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  1. GSNewell

    A: Competitive Inertia

    Kenyon College won 31 straight NCAA Division III swimming titles: 1980 to 2010.
  2. GSNewell

    Doings in Detroit

    Michigan Central Station is an interesting place because of its size and visibility. It sat vacant for a crazy number of years. It just got sold to Ford Motor. It's a big deal in Detroit. Google it and you'll find tons of info. I was in town 3 years ago and went here: Cool joint. There are lots of new places downtown now, though. Jolly Pumpkin Brewing has a place downtown; I can't imagine that it's not excellent. Wish I could be there for the show.
  3. GSNewell

    Phantom 2000

    Program coordinator was Bill Petersen in 2000. Dan took over during the winter in 2001. Jennifer was the caption head, but the design work was done by a collection of folks.
  5. Stories in the Charleston newspapers about Monday's show:;build=cache
  6. For those of you anywhere near Rockford, this will be a concert worth hearing. I saw Harry perform a couple years ago and he was fantastic. (I was a trombone major in college so I tend to be critical of trombonists, but he was terrific.) I won't spoil the surprise, but he'll be playing a lot of notes, really fast. :) G
  7. GSNewell

    List of corps that have openings

    Phantom Regiment has a few openings available for Euphonium and Tuba. Applicants should be in good physical condition, and drum corps experience is preferred. Those interested should e-mail corps director Dan Farrell at for more information.
  8. or
  9. Phantom Regiment is searching for a few more outstanding low brass players for the 2010 season. Both euphonium and tuba. Drum corps experience necessary. Contact corps director Dan Farrell at or 815-226-2835. Greg Newell Phantom Regiment
  10. Phantom Regiment is searching for a few more outstanding low brass players for the 2010 season. Both euphonium and tuba. Drum corps experience necessary. Contact corps director Dan Farrell at or 815-226-2835 or brass caption head JD Shaw at
  11. GSNewell

    Chase results are in

    Pat Seidling, former Phantom Regiment director, had a good approach when this came up in "charity" discussions. He would say -- and I'm paraphrasing here -- that if you have $5 to give and it's going to either a charity to help the ill or to Phantom Regiment, by all means give it to the charity helping the ill. If you can make multiple donations, please consider Phantom Regiment. He liked to say that drum corps are nonprofits, not charities. He was right. Thousands of organizations need financial support, and there needs to be balance in our world. G
  12. GSNewell

    Troopers question

    Awesome! Thanks for the info/link, Thoro. G
  13. Did the Troopers perform at the 1983 USFL championship game in Denver? I'm watching one of the 30 for 30 documentaries on ESPN (btw, these things are great, especially the one called The Band That Wouldn't Die) and I could swear the Troopers were in the end zone stands when Anthony Carter scored on a long TD pass. If so, is there anybody on here that was in the Troopers that year? What do you remember? G
  14. It's the Chase COMMUNITY Giving program. Chase is offering the grants for organizations to use in their COMMUNITY. Yes, curing cancer and helping people in Haiti absolutely are great causes. They are not the causes supported by this particular program, however, even if we want them to be. Think of this as money with strings attached, much like colleges get (a donor says here's $10M for a new math department building). If the money is earmarked for a specific endeavor, it can't be used wherever the recipient would like. In other words, if Cavaliers wanted to take their million-dollar grant and give it to Haitians in need, that would violate the terms of the gift. G
  15. GSNewell

    Phantom Regiment's "Big Idea"

    And please use 1 of your 5 votes for Carolina Crown, Colts (Legion Aires) and Cavaliers, too! Greg Newell Board of Directors Phantom Regiment