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  1. Ever thought about each member of Blue Devils has a very distinct style and appearance? Do they audition people based on how they look too? Because almost all of them are attractive. Or is it just the fact that they are from California they have this natural celebrity look? Anybody have other thoughts?
  2. Generally speaking, what are the basic ins and outs of running an open class corps? I've heard that the biggest expenses are gasoline, housing, and food, but I have no clue what the rough dollar amounts for those tend to be among OC corps. And then buses and instruments are capital expenses (up front) that you can maintain for years - correct me if I'm wrong. I'd just like some clarification and discussion. EDIT: this is not me trying to start a corps. This is solely for the purpose of wanting to know for my own interest.
  3. SouthSong Drum and Bugle Corps is proud to announce those we have hired so far for our 2015 staff! Corps Director: Robert Lee Worthey Visuals Staff: Michael Hanawalt, Stellarae Dorman Color Guard Techs: Trey Hughes, Stephanie Turpin Brass Techs: Clark Bell, Francis Headrick Drumline Techs: Jon Bernreuter, Megan Ramirez We are still looking for Front Ensemble techs, and brass techs to handle the Tuba/Contra section and the Euphonium section! We are based out of Rainsville, Alabama and will be serving musicians of the Northeast Alabama/Southern Tennessee/Northwest Georgia region. Anyone interested in the currently available staff positions need to contact our corps director at robertleeworthey@gmail.com Our auditions will be Sunday, March 1st at Northeast Alabama Community College in Rainsville, AL starting at 12 noon CST.
  4. SouthSong is a grassroots, all-age drum and bugle corps based in the Northeast Alabama/Southeast Tennessee/Northwest Georgia region. Our surplus proceeds will be going to low income, at risk music programs and those in the process of rebuilding across the area, as Alabama(particularly) has been cutting band programs for financial reasons for the last several years. We are hosting auditions March 1, 2015 at Northeast Alabama Community College in Rainsville, AL at 12pm CST. We are hopeful for a great turnout and an exciting journey for this area seeing its first ever DCA Corps. You may find our facebook page at www.facebook.com/SouthSongMusic Our show this year is entitled, "Death Metal Symphony," which feature the clashing duality of classical symphony and heavy metal rock as these genres duke it out for the prize of getting to finish the show. We are excited to bring our own taste of the South to DCA and hope to show the world of DCA what Alabama musicians are made of! Best of luck to all DCA Corps this year, and we wish you all the best of luck with your season!
  5. What if we auditioned for drum corps in the same way that college students rush sororities/fraternities? Let me explain--many of the issues we are facing in our activity relate to overhype of the top 12-ish corps, and lower/non-DCI world corps struggling to survive with low membership. I personally know many individuals who go audition for one or two corps and get cut and do not pursue it further, either because of rankings or simply a lack of knowledge. I didn't know DCA was a thing until my first camp in it, to be honest. What if there was some sort of universal application/audition we could create, and there was a way to check out each corps without having to commit to it (and by commit I mean buying plane tickets, etc). What if there was a way that we could narrow down our range of possibilities based on our ability and willingness to work, rather than simply accepted or cut from each individual corps? This would allow more people to participate, thus growing the activity, and there would no longer be the imbalance of 1000 people trying out for 150 spots in BD and 50 trying out for XYZ corps in DCA. This is just my random crazy idea, but if anyone wants to implement it into their drum corps competitive circuit...
  6. Looking for some great, hig quality pics for the lock/home screen on my new big, beautiful iPhone 6+ Can anyone point in the right direction? thanks!
