a reputation of” gets more validity than actually doing a fact finding interview nowadays. Everyone should focus on giving a great member experience including the administration. Or at least what they agree to in the member contract. Let the staff worry about the competition. Many of today’s staffers are certified teachers and can’t have themselves associated with organizations that are tainted with poor hiring and firing decisions that tie directly to negative member experience. Let alone recruit for an organization that knowingly hired someone with a documented history of sexual misconduct. The people who get labeled as pains in the a$$e$ are the ones corps should be hiring not black balling. They have a vested interest in member experience and will likely support administrative initiatives that are geared towards a positive experience. As well as recruiting. ~Ned~
  9. I read your posts and I get the sense you are knowledgeable about the state of the activity. Do you think there is tested younger talent in the band and indoor world that is ready? Ned
  10. Newbie question. Is there a shortage of talented designers? God bless the designers working for 2, 3 or more corps yet, how does the young designer get a shot at the DCI level if you don’t let them work at that level? Its like not being hired for your first job because you don’t have enough experience.
  11. Thanks for responding. I don’t follow DCA as much as I should especially considering I grew up in that area Ill be at the Woodbridge show with my kids and such. Would you be able to fill me/us in on the storylines to help take a hit off the cost? Just kidding. It’s my decision to bring the whole family. You can’t miss us. We will all be wearing the same color. Come on over and say hi ned
  12. Is this the show with foodtruck vendors before the coverband? ned
  13. Recently there was chitchat at dcieast that in ‘14 or ‘15 one female DM and a male admin were having an affair. Both were over 21, went to work on the management side in Allentown and live together after tour. Not that any of that matters now. Names aren’t important. Speaking hypothetically... What if a current Drum Major has an unpursued allegation from their hs or college that wasn’t reported to the drum corps due to board of education pressures? or let’s say it was, then what? I certainly don’t care, yet, Rules are rules? I guess my question to all of you in the know, how would that get handled if it had become public knowledge then? What if this happened in the 90s or 80s before instant information, cell phones became cameras, everything was available in your hands and your private affairs got out? Is this next article all speculation and 1sided information? Disclaimer- I do not approve of any of the disgusting, power seeking, forced actions, I just don’t understand how a newspaper prints a one sided series. My teenage years news was news and there would be followups and updates. ned