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I didn't get to see this show - I suspect Hawthorne blew the stands down after the DQ after prelims. Does anyone remember their performance at this non-judged show?

That Hershey show was interesting to say the least for us (Muchachos)...there was some discussion as to whether or not we would show up at all after the DCI debacle.... but when our busses pulled into the parking lot, all the stands were buzzing. Needless to say, we went all out and played our souls out... it was actually recorded by Jim Jones from the Troopers, and was just released last year by Drum Corps World on a compilation DVD. The recording is a little grainy (transferred from Super 8 tape I believe), but you can see the entire Muchachos show.

When we entered the field there were a few boos (shades of Bridgemen in 1977), but by the time the OTL was done, people were on their feet....we received a huge standing O at the end of the show. Since it was a "clap-meter" (non-judged) show, we'll never know actual scores, but officially Madison won the "clap' show (sounds dirty), Muchachos in 2nd.

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Couple of old shirts (27th Lancers & Florida Vanguard) I found over the weekend forgot I had. I think I got these around 1983.

Sorry for the poor quality shot here.


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[Madison Wyoming? Hey, that might be worth something!!

Dang might have a copy somewhere, never noticed that....

Yep Scouts 1st and Muchachos 2nd. Before the results more than a few people were wondering what if Hawthorne comes in first. :devil: Yeah clap-o-meter (forget fancy ###ed term used) and checked by a Ceritified Public Accountant (he played midvoice in Westshore). Westshoremen in a rebuilding year did a preshow exhibition (NO WAY were we going to follow DCIs best) then watched the show from the pressbox. Held the show again in 1976 and have the programs in the cellar somewhere.

LMAO almost forgot... show was dedicated to our long time QM Benny Behrens and Benny gave out the trophy to the Scouts DM. As he's handing the trophey I hear the CPA say "Oh ####, is Benny wearing his favorite cap?". We looked and "Oh #### yeah". Bennys favorite cap was bought the year before when a Jr corps performed at our home show. It was blue and had "TROOPERS" across the front.... Too bad we couldn't see Scouts DMs face when he saw the cap.

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My photo with a 35 mm, no flash 1980ish or so … believe me tracking drum corps is a lot easier than tracking winter guard :smile:


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