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  1. Well, obviously, based on the number of trucks used, drum corps ought to be generating somewhere around $330million in revenue each year. (BTW, TSO donates $1 for every ticket sold to charities in the cities in which they perform. They've donated more than $10million since inception.)
  2. Maintaining relevance includes demonstrating a business model that is workable. If DCI's model is crippled by touring, then they haven't maintained relevance. It's not as though WGI and competitive corps-style bands get a free pass because they still travel weekends, but their model is obviously more maintainable than the one DCI is using. Trans-Siberian Orchestra tours 21 semis, over 30 performers, and over 70 crew and rakes in $70million/year in more than 100 shows in over 60 cities. Taylor Swift tours 17 tractor trailers and a crew of over 30. Obviously, "touring" is not the big problem with DCI remaining relevant.
  3. Correct. That horse is already out of the barn and galloping across the neighbor's field.
  4. And I think you're leaving out the big elephant in the room: Drum corps has failed to remain relevant through all of those larger issues even as WGI and hyper-competitive "corps-style" marching bands have succeeded in growing their relevance.
  5. To: Ray Kimber, Did you ever hear back from Dan Ray about his offer? -G
  6. So true! And we obviously know of their willingness to supplement weak sections, and cross sections from side-1 to side-2, "phase" impacts, and otherwise interfere with the acoustic balance we old pharts desire... Oh, never mind. I'll get off your yard. Today's kids and fans have "grown up" with electronified, whiz-bang audio tricks, and thundering bass. "Acoustic", you say? "What's that?", they say.
  7. I think you miss the point or are willingly ignoring it: your statement above is not reality or even documentable as the rule and not the overwhelming exception. If there were corps beating the "top corps" that did it with substantially less A&E support (in either dollars or pieces of equipment) we wouldn't be having discussions about the "arms race". Re: what's bolded, isn't it reasonably plausible that tech improvement happen each year, and that those improvements add design options that a corps can use to take advantage of especially-high member talent? Would Bluecoat's use of the array of mics and field speakers even be an option for a corps that uses two sidelines speakers? Would those two speakers present the same array soundscape that 'Coats achieved and scored the same "usage" credit as they were? I don't think so. A&E is, was, and always will be a judging issue, not a material asset or talent issue.
  8. In only six posts! That must be some sort of record.
  9. I have no idea what point you're arguing, but I LOVE this reference. LOL
  10. No, wait, it IS true. There IS a deficit before bingo. That's the point of bingo. I'm sure (hoping) I'm catching up and you have already settled this. And it's not the fundraising that is a demonstration, it's the profligate spending by the leaders of said non-profit that demonstrates "poor operation (living beyond one's means). I'm sorry, your last two sentences don't make sense to me.
  11. I'm going to specifically listen for evidence of this next month in Indy. I'll be interested in my observations, for sure. I do happen to disagree with you but I'm willing to get, at least, some anecdotal evidence that what you say is true.
  12. Well, of course. But you DO know that the dynamics of a non-profit budget are not the same as your need to drive your car. The issue is not that there is price inflation it's that there is not a commensurate increase in the revenue of the activity as a whole. Don't get me started...
  13. Uuhhhh... I beg to differ. There's LOTS of complaining about "the gear". They like the effects because they think it's expected and there's always a better way to do it well. Make it less expected and watch the spending and effort decrease.
  14. Do me a favor: When I hear this, I think of Mandarins and Academy but are they "contending"? Please clarify so I understand your use of the word "contending". There are lots of nice shows, but only a few "contending" in my mind. This is a hard point to argue from a financial perspective, so you'd better bring your A-game. There is a direct correlation between budget and placement that shows up in the 990's. Brilliant! It's not an electronics issue at all in the end. It's a judging issue and nothing else, and one specifically the result of the emphasis on GE in the matrix. Now my stomach is growling and I'm thinking about Chic-fil-a...
  15. This is a very thoughtful post, I'm sure. So thoughtful that I can't follow along because of this burning desire for Kentucky Fried Chicken. I'll think this through later, but I wish you'd stop the grazing field references and just be clear: You think that successful corps attract money and talent? Whew! OK! But sometimes the egg happens before the egg? Wait. I'm hungry...
  16. I changed your statement to reflect reality and I would challenge you to show that my correction is not accurate. 990's will do as a minimum, but I'll consider other financial data if you have it.
  17. OMG! We're in the WAY-BACK machine now! Oh, how we would wait in anticipation! So many watched football; we were a band geek family for sure. I went one step further. I bought a BETAMax new in the box to add to my collection so I can still play all those PBS recordings I made all those years. Still have it in storage with my A/V collection although I didn't need it because my everyday BETAMax still works just fine. Even after decades of pets and renovation dust, it's still a heavy-duty workhorse. Here's hoping everyone is still able to fit into their pants as they reminisce their first memories of drum corps.
  18. Is your point that they are one-time WC challengers or that they are being out-pointed? The first is unfortunate but not permanent. The second is, in my best Forrest Gump voice, "Competition is as competition does".
  19. Exactly! This plus 110 MM's minimum and you have a Major League!
  20. Possibly. But now they have a metric under which they can rule. An OC corps that marches 125 and has been on the WC platform for two years is plenty welcome to a WC TEP event. Just not one that's smaller than 110 MMs. (That's not now the rule, but that's where it's heading, I'm willing to bet.)
  21. I think it's the same "nonsense" in a different package. In order for drum corps to be "Major League" it's participating can't be simply one, small step above a competitive BOA band. In my view, this is about ending the practice of allowing OC corps to participate in WC shows unless the corps is of sufficient size to be presumed to be actual challengers in the competition.
  22. And, in fairness, I don't think DCI found anything frightening "under the hood" until they saw the $600m hole to fill thanks to GH's counter-claim and the legal expenses to fight. Prior to the whole event there was nothing in the filings to point to sucha major bomb. But, of course, that's WHY they are called "Black Swans". Add to that the trust that GH blew up in USBands and it's not hard to see that Cadets management sees major changes necessary.
  23. You didn't REALLY think that "nonsense" died out all those years ago, did you? And there was a TEP in Dublin but, guess what?, no show for them, either! Yes, growth is always someone else's problem - lazy corps, bad Executive, wasteful DCI, distrusting band directors - and circling the wagons is the business of every corps in the activity. But, it's not all bad. When corps focus on growing themselves and improving their orgs the generally get better, so long as the pie-holders don't change the cut again (like this is apparently). Success is in everyone's best interest.