  7. DCI – Can We look beyond the norm?: At this time of year we all focus our attention on DCI finals week which is hosted in Indianapolis IN. While it's great for those who reside east of the Mississippi, it's not all that convenient to those who would love to see a live performance Finals Week of their favorite corps who live in the West. As it stands today those who live west of the Mississippi only get to see the early season shows and for the greater Texas area just up to the mid-way point of the season. Many of the shows get changed or revised as the corps move toward the East Coast push (post San Antonio Show) and focus on Finals week so many of the Corps shows are far different from what the West Fan base got to see live early in the season. Yes - things have improved with the FanNetwork and it has provided additional coverage for us West Fans but the overall impact of seeing a live drum corps show is just not there. The FanNetwork has improved and gives you a pretty good taste of how things are evolving but bottom line – THERE’S NOTHING LIKE A LIVE SHOW!!! My suggestion for DCI: Every 4 or 5 years host a DCI Finals in the West or West Coast. That gives ample time to prepare and plan ahead for a West DCI Finals. Possible locations could be the Alamodome San Antonio TX, Mile High Stadium Denver, Arlington TX, Stanford CA, Pasadena, CA, Levi Stadium, Santa Clara, CA, etc.... and the list goes on. The corps that normally host shows early in the season would be reversed and their show would be held later for that one year (again - either every 4th or 5th year such as Stanford/Denver/San Antonio). Right now the mid-west/East Corps have a dominance of their fans who come out to DCI INDY each year. Not so much for the Corps from the West (Blue Devils/SCV/Blue Knights/Mandarin/Academy/Pacific Crest/Crossmen/O Crusaders/Cascades/Troopers/etc…). By hosting DCI Finals West every 4 or 5th year it would allow the West Coast Corps an opportunity to have their fan base come to see their shows at the end of the season (versus early in the season when the shows are dirty and some cases not complete - i.e.; Stanford). This seems like an easy compromise for DCI and it brings in a new fan base of West Coast or West Fans into DCI. In addition it would allow additional International fans to attend the DCI FINALS event (there's that "I" in DCI) from the Pacific Rim countries as well as the newer markets from the Latin based countries in North and South America. Come on DCI -- Think out of the box. This is doable and expands your overall Fan Base.
  8. I was wondering if the top corps from today would be switched with the non-high scoring groups....
  9. A Brand New start Up Drum & Bugle Corps is forming in the west Central Florida area in Inverness. The organization will be kinda old school, being in 2 parts: a kidette corps for individuals 12-15 years old, and a more advanced group 16-22 years old. We are in the infancy stages at this point, and have alot of work to do. Please stay tuned for further information
  10. I typically avoid these boards but I do have a question. Would you as a drum corps fan be interested in seeing a blind draw for shows throughout the country? or even for preliminary performances for world championships? Why or why not? With this year especially being a most competitive year for a couple of drum corps trying to make history, I do think that being in a random draw would be awesome. Why? A judges responsibility is to judge and rate and rank correctly. In looking at some scores and ordinals, I can't but get upset at seeing the same old thing occurring again. 10, 9, 8, 7, blah blah blah going on. I have yet to attend a show yet this year so more will come to fruition later in the week as I attend three shows albeit, in a reverse order of their ranking. Please note, I am not bashing, it just seems constant year after year after year the same thing happens. In open class, the corps go on early in the day on Thursday and the first corps to take the field typically does so to an empty house. Now if, oh let's say, mix things around have a blind draw, and say if Blue Devils B or Vanguard Cadets went on first there would be more of a crowd. This should be a growing, learning, and selling experience for the kids. Seeing 75,000 empty seats to me, would be depressing. The idea would basically be to have the Open Class be a blind draw, the corps in the bottom 11 in a blind draw, the top 10 in a blind draw. This would require true management of numbers and thought process instead of just popping a higher number on the given sheet. And there should not be a big deal since all the corps are judged on the same sheet through out the season as well. Then proceed in semi finals and finals in the seeding process. Just allow some corps who perform literally in front of 200 people be able to see a nice crowd to perform in front of for a bit of inspiration and hope. Just my thoughts.
  11. With 4 weeks between meetings who will use the time better ,Bucs have 4 weeks no show till the Grand Prix ,lots of time to do what ever needs to be done .Cabs completing for the next 2 weeks along with Fusion ,Cabs have week open before there show ,but Fusion just keeps completing ,very little time off between any shows all summer ,plus you still have other big names coming out ,Could this be like ,the Kentucky Derby ,the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes ????? Anyones quess so hats off and as Jeff Ream would say LOL may the best corps win LOL Enjoy folks there off and running ,
  12. SUNRISERS--- A few positions still available. Jump on board now to get into the production before our first show in Wayne, NJ on July 12th! Thanks to an anonymous donation from an alumnus of the Sunrisers, the corps is currently offering several $500 scholarships for new members. The scholarships are being offered specifically for bass drum, lead trumpet, baritone, tuba and guard positions. This is a fantastic opportunity for those who would like to participate this year! These scholarships will be awarded at the conclusion of the DCA Championships over Labor Day Weekend in Rochester, NY. Now is the time to jump in to take advantage of this opportunity. Please contact the Executive Director, Larry Visconti at suncorps@hotmail.com with your interest. The Long Island Sunrisers Drum & Bugle Corps is an all-age field-competitive Corps participating in Drum Corps Associates. Founded in 1954, the Sunrisers have a proud history of innovation and excellence, resulting in the garnering of Seven Drum Corps Associates circuit championship titles, (1977-1978, 1982-1983, 1987-1988, and 2007 Class A) an American Legion Championship (1968) and dozens of appearances at DCA finals since 1966.
