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  1. When was the last time Regiment did satellite camps? Is that new or am I old and don't remember? Also my age-out was in that package. beyond proud
  2. Do we need a Finals Gate tracker as a thread? Last year was horrible
  3. I’ll be honest. Not a fan of the snares being on the riser at the end. We all knew the leg kick was coming. Good job for doing what we wanted Regiment.
  4. You should see some changes soon. i think they are putting some changes on the field tonight.
  5. When are the Cadets unis coming in? I would have already been on the phone with the distributor.
  6. Just hit play on the CD and have them dance to it. Oh and play a couple absolutely flawless notes in their brass section. Top 3 easy. I am old but I don't like the new trend. can you tell?
  7. you don't know how much the current members love this. many are wearing them all the time. My son is said to have 7 of them and wears them often!! He can't wait to give back too
  8. Was at practice yesterday... More tarps for tonight
  9. Let me also add that the staff is 100% committed to keeping the members hydrated while in Texas. Was with them most of the day yesterday and it was very apparent that this is a top concern. Not sure if it was learned due to the what happened in Broken Arrow but I am pretty confident that it wont happen again.
  10. Guys/gals/peoples none of us were there so for us to question the decision is ludicrous. As a parent of one of the members on the bus, this was the right decision. There were kids who were struggling, mightily. Was there poor decisions made? Yes!! Was the decision to back out of the show one of those decisions? ABSOLUTELY NOT I will not get in to the situation and the health impacts I have been told but this was the right decision. I will also say we need to support the percussion members when we get a chance. Its real easy for them to get down on themselves as what is bringing the corps down this year. Moral is high across the corps however the perc members feel they are letting the corps down.
  11. Its one section wouldn’t have been able to perform. Can’t do a standstill without all of percussion.
  12. I’m not getting into any of those things most here are. I feel I am not equipped well enough to give an opinion so I will sit this one out. With that said has there been much conversation about what BD is gonna do?
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