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  1. I just wish they would move away from the "straight leg, stick up the butt" marching style everyone seems to be using these days.
  2. I think the horns, drums, and guard are fine, you add a world class visual program to that and a lot of the problems would disappear. I'm sure this is not the situation the Regiment would like to be in, they picked the wrong drill person, and they are paying the price.
  3. That's a good question, I don't know how they do it.
  4. I would assume he is there to rewrite, and fix some of the major visual problems. But I have not talked to him since the Rockford show.
  5. Just remember that Fire Of Eternal Glory was not all that "magical" until Drums along the Rockies when they changed the drill and took the helmets off for the first time.
  6. The arrangement is fine, its just played by a small ensemble.
  7. And yet you have created a "look at us" moment.
  8. I don't believe guys should even march this year! I also think that all instruction, and volunteers should be female. In fact only women should be able to see this show.
  9. Every group will start with their equipment grounded so they can dance around to pre-recorded sounds for the first 2 minutes, followed by 3 minutes of drum solo, with more horn/guard dancing. The next 6 minutes will be mezzo-forte stand and play 16th note runs, with lots of synthetic goo. Then to cap it off, some run and gun to the end, with even more synthetic goo, and cymbal rolls.
  10. I hate this straight leg marching technique that Regiment, and almost everyone else uses.