  13. We are looking for board members and caption heads. We're calling it the Avengers Initiative. More info on the website: http://www.freedomdbc.com/?p=22
  14. Is Crown going to use the same uniforms from last year this season? Or are they going back to the regular white-ish ones that they'be used typically? I don't see how the uniforms from last year would look good with a show un-like e=mc2. But that's just my opinion.
  15. If you've never seen JDFunCorps on YouTube, you're missing a treat, and some lessons into the sometimes hilarious mind of a current marcher. He has been very creative in his little two-minute videos about drum corp, and in using he creativity to raise tour fees so he can march. Subscribe to his channel. It's well worth it (and maybe send him a buck or two for his tuition to Spirit this summer). In this video he takes a direct shot at the "Old Guys" on DCP who do nothing but complain about today's drum corps. Very funny, very relevant. In honor and support of his love of marching, of his creativity, and of his need for marching funds, I will, beginning today, match dollar-for-dollar every contribution from every public DCP member who donates to Spirit of Atlanta towards his 2014 tour fees, up to $250.* *This offer is valid from February 8th, 2014 through May 30, 2014 and represents my total matching contribution. Proof of contribution required for matching funds. PM me for my email address to send paid online receipt showing contribution to Spirit of Atlanta towards David's tour fees. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5m2lTw6KHA&list=UUYfEZOQxlNzUCS07ymgbmaQ&feature=c4-overview
  16. Let me apologize for the length of this post. About me: This is my first post but I am by no means to DCP as I've been following for several years in the shadows, so I know how heated things can get. I never had the opportunity to march(I got into this around my age out year) but I am an avid fan and supporter, and I very much respect the rich history of the Drum Corps movement. For what it matters, I am also a band director. It is my hope that because of these elements that I can be give a different point of view. Now that that's out of the way, let's get to the point..... Interestingly enough this idea came to me from studying the evolution of the Nation Football League. Surprisingly, if one were to compare early Drum Corps to the early NFL, you would see a lot of similarities: local, community-based amateur teams competing in local competitions. In both scenarios, a handful of successful teams decided it was in there best interest to get together and form their own organization with specific rules and guidlines. Because of this, both groups changed through the years and are not necessarily very similar to what they were when they first started, i.e transitioning from a rugby-based approach, changing point values for touchdowns and field goals for the NFL and moving away from bugles and military-style precision drill in Drum Corps, to name a few. The point is, things typically change if there is a perception that it will make the activity better. Now let me clarify a few things about my own personal opinions: 1) I am a fan of the all brass set-up. It's a wonderful, powerful sound. 2) I am not someone who preaches that things need to "evolve" just for the sake of change. Change doesn't always make for better. From studying history and seeing how progression comes forward, I do think that eventually woodwind instruments and other typical instruments associated with school bands will make their way into Drum Corps. It's a double edged sword: you lose one of the main things that makes the activity different from a typical marching band but at the same time you open up this great experience up for whole new crop of kids. What if we could have our cake and eat it too? What if DCI modified their Open Class to be a true, anything goes category (and I'm not talking SoundSport here)? The groups that feel like they want to go that direction can now do that without being penalized. Leave a World Class Brass category (forgive my lack of creativity on these) for the traditionalists. In terms of competitions,the divisions should be treated like they would at any other competition and be given their own separate scores. The key really is to not allow these two divisions to compete against each other, as you don't want to get into the issue of either orchestration setup working better and comparing the two. Looking at it from a neutral perspective, the benefits seem to outweigh the negatives in terms of letting woodwinds and other instruments into DCI and that's why I see it happening in the future.The move would open up the playing field for many talented musicians who for whatever reason can't/won't learn another instrument and will open up the market value of the DCI brand. It may give credibility and incentive for directors who for some reason don't appreciate what DCI is about to plan trips with their students to shows and purchase DVDs/Blu-rays. A World level Marching Band group would be a great way to get the season started. But most importantly, it provides an educational opportunity and disciplined outlet for more kids. Isn't that what Drum Corps was about when it started? What do you think? Would this setup fly? Do you think this would be in the best interest of DCI?
  17. Hello! I'm new here on this forum and I was just wondering... how are the auditions like for The Blue Devils and how is tour life in the corps? any advice or tips would be great!! Thank you
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