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  1. And there are those that are just as incredulous that the spread isn't greater. ..............................eye of the beholder and all that I guess. I have ties to both and hope that both are successful and achieve their goals. As for me, I'm not particularly enamored with either show this year but love both organizations and laud their efforts
  2. IMHO. Threee of the best: Pete Emmons - Troopers, Scott Paulson - Kilties, Billy Happel Blue Stars
  3. 1) Cavaliers 2) Crown 3) Blue Devils 4) Cadets 5) Blue Coats 6) Phantom Regiment 7) Blue Stars 8) SCV 9) Madison 10) Blue Knights 11) Boston 12) Spirit
  4. Why not ............................ 1. Cavaliers 2. Blues Devils 3. Bluecoats 4. Cadets 5. Carolina Crown 6. Blue Stars 7. Santa Clara Vanguard 8. Phantom Regiment 9. Madison Scouts 10. Boston Crusaders 11. Glassmen 12. Blue Knights 13. Troopers 14. Crossmen 15. Spirit 16. Academy 17. Colts
  5. Blue Stars and Scouts take 4th and 5th at finals. Doesn't matter which one is in which position.
  6. After reading these 15 pages of posts, I am now certain that the Blue Stars days of being a top 12 corps are numbered. They surely will not be able to perform at the level of the previous three years on such inferior equipment. I am amazed that the same staff that has worked so very hard to establish an excellent horn line is so unknowledgeable that it will throw it all away by forcing students to use instruments that are apparently not even worthy of collecting spit. Shame on them !
  7. Okay, admit it. No matter where you've come from.... not matter what this thing call "drum corps" has evovled in to -- YOU STILL LOVE IT AND ALWAYS WILL. It's in our blood and there is no sense fighting it. The smell, the sweat, the tears, the smiles.... it is our being
  8. Just picked up your post now at 11:10 Eastern Time. Please call me in the AM anytime after 7:00 AM Eastern Time. Phone 847-609-6436
  9. Pair of Super Premium Tickets for Cookville, TN "Masters of the Summer Music Games" show. Great seats: Section J, Row 35, Seats 7 & 8. Face value of tickets $40.00 each. Will sell for $60.00 for the pair. Will send via 2nd Day Air at my expense.