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  1. We couldn't get there until 8 after going to pick up all of our MM luggage. No wait at all at that point.
  2. Mine marched five summers, five different corps. She wanted to learn as much as she could, and as her ability progressed, she wanted that next level teaching. She did age out with BD because she wanted to experience that type of instruction as well. She has loved her time at each of her corps.
  3. Whenever I read about how no one can “emotionally connect” with BD shows, I think about how she’ll be emotionally connecting with that purple ring soon.
  4. Having fun with Anne on our drive home reading BD hate posts. Always good for a giggle!
  5. Mine has stayed in hotels and nice campgrounds with cabins
  6. This is on the Flomarching site: This year, for the first time ever, you can watch ALL performances on Thursday in the 2022 DCI World Championship prelims on FloMarching, Performances start at 10:17 AM ET and will end around 11:30 PM ET.
  7. BD has the Marching Vlogs take over for the rest of the week on Instagram
  8. Shoot! I JUST bought one. Wish I hadn't! Thank you for the notice.
  9. For anyone going to the rehearsal Wednesday night, they are requesting that all visitors wear masks.
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