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  1. OMG, for the first time in 12 years. Amazing. Surely God is sending Dan Acheson a message. 😆
  2. (please, please! Let me say it!) ...he must know nothing at all! Ha! I kill me. Try the veal. Tip your waitress.
  3. I'm not going to debate individual posters but I wonder, wouldn't your claim of his tight lips require you know at least as much, or more, than he does? Are you part of the cabal, too? I'm floored, Stunned, SHOCKED! (and kidding a little) Ream is connected because he participates in myriad ways like few of us, yes US, can claim. The rule is: The more you know, the less you can say. If more people here were more, or as, involved, there'd be a lot less conspiracy-debatin' going on here.
  4. Well, at least in your and my beliefs, anyway. Some may see that as their goal.
  5. "Non merda dove mangi" Funny, that's both the easiest thing to do and is always destructive in the end. Familiarity breeds contempt.
  6. Try Ghostery. I don't recommend it because it clips out the ads on DCP, but I love it on every other site. Page loads are factors faster without waiting for ads and vids.
  7. Our ETA to Indy is about noon, where we'll gather with friends for a deli lunch at Shapiros. LOS Section 240, rows 5 and 6, seats 16 to 20 both rows, waving "Hi!" to my Friends friends I've been waving to for 40 years. Looking up to section 440 to wave at my friend from the Blue corps. Anxiously awaiting the end of the lunch break and the step-off of the first of three days' corps.
  8. Interesting, and me, too. The second half of that "proposal" (or "discussion paper" they now call it) looked to me, to be MUCH more professionally produced, if not thought out. I always considered the stark differences in the two, primary men making the proposal and how they each respectively run their organizations to be evident in the two parts of the proposal. I was not against all of the ideas proffered therein. I was just against throwing the "minor league" to the curb so that the "major league" could keep all the marbles. Shockingly, those ideas are still being suggested as the single, viable solution to the seeming "death knell" the activity now faces.
  9. So my post doesn't apply to you, but maybe you have friends who do FB who might give you some info. My point is exactly that FB and other platforms are places where radical ideas are fomented, and the drum corps activity would, IMO, do well to understand who the minions are that might propose "solutions" to the current crisis that ring hauntingly close to the ideas fomented by GH when he crafted the G7's arguments. Maybe those ideas' time has come. Maybe people won't be surprised when they resurface or are actually voted on. Or even bothered.
  10. It's not new, Jim, but why are you picking a fight with me? PM'd, if you care.
  11. Already made the point, Jim. "Never let a good crisis go to waste". Be vigilant in such times. "Complained"? "Gripe"? Hard for me to understand how you got to those conclusions (I'm doing neither, thankyouverymuch), and I wonder if you're just projecting. Has anyone looked at those on GH's FB page congratulating him who might still be actively promoting actions and decisions of the activity? Might be illuminating to those who do.
  12. Your point, I believe, is that the activity needs to understand how one, very bad apple can negatively impact the whole activity. I absolutely agree, and I think the directors generally show that understanding, if mainly at the level of taking care of host facilities and the "public face". Add in that the directors are constantly and actively discussing that impact. When those directors gave DCI the power and responsibility to develop and police certain standards for admission to DCI, the central office was very proactive and productive in those efforts. When the BoD gave DCI the power to take down drum corps as a result of public contentions, it acted prudently quick even as I understand that some consider it failed action for being too slow in response.
  13. Neither did the Pied Piper. Maybe we can call his posse-riders gullible and maybe we can call them compliant. Everyone knows who they are, and several have said to me personally that they were blinded by his years of "leadership", and blocked from speaking up because of the collective weight of his posse. Many have said to me that they USED him as the trial balloon he loved to be. Doesn't matter. GH was the head of the snake even if others at the time were the spine. Unlike a snake, if you cut a worm in half, you'll get two worms. If there are other worms promoting those same GH beliefs, they need to be kept close.
