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  1. “Sane is boring.” Looks like a world-class venue. Great of the Falcon's owner to make concessions/venue fan-friendly. Hope you and Mr. J have a great night. Best to your Blooo and if you run into any Bostonian Giants, give them our best, pls. "Hide the flasks and Semper Fi" 🌭🍿🍷
  2. Fine photos BAC Media team. Thanks for posting, Liahona! Great work in SAT... on to a yearly favorite BAC venue in the ATL! And BAC team...ignore the seemingly more frequent scolding and 'lecture series' by the entitled. SOSDD Carry on and take no prisoners. ••|•|••• ♥
  3. Onward and upward BAC! ••|•|••• ♥ Ro-ah ~
  4. Eat' em Up Boston! ••|•|••• ♥ A great lineup which should have been chosen for a broadcast. Good luck to all Corps and have fun while you're at it.
  5. A gentle giant in the rodent family; the Cappybara.
  6. Good luck tonight in Memphis! Eat 'em Up BAC and best to all competing. ••|•|••• ♥
  7. The Banded Monitor Pearl-Clutcher: A very colorful specimen. Drops in and chirps loudly in many threads, tends to unsuccessfully hijack topics, knows all and knows everyone and attempts to shift the DCI convo into "The East Piccolo Marching Ravens did that show three years ago." Pigeonholes unsuccessfully and tends to brood in small gaggles.