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Found 17 results

  1. What in the world is stopping FLO/DCI/Corps from securing the Sync Rights to offer a DVR Service, To offer Full audio and Video recording of past shows? Surely ASCAP and BMI don't intend to stop a free market. The prices for these fees are negotiable.. Quick math here tells me FLO is charging $150 a year per person. I venture to say they have 20k to 30K Active FLOmarching subscribers. So annually they get 3 million to 4.5 Million is Revenue from Subscribers. (just ballpark, I'd be curious to know the true number, my estimates where based on the fact that they have 105,000 Instagram
  2. It seems like having massive props is getting more and more expected/required - whose work, whose do not?
  3. Anyone on here attending finals this season? I'm taking a road trip from CT with some friends, gonna be there a couple days prior.
  4. Bringing up the Bridgemen or Velvet Knights in this forum usually drives out the Snowflakes reminding me how inappropriate and distasteful their shows were. Jump to 2017 where hanging, burning & chopping off women's heads is not distasteful by todays standards it seems and unlike VK's Sexy Cymbals is not the exploitation of women although I think the cymbals worn more treads. Look how far we have advanced as long as you're not a woman or Chris Issacs who redacted his love song from the Wicket Show's dvd/Blu-ray, go figure. Some are quick to point out having fun with the Civil War w
  5. Good bye to this forum. Indeed drum corps as I knew it died. All that is left is the show corps comprised of the music and dance majors. Gone are the local corps with local kids making music and having a good time. No auditions, just wanting to belong. Just take a look at the face book pages of the drum corp of the golden era and the 60s. There were hundreds, if not thousands of corps. From small to large. All enjoying the drum corps experience. It is all gone. Why, I am not sure. But, the sense off community is gone. Being a part of the community lost. The Golden era has died.
  6. I have posted in this forum trying to understand why drum corps as I know it has died, and I am sad to say that after hearing the responses, I must agree, it has changed into something else that I don’t like. I first want to say, that I was from a small local corps. We were sponsored by a local volunteer fire department. Most of went to the same school, and our parents were members of the local volunteer fire departments. The corps was formed in the 50’s and marched into the 80’s. Uncle Bert as he was known was the director for all those years. We were like family. We marched in local p
  7. Thanks for considering reading this wall of text. tl;dr No there are no conspiracies. There is virtually no herd mentality on the national level. Money nor reputation matters. Become a judge if you aren't already. Also--thank you if you're a fan of any of the pageantry activities. Not meant to be a dissertation, but a reflection of my many years of experience as a judge on the field and indoor. No I am not a DCI judge but I have been judging with DCI, WGI, and BOA national judges and have had many discussions with said men and women who are actively making these tough decisions.
  8. It is pathetic. The volunteer fire department that sponsored my drum corps for over 30 years just had it 95th anniversary parade and there were no bands or corps that Marcheday. So tell me that corps is alive and well. You got to wake up to the fact that traditional corps is dead. Only the Broadway version exists, amplified and elitist. You got audition and pay to belong. It is not drum corps.
  9. How many of you will be going to a 4th of July Parade? I know I won't. Who wants to sit and listen to a row of million dollar fire trucks sounding their sirens. There may be a bag pipe band, or perhaps one old timers drum corps. But, nothing else. In the 60's there were dozens of corps and bands marching in the Patchogue Parade. There was us the Medford FD Golden Grenadiers, the Selden Cadets, West Sayville Golden Eagles and others at times including the Bohemia Checkmates, Skylarks, and of course the state champion North Patchogue Fire Department Band. Almost all Volunteer Fire Departm
  10. I haven't seen a thread for parents, so I'm throwing my hat in the ring! With the cost of tuition, flights to auditions and camps, and saying goodbye to your kid for 3 months....we make a few sacrifices too!! As a proud mom from CA, I was only able to see one show, in Atlanta this year.......but it was the best day of my summer!!! I wanted to steal my son and drive away!!! Any other parents out there care to share???
  11. Over the 15 years of my DCI fandom, there has been a strong move toward explicit theme and direct storytelling. In 2014, Crown did a show about outer space. It's pretty much the consensus view that it wasn't the greatest design, but hear me out. In the beginning of the season, there was the Major Tom introduction, an overly-long but timbrally-intriguing percussion feature, the echo effects etc. One of the (many) great things about Space Oddity by Bowie (RIP) is that it trails off at the end. The listener is left to wonder what happened to the astronaut. Did some small valve on his spaceshi
  12. Since we've had electronics and amplification around for several years, let's discuss it's use in 2014 shows and how effective it was. I figure we can catagorize it in the following uses: Amplifying / Altering traditional DCI accoustic sounds (brass, battery, pic) Amplifying / Altering live voice Use of prerecorded voice Use of prerecorded sound effects Use of synthesized traditional non-DCI instruments (piano, guitar, organ) Use of other traditional synth sounds (bass, synth strings) Any other uses?
  13. Here is my Rant - Drum Corps Rocks! I loved it when I marched, taught and wrote and still do to this day. I pulled myself out of the teaching and writing thing because it was family time. I am still a HS director, I still write my own and stuff and a bunch for others and was a college band director as well. I announce at the college band exhibition in Allentown each year and just really think this activity is the best - my son marched three years in the Reading Buccaneers and now is marching in Bluecoats and it really is a great activity and teaching tool on every level - I just wanted to pu
  14. Akron Cinecast Review Let’s start off with some disclaimers. I’m a guard person, and I’m much more active in the winter than in the summer. I have no musical training, so I can’t comment much on brass or percussion. I mostly watched the color guard and overall visual effect. With that out of the way, here we go. Cavaliers: I just could not get into this show because of the cheesiness factor. My guess is this show looks and feels much different under the lights, because during the day it felt comical and forced from the guard. The guard characterization was not right for me – I know that’s w
  15. After all these years, there is finally ... FINALLY, an explanation for how the Scranton cops treated the DCA corps and fans. READ THIS Lee Rudnicki, not miserable but highly amused Scranton-Wilkes Barre native p.s. DCP needs a "genius" tag, starting with this article. I can not stop laughing.
  16. If you've never seen JDFunCorps on YouTube, you're missing a treat, and some lessons into the sometimes hilarious mind of a current marcher. He has been very creative in his little two-minute videos about drum corp, and in using he creativity to raise tour fees so he can march. Subscribe to his channel. It's well worth it (and maybe send him a buck or two for his tuition to Spirit this summer). In this video he takes a direct shot at the "Old Guys" on DCP who do nothing but complain about today's drum corps. Very funny, very relevant. In honor and support of his love of marching, of his