  14. Spooky what some are willing to give up just to get fast search results. Somebody hears you. you know that. you know that. Somebody hears you. you know that inside. Someone is learning the colors of all your moods, to (Say just the right thing and) show that you're understood. Here you're known. Leave your life open. you don't have. you don't have. Leave your life open. you don't have to hide. Someone is gathering every crumb you drop, these (Mindless decisions and) moments you long forgot. Keep them all. Let our formulas find your soul. We'll divine your artesian source (in your mind), Marshal feed and force (our machines will) To design you a perfect love Or (better still) a perfect lust. O how glorious, glorious: a brand new need is born. Now we possess you. you'll own that. you'll own that. Now we possess you. you'll own that in time. Now we will build you an endlessly upward world, (Reach in your pocket) embrace you for all you're worth. Is that wrong? Isn't this what you want? Amen.
  15. You blew completely past the point of my post. The issue is GH "ghosts" that hang around and influence decision-making by boards/reps to DCI. Your old tripe is still that; DCI doesn't manage corps, it manages what corps must do to be members of DCI. Imagine: "Rule No. 1: To be qualified for DCI membership, said drum corps does not employ sexual predators." Check. Then what?
  16. We can't remake the past, but we can be #### sure the mistakes aren't repeated. EDIT: And the activity isn't under any contract restrictions. It can change course 180 degrees if it chose to, at any minute, with only majority votes of, roughly, 40 member orgs.
  17. I hope you meant the "with malice" definition of malignant because, if you meant the "rapidly infectious" version, I'd like to know: 1. the actual number of posters/followers/Hop-ites who are still drinking his tea, and 2. if any of them are still employed in the activity and, potentially, still zealous about his policies and visions of and for the activity I, personally, hold GH PRIMARILY responsible for the slow degradation of the activity (yes, I've heard all of the "It was voted on! arguments) throughout his long tenure as a "senior experienced" leader of the activity (and I recognize ALL of the other directors who, at the time, agreed to ride in his posse). Therefore I, again personally, believe that any such zealots should be "kept closer" so to be watchful of any primary motivations of repeating G7-era prognostications about the direction the activity should now go to survive and emerge strong and growing. If the phrase "Never let a good crisis go to waste" is prevalent among the decision-makers of the activity, a wave of enthusiasm to just "Do SOMETHING!" could very easily grow to a movement to grasp on to G7-era visions. Like some are talking about now that requiring a splintering or dividing the activity based on who can travel and who "shouldn't" (removing decision-making from corps leadership) and who deserves gate and who doesn't. And DCI's role in the future, if any. These decisions should not be driven by any GH-esque "ghosts" that linger. Even Cadets seem committed to excise most things legacy-Cadets to form their own brand-new identity and M.O.. I suggest DCI distance itself as well from all things "legacy GH", including his old visions of drum corps' survival. Vigilance by all and strong leadership are warranted until the "crisis" passes, IMO, and I'm hearing Membership Chair Stuart Pompel is doing a great job of keeping the remaining drum corps optimistic and focused on the silver lining of new possibilities instead of on the potential torrent of the dark clouds of 2020. That optimism and focus is strong medicine against the creep of hubris, greed, and selfishness we saw during the G7 "discussions".
  18. I stick to myself and my family on FB but, I'm curious, what WERE the top three stories on FB yesterday to which you're referring? I'm not that literate on FB so can someone else validate this contention of yesterday's top-3 stories? And I'm hopeful that at least one of them is related to drum corps or GH's case or even about the PA court system.
  19. Most likely these gift deductions are in-kind contributions of time and materials, as well as misc purchases during the season. Someone living a $200,000 lifestyle as CEO of a $5mm NP doesn't give back 25% of his NET income to the org he leads. If he were as "business smart" as he proclaims, and concerned about Cadets' above all else, he'd simply reduce his salary and leave the cash in the Cadets without having to pay the IRS the income taxes to begin with. Of course, a "smart" businessman trying to obscure the actual effects of his actions would proclaim this action necessary BECAUSE he cares only about the org. Sne...BS...eze!