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  1. And, IMO, Takei's accomplishments in drum corps or music in general don't stand up in comparison to Vose (or Bonfiglio), but justification for his nomination is riddled with his societal "agitation" around identity rights. Not so much as a horn-toot has been heard from his embouchure since he played at Commodore Perry more than 50 years ago. At least Rita Moreno (and a few other notable Hollywood music legends) actually visited a drum corps show and promoted the activity. I'm sure this George has many fans, too. But I wonder how many of them have seen a drum corps show since yard lines became irrelevant. It appears his Facebook follower count is a significant reason for his "induction". "As a teenager, he played baritone horn for the Commodore Perry Scouts drum and bugle corps, which was associated with Los Angeles Boy Scout Troop 379 of the Koyasan Buddhist Temple. The corps was sponsored by Commodore Perry American Legion Post 525 and the Temple. "His views about state and local politics, human rights and Japan-United States relations have helped attract more than 10 million Facebook page followers. He has received awards and accolades for his work on human rights and Japan-United States relations, including his work with the Japanese American National Museum." - WDCHOF, April, 2019
  2. But she's deaf from sitting down on the field so she won't hear you even if you ask her opinion of the best seats. Reminds me of when I was a kid... "If your friend jumped off a bridge, would you jump, too?" You take your life in your hands down there. 😀
  3. I marched. It sucked. But today that play their halftime shows on flat snares and with tonal bases with mallets harder than marshmallows. But I'm pretty sure that TBDBITL will NEVER march woodwinds.
  4. Or Cadets kids putting them together in hard hats and steel-toed boots. I'd bet regional competitions soon become "Prop Inspections Sites" sometime soon. There's enough mechanical engineer volunteer talent to see that it's done for all corps in one place at one time. Three or four times a year. Also, if corps know the inspections are coming up, it's likely that they'll keep the props in better shape during the whole season.
  5. Aren't you deeming guilt? You're either extremely talented, narcissistic, or angry as Xandy says. Your comparison to Pioneer is ludicrous at every level. Corps with histories such as Cadets' have EARNED the benefit of the doubt and your "three strikes" line is completely irrelevant to the Cadets or the new lawsuit. Optics are more important than truth, eh? So, you'd send your kid to a corps with fine optics but that's polluted and dysfunctional in operation? Isn't this "optics" canard the whole reason that #MeToo found fertile ground in DCI? I'd think you'd at least wait for a single testimony or piece of evidence before sharpening the last nails in Cadets' coffin.
  6. Wait, you mean you actually DO have a "hot dog corps"?
  7. mea culpa, probably That morning I was on the phone with my bond trader at Cantor Fitzgerald. "Whoa. I gotta go." Click. I never heard from him again.
  8. Now I'm just going to puke. Please, stop, you're killing me now.
  9. And he went out singing, too! But didn't we just go from jingoism to sexism in one post?
  10. I know that tune! Clever, and funny.
  11. Oooohhhhhh. I didn't get it either. Got an explanation, then, for the "anti-jingoism" you seem to possess?
  12. OMG, I remember reading this. This is tragic and beautiful. But you elevate Madison's beautiful show too high, IMO. This eloquent piece was stunning.
  13. Drum Corps' roots are in jingoistic patriotism. Opinions of its merit vary wildly, apparently and sadly, but the past can't be changed. The tribute shows done by drum corps were recognition of their times. Were those corps jingoistic to perform them? Or paying tribute to "We Will Rise" (because why?: 'Merica)? Drum corp is as patriotic and American as apple pie, baseball, and lemonade even if not as intensely today. Celebrating the lives lost can't be real and true without recognizing that which is being defended against invaders and terrorists. That is what 'Merica means. God Bless America, its citizens, and drum corps and may we never forget the jingoistic patriotism that bind the two together.
  14. Gosh, ya' know, me, too. I can't help it. I stood with my son in my arms, scared. It's the day to remember and cry, and vow.
  15. I guarantee it will surface again when the trial is at hand. It's just more evidence of why someone "needs to go to jail".
  16. Boy, you're gracious to even call that Traditional grip! I'd have been more impressed had they just admitted defeat and played matched. "Those that can, do, and those that can't play matched."
  17. In the commercial, the "conductor" is conducting a cut-time pedagoge and the music background is in 4/4. What's THAT about? I don't think a Jay Kennedy jingle would be presented so cavalierly (no reflection on the corps). Now, Jardiance does a commercial where the band pummels the football team and I'm taking Jardiance just because I want to. (I'm kidding, Xandy. Two diabetics in my family and not poking fun except at the commercial director.)
  18. No, sorry, it's just bad. There's no "good" to that dumb movie.
  19. Of COURSE you did! I wouldn't expect anything else! Mr. Contentious. It used to be my nickname; you can have it now.
  20. An absolutely beautiful show. I had never experienced such descriptive musical story-telling to that point. I heard FL in every note of that show. Fabulous.
  21. I like my pot-stickers fried, not steamed. 🙂 Snark aside, I hope that, if this comes to play out, the corps end up owning the rights so that any band that wants to play drum corps music has to pay the corps (or DCI) the fees. Now that I'm thinking, I'm wondering if maybe DCI should be the rights-holder to all original music played during its shows. Interesting potential revenue stream...
  22. And that bass drum... seriously, talk about “size” issues... Purdue seems to still have a confidence problem.
  23. Most kids who go to Purdue have been kicked in the head by farm animals so many times that getting thwumped with a padded bass drum mallet is hardly noticeable.
  24. Any announcement about where Mike Jackson went?
  25. There aren't many Friday night drum corps shows anyway, even during the season, are there? I know you entered the "Friday" but, if that's stated, drum corps is probably safe. Of course, the mosquitos aren't killed off each winter because of global warming, so I'd be concerned if we were showing farting cows on the field.