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  1. scouttimp

    For all brass players...

    Uniform? CHECK!
  2. scouttimp

    Emergence of the Front Ensemble

    If I recall... You could put them down on the field in '81, but everything had to be on the field (no pit area on the sidelines). Most everyone marched 4 keyboards (except maybe Garfield? One other who grounded concert instruments?) but had one timpanist grounded. 27 marched the timps, and they were awesome (glad I didn't have to carry them...). 82 saw the creation of the pit area. For a while, instrumentation stayed the same- bells, xylo, vibes, marimba, and a timpanist, with one or two concussionists- for most corps. and then 2v 2m, then...then...then...
  3. scouttimp


    Dear Japan, Please consider hiring Michael Gaines and/or BDE to help coordinate your opening ceremony. Thank you.
  4. scouttimp


    I wish they'd keep them- love the darker sound. Sounding great guys!
  5. scouttimp


    Awesome news! The real question: does the original Lemon Squeeze shirt he wore every day for years still exist? (I own one, btw, and wouldn't sell it for ((almost)) any price)
  6. scouttimp

    Key to scouts winning in 2016

    Funny thing...I played the castinets in the closer (replaced by the chattering novelty jaws...). Total spit take here. Loved it!
  7. scouttimp

    Final Order range of Top 5

    I highly doubt it. The 4th place Corps tomorrow nite I'm pretty sure will be more than a point out of first.. and thus out of contention. There has never been a 4th place Corps in the Quarters that has ever gone on to jump pass 3 Corps between the Semi's and the Finals for the Title. 2015 won't be the first either, imo. But... as they say... time will tell. 1996 Phantom Regiment August 15 DCI World Championships Quarter Finals Orlando FL 4th place 94.600 (tied with Madison, as I recall...) August 16 DCI World Championships Semi Finals Orlando FL 3rd place 95.500 August 17 DCI World Championships Orlando FL 1st place 97.400 It has happened!
  8. scouttimp


    I know I'm from the mylar generation- (watched people dig through the trash after SCV used the first Remo kevlar heads in '87 hoping for a look into the future), but many classic drum sounds in the early kevlar years happened with mylar. Star, Bluecoats, etc. In the classic recordings, I love the last few years of plastic:'86 Devs, '87 Cadets, '87 Phantom, '84 Vanguard, '85 Suncoast. Crazy cool drum sounds. I love distinct sounds from drum corps, be it horns or drums. If Kevlar works for you, great. If mylar floats your boat, sure! If I get out of the car and hear a drum line and say "Let's check out the Scouts!", super cool!
  9. scouttimp

    Music That Makes You Dumb

    I'm in Kansas City. It's "All About That Base" tonight. Thank You.
  10. 1980 27th Lancers (the littlest timp please!) 1984 SCV 1990 Star 1995 Madison 2004 Cavaliers Just a few!...