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  1. This year has been AMAZING! Congratulations to every single member, staff, volunteer, and fan involved. My thoughts, though they do not matter. Enjoyment: 12. Phantom 11. Cadets 10. Mandarins 9. Blue Knights 8. Crossmen 7. Santa Clara 6. Blue Stars 5. Boston Crusaders 4. Carolina Crown 3. Blue Devils 2. Cavaliers 1. Bluecoats Score Placement Prediction: 12. Phantom 11. Crossmen 10. Cadets 9. Mandarins 8. Blue Stars 7. Blue Knights 6. Boston Crusaders 5. Cavaliers 4. SCV 3. Carolina Crown 2. Bluecoats 1. Blue Devils
  2. Unless I’m mistaken, tonight’s score is their highest since 2011. They just barely passed the 95.2 earned on finals night in 2017.
  3. We just watched 1999 Cadets! I thin that is a truly under appreciated show. Cant wait to see how things shake out tonight.
  4. Thank you, @Ghost! This is going to be an amazing season! Soak it all in, everyone. Regardless of which corps you cheer for, enjoy every second! I can’t wait until August when my mother, my sister and her partner, and my husband and I are in Bloomington, IN watching the finals stream. It is the highlight of my year. All of us together watching Drum Corps, drinking Indiana Beer, and being ridiculous. I like to think that’s what this activity is all about. Celebrate everyone! Regardless of the group, these kids need our support!
  5. I would just like to say, the rest of the internet is terrible. I’m 32 years old and have given up on all forms of social media. My husband still posts pictures on his various pages of us and our son when we do fun things, but I don’t want anything to do with that. This site has gotten bloody ugly in the last 4 years and it’s incredibly disheartening. There has always been disagreement, but jeez, everyone needs to calm the fudge nugget down. @barigirl78 Thank you for sharing your friend’s reaction. I hope their first read was just a rough one and this show ends up being phenomenal, but regardless, thank you. I’m very jealous they have seen it and I haven’t. I’m still going to be excited!
  6. Decided on a whim to become a Patreon supporter. WOW! Those uniforms are fantastic; both the corps-proper and the color guard. They perfectly encapsulate the theme without tipping over into the absurd. Furthermore, this show really has the legs to become something special. That opening just reaches out, grabs you by the collar, and throws you around. And what’s not to love about that ballad. Won’t ruin anything but I adore that they’re using that piece from one of my top 10 movies. I cannot wait to see this on the field!
  7. Apologies if this has already been covered, but do the judges have their previous night recaps available to them during tonight's judging?
  8. I'm hoping the weather cooperates and I'll actually get to see the Cavaliers live in Massillon next Monday. The forecast isn't looking too good right now but it's Ohio, tomorrow it will probably say it's going to be clear skies and 90 degrees; that or it will snow. If all else fails, the hubby and I will still be going to my sister's place in Bloomington, IN to watch the webcast of finals! To this day, I still get a little choked up driving passed Memorial Stadium. Can't believe it's been nearly ten years since viewing live the "Spartacus upset".
  9. Agreed... I also think the same thing during the section where "the 12" are atop the props while the vertical line of brass disintegrates into snake formations.
  10. This was pretty fascinating to watch. Direct side by side comparison of SCV and BD.
  11. Ah... Bell-isimo! Other than Spin cycle, that was my favorite show from 2003. I saw all three nights of championships that year. Including quarterfinals which were rain delayed for 3 hours and didn't finish until after 2 in the morning. Staying up all night watching drum corps was a thrill my 16 year old self could barely handle. (14 years later am I'm still staying up all night to watch dci) Aside from that, I agree with there being a solid top 11 right now. Crazy things can happen though.
  12. This is turning out to be a phenomenal season! Congratulations to Carolina Crown and everyone who performed this evening! I honestly believe there are 7 champion quality shows out there right now. In the 20 years that I've been aware of and following DCI, I've never been able to say that. This is exciting! There is an exquisite product for every taste this year! SO EXCITED!!!
  13. I think the final trianglular drill was always the last set of the show, but unless I'm mistaken, the color guard member "mountain climbing" over the brass players wasn't added until mid season. (That wasn't really the ending but it did lead into the final push)