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    All corps! I love and appreciate all corps. Each and every one has something special to offer.
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  1. tamadrummer04


    Another video of Elsas
  2. tamadrummer04

    THE ACADEMY 2017

  3. tamadrummer04

    2017 Drum Finish Thread

    Oooh love it! Subtle and classy.
  4. tamadrummer04

    2017 Uniform Thread

    The pettiness is real with y'all. It's easy to forget that these KIDS are performing their ##### off, dedicating their lives to an art form to not only better themselves, but to entertain us. In the end, the kids are what make this activity continue, and they keep coming back, so clearly they're OK with the decisions the show and costume/uniform designers are making. So just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! #quityour#####ing
  5. tamadrummer04

    2017 Uniform Thread

    I like this. They will look great on the field. Also, the grey is a nod to traditional Boston Crusaders.
  6. tamadrummer04

    What Shows Will You Attend

    Congrats! My wife & I are expecting Baby No. 2 in December, so I'm clear for this summer.
  7. tamadrummer04

    What Shows Will You Attend

    I think my only live show will be in Mesa, AZ on July 3rd. Everything else will either be in the theater or PPV.
  8. tamadrummer04

    What Shows Will You Attend

    Oh my god, if I could be there within a 7 hour drive, there would be no way in HELL I'd miss Finals!
  9. tamadrummer04

    2017 Drum Finish Thread

    This is a sneak peek of last years drums.
  10. tamadrummer04

    Blue Devils 2017 60th Anniversary!

    It's a PM Party up in here.
  11. tamadrummer04

    THE ACADEMY 2017

    Director Mark Richardson was selected as a "Pay It Forward" recipient by a local news channel. Very well deserved. http://www.azfamily.com/clip/13379802/community-pays-it-forward-to-founder-of-drum-and-bugle-corps
  12. tamadrummer04

    2017 Uniform Thread

    So. Anything new here?
  13. tamadrummer04

    2017 Drum Finish Thread

    I bet these end up wrapped in something to fit the show theme.
  14. tamadrummer04

    2017 Drum Finish Thread

    Indeed. Less is more in a lot of cases, this maybe being one of them. Cadets have used simple drum finishes throughout the years also, so this choice doesn't surprise me one bit. Keeps it classy.
  15. tamadrummer04

    2017 Drum Finish Thread

    Wow! Cant go wrong with a silver sparkle finish. Those look great!