No more chopped arrangements - please!

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I think it all depends on how it's executed and how it affects musical development of the end product. Crown 2009 was mentioned and it's a great example of both letting the source material follow it's own development (the Puck sequence is brilliant) and one of the most successful chop and bop sequences ever (the ballad mashup of Somewhere and Somewhere over the Rainbow). The 2009 ballad (along with 2008 and 2011 as well) is brilliant in the way it leaps seamlessly between the melodies without the jarring feeling you often get from chop and bop arranging.

Typically the worst case is when a musical climax is dropped in inappropriately for effect without appropriate buildup. The buildup doesn't necessarily have to be from the same piece but without a buildup of tension there's no payoff to the climactic moment.

Dropping in quotes of other pieces for color (like the Jetsons theme by BK) is always a nice touch, and it's not really the same thing at all.

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Popular Posts there no end to the complaining about shows not being good enough?

Back from Allentown. - Troopers got 2 standing O's because they played most or all of America the Beautiful. - Why doesn't Crown play all, or at least the best part (chorus) of Major Tom? - C

So let me get this straight........95% of all corps (open and world class) perform fairly traditional music and drill, with nuance and originality of course...but largely traditional....(minimal or no

DCP seems to veer left and right from classless to so classy its almost cheesy.

I say chopping is okay, as long as you're not doing it too bad (Madison Scouts, looking at you).

I've always been a fan of overture style pieces, with a Powerful Intro, beautiful ballad, and an electric closer. Especially if you use songs well.

Crown 2013 did that well for the opener, Also Sprach Zarathustra really does fit perfectly with Philip Glass' Einstein on the Beach opening.

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This is why I could not stand Bluecoats' show last year. So many moments that felt like they were going somewhere that just went in more choppy music.

That's what makes their show so so great this year though. Uffe's Woodshop and Platinum Rows are already choppy bipolar pieces to begin with so it fits perfectly.

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