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    BAC, Troopers, Anaheim, BD, New fan of ...Spartans, Surf, Legends, Geaux Stahs, Southwind, Pacific Crest.
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    BAC -- 20th & 21st Centuries, BD --'76 - present.
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    a few decades ago; pre-spando, Revlon, bando-BOA/WGI, The brass wall-of-sound era.
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  1. ....or a good Coup- Contre-coup brain injury....coup-contrecoup-brain-injuries
  2. Blue Devils Bluecoats Boston Blue lol Blue Stars Blue Knights all of OC.
  3. Briefly saw you gents on hair? really? Hoping the jet lag isn't too harsh. Devs were awesome. "Fromage pour l'or!"
  4. Wonderful news, Austin. Hope you are w/ #BAC80. Guts and talent! Thank-you Giant.
  5. "Denise" might not appreciate the hearsay and gossip. Good Luck to Ms. Bonfiglio and all the staff/MMs of Cadets.
  6. A hearty congratulations Blue Devils, 2019 World Champions. You continue to make it all look amazing and classy. Have a great off season ...would love to see you w/ BAC at Tanglewood again...those connections are special. Enjoy your victory.
  7. What a show, what a season. Thank you, Bluecoats for your energy, talent, and stellar performances. Your brassline has been a favorite of mine since the 1980's. Continued success...and rest. Thanks again....
  8. Congratulations BACCG! Very proud of your talent and work... keep it going. Inspire!!
  9. Loved BAC and Devs together at Tanglewood and BAC w/ Boston Pops Esplanade July 4th Concert. Hopefully something similar will be in the plans and perhaps fit in a Harbor cruise for the MMs.