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  1. In search of the original CDs from the 1988 Kansas City Championships ... Thanks!
  2. It's going to be a strange thing not having The Cadets at the Master's of DCI show in Murfreesboro. Hopefully they'll return in 2021!
  3. News from Nashville!
  4. Santa Clara Vanguard The Cadets Music City Spirit of Atlanta Blue Stars Boston Crusaders
  5. Plain and simple ... I want to be a Cadet again. Thank you 2018 Cadets for bring that feeling back.
  6. I was wondering the same question ... did DCI announce any Blu-ray or CDs at Championships? Guess not.
  7. Are prelim times still based on scores from San Antonio, Atlanta and Allentown?
  8. has the times listed as Eastern Time ... Murfreesboro is located in the Central Time Zone ... 7:20 PM Welcome and National Anthem 7:30 PM Music City - Nashville, TN 7:47 PMBluecoats - Canton, OH 8:04 PM Blue Knights - Denver, CO 8:21 PM The Cadets - Allentown, PA 8:38 PM Carolina Crown - Ft. Mill, SC 8:55 PM Intermission (17 min.) 9:12 PM Santa Clara Vanguard - Santa Clara, CA 9:29 PM Blue Devils - Concord, CA 9:46 PM The Cavaliers - Rosemont, IL 10:03 PM Phantom Regiment - Rockford, IL 10:25 PM Encore: Blue Devils 10:35 PM Awards Ceremony
  9. How long was the video available to watch? Was the link completely removed after scores were announced? I watched a little of the show ... fast forwarded and reversed during the actual broadcast. Would be nice if they gave us 24 hours to watch the complete broadcast ... :-)
  10. First of all, I’m a long time Cadet Fan and a Cadet Financial Supporter … That said, when I saw The Bluecoats in the theater back in June, I personally hoped they would take the Gold. A show like theirs is the reason why I became a Drum Corps Fan … so much there to enjoy … so much excitement. You have to be kidding yourself if you think it didn’t sting. The Cadet members have been told all season long they were Silver, but on the final night of the season they weren’t. I just went back and watch the announcement of their score, and you can see the guard members’ faces. There were few cheers for the Cadets … all you hear Bloooo! And to be honest, I’m not surprised. If you have been around the activity for a long time, you know Cadets have leaped over other Corps during Championships … and vice versa … It’s just part of the game … the nature of competition. There are many accomplishments for The 2014 Cadets … 1. They broke the even year drought of not making the top 3 ... last time they made the top 3 during an even year was 2002. 2. They went undefeated against Carolina Crown … last time that happened was 2007. 3. The Cadets guard moved from being the Corps’ biggest weakness to one of the Corps’ strengths. So, Congratulation to the 2014 Cadets! Be proud!