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  1. As a person who has never taken a music theory class and majored in political science with a minor in legal philosophy and has an MPA, i found the show to be fantastic both musically and visually. I noticed new things each time i watched, which was only a few times. I did like it more the more i watched it... Because it was a pretty darn good show. I think i could watch it without sound and be entertained by the visuals and staging, same with just listening to the music. Both sides of the production communicate such energy, and they work so well together. I think its the most complete show I'v
  2. While i definitely agree that people should pump the brakes on this a bit, I think there is a strong case to be made. Assuming that SCV staff retention is high for the near future. This staff knows how to make a winner and they've methodically improved every aspect of the corps over the last decade. The corps was treading water in the late 2000s in terms of competitive placement. While the corps was getting closer after adding the rennicks and shaw (and others but they are the bigger names), it wasn't until last season when Gaines stepped in that they medaled. Even with him coming in late to t
  3. Its not legal in some states, Wisconsin appears to not be one of those. However even then its not considered a good practice, for good reason. I dont think anyone would recommend it, but it can sometimes be a positive temporary move for a struggling organization with an apathetic board.
  4. Considering how often (some) corps tinker towards the end, plenty of them would. Sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn't. I'm not exactly sure what it would look like, but i can't imagine that corps wouldn't try to utilize that extra minute of teardown to add something to the field. They are already on a tight schedule, the limits end up factoring into what the corps can and cant do with their design.
  5. True. But couldnt tge corps use that to introduce a new prop for finals specifically?
  6. I like the idea, but think corps would utilize that time for more complex props to be taken down and/or moved than to take advantage of a bow.
  7. Oh lordy the amount of salt in this thread is something else. As others pointed out, this is the direction the activity has been going... For years. In large part following BD's lead in design, but of course influenced by similar and related activities like WGI and BOA. And while you can say "well if you like that stuff go watch that and leave me my dci like it was in x year" its just so silly. The activity has always evolved. It cannot rewind. It may some day come back around where drill is a bigger focal point, its hard to predict that. A decade ago you could not have imagined SCV's sh
  8. I don't envy their staff right now. Babylon was a grand slam, putting out a show that can repeat is even harder. They have the personnel to do it though, top to bottom.
  9. Santa Clara Vanguard: Babylon (probably will be true after the emotion tonight goes away) Blue Devils: 1930 Bluecoats: kinetic noise Carolina Crown: for the common good Boston Crusaders: revolution The Cavaliers: 15 minutes of fame The Cadets: side >< side Blue Stars: la reve Blue Knights: because Mandarins: life rite after Phantom Regiment: into the light Crossmen: above and beyond Spirit of Atlanta: ATL confidential Colts: Dark Side of the Rainbow The Academy: left of spring Madison Scouts: new york mourning
  10. Dean at Phantom, dude was amazing. I'll never forget being at the TOC show in New Jersey 2012 where it started to rain. The staff wanted to end the show there, Dean didn't flinch and kept the show going. Loved that, we were all so jazzed because of him. If Dean pulls the corps out at that point, i don't know what the rest of the night would have been. Most corps ended up still performing but without electronics (except i think BD and Crown) That season also had Thompson Vou at Boston who was a tremendous DM in his own right. If you sat close enough to the front you could hear his intensit
  11. First time seeing any of these shows live this year (watched these on Flo Atlanta) Mandarins- I dig the show, particularly the ending. The middle kind of loses me, but visually its very nice and I'm excited to cheer them on at finals. What a rise by this corps, hopefully they can keep it going for future seasons. Crossmen- A lot of energy in the show but also terrifying towards the end, what in the world was that. I also didn't like how often the hourglass moved throughout the field, it was somewhat distracting. My attention was drawn to it ever time it moved. Blue Knights- An
  12. Pretty speechless at this whole thing. I echo the statements in this thread that hopefully there will be a reckoning for all abusers in the activity. I have no idea how widespread it may be but I also hope DCI betters itself and survives this.
  13. No, i read it. I get it. But other corps have had success and a stable staff and have still fallen behind bd despite the inertia keeping them up. I just dont think that a judge sees an scv show, or cavies show in the past, and thinks "gaines designed this, ill give them a bump". Hes a master at what he does because he knows what the judges want (like BD) Im aware, im just disagreeing with the idea of the "inertia". Some staff knows how to do it, others are good but not great. At the end of the day the shows that resonate with the sheets, as per the interpretation of the judges, win