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  1. Congratulations encorpos. Good Luck and WTG N.J.!
  2. Congratulations on your much deserved win, Pride of Cincinnati! Best to all who participated....cannot wait to see the DCI guards this Summer...major talent out there.
  3. Interesting topic. Guess it's all circular: revolving yet evolving. 1 hit wonders and the- circles of our minds ...and drills
  4. I want clowns! No clowns? I boycott. Big shoes,noses, and hair make for great G.E.!
  5. Sláinte mhaith Two-Seven Danny Boy.
  6. Nice DCI posted clip of 2018 show. 2018 Boston Crusaders - "S.O.S."
  7. Cool w/wintry mix here, primarily to the South. Have a great /Dallas camp weekend, BAC-XIX! Safe travels and an epic year ahead. ••|•|••• ♥
  8. Congratulations Josh, Coral and Gavin! Thanks to Kaitlin and Nick!! Great year ahead...BAC ••|•|••• ♥
  9. 1.- Unfettered anonymous access for complaints/concerns of MMs and Staff. 2..- Chaperones.Everywhere. 3.- Background checks on all admins/staffs. 4.- Minimal tromboneage, recorded vox,, and please end the propapolooza. 5.- End 5 panel judging. 6.- Double guard judges to tandem the others, especially at major events. 7.- Double down on appropriate transportation, med-staff and financials for all corps w/ pre-tour compliance checks. 8.- Require all costumers to wear their 'creations' on busy streets, E-freaking enough already!! 9.- Thank-you.
  10. Looking forward to drum corpS discussion, debate and shared personal experiences and expectations. Love and hype your corpS! I do not suffer spammers and trolls.