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  1. Apparently my suggestion to start a declarative thread was not looked favorably upon.
  2. These "challenges" are suffered from daycare facilities to the active military and nearly everything in between. Neither drum corps nor Varsity are unique in this regard.
  3. Presuming that you're, again, referring to the one, single comment about using equipment in the cheer section of the competition, I think you're creating a bogeyman here where none exists. Those drum corps changes were made by agreement of all participants (sans fans) for performance reasons that had tangential potential financial impacts. The claim against Varsity is that they profit (being for-profit and all) from a requirement that participants use one provider. That's not at all like your G-bugle example. The corollary you've presented would be a cheer team showing up in 1920's bloomers, long-sleeve shirts, hair caps, and leather-soled shoes (G-bugles) to wave pom-poms against spandex, short skirts, bling/glitz/makeup/hairspray and matching "jump shoes" (Bb horns/A&E/150members) and expecting to score competitively.
  4. I enjoy the speculative banter. It's the certitude that's disturbing. As if our activity has done everything right over 75 years and can't learn from others or even benefit from a partnership with others who have succeeded. The institutional arrogance sometimes evident from the leaders of some of our corps also seems to pervade the minds of some of its most ardent fans. Evidence the notion promoted in this, and I'd guess other, podcasts that "...your voice is JUST AS IMPORTANT...!". Uh, no kiddos it's not. A.F.
  5. Can’t speak for The Big Guy, but I’ve been told that the service levels provided in DCP are directly related to the fee schedule you chose when you signed up as a member. Do you remember if you signed up for a Regular, Super, or Super-Duper account? That would have made a difference in your notification timing.
  6. I think they refer to this as "The Law of Unintended Consequences". Or karma.
  7. Wrong. Unfounded accusation not corroborated with facts. Your post is off-topic; there's a thread for that.
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