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  1. I just read it myself. Hearing both Jade and hitting up 1989 Phantom reminds me how much I miss that sound. Rest easy, Mr. Boo. The world was better because you were in it, and we have an immeasurable hole to fill now that you're gone.
  2. I'll go out on a limb here and say DCI cancelling the 2020 tour will prod DCA into a decision.
  3. Holy crap I just read those, almost all are inappropriate. I'm semi tempted to sign up for an account to flag them.
  4. Holy crap, GH took a $176k salary from YEA! in 2016????? At least that's what the 990 says.
  5. I don't think anyone here WANTS that to happen. We're all aware of the effects that will have on everyone involved. That said, if DCI decrees it, it will happen, fair or not.
  6. Maybe I'm missing it, but what had happened to it, or was it still in that man's control?
  7. I don't think he knew the actual extent of the issue. I think he interpreted the comment in a way that wasn't ideal, but instead blew it off to GH being GH. I fully believe him when he says if he knew the extent he would have reacted different. He's in a lose-lose situation here. From what I've heard and read Sean is a good guy. This has to absolutely suck for him. And now he's marked, even if he's 100% innocent, as having dirty hands in this whole mess. The fallout from this will last for years to come, and may touch lots more people than any of us realize. I so want GH in
  8. Sorry, Mr. King doesn't get the benefit of the doubt. Not now. He must wait out the investigative process. Fair? Probably not. But direct your anger at Mr. Hopkins and not the BoD. And, if Mr. King DID act inappropriately, he must accept the punishment. That's just the way it is. Just because YOU don't like it doesn't make it not necessary.
  9. While I was not a lead sop player, I recently had to have a chest x-ray redone because the tech said my lungs were "too big." I thank John Arietano and Mike Longdo for that one.
  10. Stay on topic please. My only saving grace THAT day was I was wearing the same color underwear as the uniform pants, otherwise it could have been additional GE points.
  11. PA's background checks are brutal, as are their reporting requirements. For example, as a volunteer firefighter, since I *might* come into contact with minor children I had to get the child abuse check plus go through the classes on reporting it. That's in addition to a PA State Police background check and an FBI background check. No fun at all. The only check I've been through that's been more thorough was my government background check for my security clearance. I would think YEAs staff would have to meet these same requirements.
  12. I say this with all the love and respect I can possibly muster. #### you Ream!
  13. I have to do the same ones you do...Since I'm also a government employee. I should check TWIMS and make sure.
  14. Its more like the same fire rekindling itself than a completely new fire.