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  1. I can't believe how good these high school lines have gotten. These guys are just super impressive. I feel like I'm watching a drum corps, but it's just a high school band. I'm kinda blown away by this.
  2. Drum corps has been ahead of the curve on accepting all kinds of people, but that itself might be a good reason for the OP to pursue this project. There are actually still many places where young people who not straight might face discrimination. For example, how many out gay men do you see on high school or college football teams? I think because of that showcasing the drum corps approach to diversity might be a good thing. This is a tough, demanding activity in every way imaginable. And it's an ideal example of an activity that is merit-based. If you aren't good enough, you don't make
  3. From what I can see in most respects drum corps has been ahead of the curve in terms of diversity. In terms of membership we see lots of both men and women. People of all colors are widely represented. People from many countries come to the US to march in corps. There are rich kids and some pretty poor kids. And all of these corps now have a good number of out LGBT members - most likely more than we have in the general population. So certainly among the members it seems to me like drum corps is very diverse and I think that is really very important. The staffs are less diverse. The
  4. Great job BD. One of the all time great show IMO. Bloooo also had one of the all time great shows I think, so winning this one is quite an accomplishment. Also glad to see that drum score. I’m a big SCV fan as well, but I’ve felt all along that BD really had the best line this year. Glad that finally was recognized the last show of the season.
  5. Well said. These are two of my favorite shows ever. Both incredible corps. Both high class organizations. Both really take care of their members and their fans. I’ll be happy however it turns out and I’ll listen to both these shows over and over once we get official recordings. I guess we could say “Go Blue” and that would kind of cover both.
  6. I was critical of their horn section early in the season. But now I'm getting it. They are not as aggressive as the other horn lines, but they are actually cleaner and I'm starting to really appreciate that now.
  7. All I would like to say is “thank you” Vanguard for such an awesome show. This is the 3rd year in a row that you’ve pushed the boundaries of show design and it is fantastic. Don’t get worried about placement. You’re doing what a corps called “Vanguard” should do. You have tremendous talent and each section could win their caption any given night. I love the attitude, the aggression, the staging, all of it. I like the uniforms too. Yes they seem odd at first, till you understand what’s happening and then they make perfect sense. I also like how every corps member has come up with their own st
  8. Perhaps that’s some of what’s happening, but it’s kind of expected at this point. It’s a subjective judging system and this is the first time all of the top corps have met the same panel. This is exactly where you’d expect each judge to go through and finally decide who they think is really best in their caption. And they should space them out a bit unless they really think two corps are virtually even. This result looks to me like what I would expect. Congrats Bluecoats. Love your show. But I also kinda want one of our Bay Area corps to give you at least a good run for your money now 🙂
  9. This and your other thread are the best two threads on this site. Thanks for the comparisons. These are two great shows by two great corps.
  10. All I want to say is thanks for doing this. Very interesting analysis. I think the overall trend in DCI has been to much greater variety in programming. I love watching great shows from the past but also really dig the new variety of stuff being done by Bluecoats, SCV, etc. Realistically today’s shows truly are harder than the shows of 20 years ago. As you pointed out the music really is harder across the board. They actually do still do a lot of drill - yes even BD. But these performers are also doing dance, all kinds of body work they never did before, and they are almost actors at times. Ad
  11. Let's all not be too quick to react to this and pass blame. There's a lot that seems suspicious to me here. 1. Given everything that has happened in the past I can't imagine that there's any way that The Cadets management didn't take this very seriously. I expect that they did take serious action to handle the matter. If they didn't, they would be wholly incompetent and you'd have a hard time convincing me that they don't have competent management at this point. 2. If I understand this correctly the mother of the alleged victim did a mass emailing of a bunch of documents about th
  12. If there weren't a slew of other co-ed corps out there, then I'd view this as a positive development. However, every corps out there is co-ed except for two, so it's not like there aren't a ton of choices for women that want to participate in this activity. And as others have noted sometimes Phantom and others have elected to have all female guards and that hasn't really been controversial. So I don't think there's a diversity issue in DCI. I note that in other performing organizations there is often segregation based on gender. There are all-male and all-female choirs for instance. So I
  13. And we seem to have our own BD360 water bottle scandal. Does this mean BD360 will be as big as Game of Thrones?
  14. As simply a fan it’s been frustrating to watch Madison decline. From watching what’s happened with staff and the reaction of alumni that financially support the corps I’d say there is a big problem with staffing. In particular I think Madison became too insular. They have insisted on hiring staff that in most cases are former scouts. They seem to do this because they look back at years like ‘95 and say that they need to do that again. That’s one of my favorite shows ever, but you know times change. At this point honestly they have to stop living in the past and hire staff with experienc
  15. Until all the corps perform in front of the same panel you can’t really draw any conclusions. About all you can say right now is that the panels on the east coast and west coast have both started to identify their top tier corps and those corps are the usual suspects.