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What is your single favorite show from each year of the last ten years of DCI?

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Mine are (sorry for the BD bias):


2017- TBD (but I have a really good feeling)

2016- Blue Devils, show aged like fine wine.  I pick up on every new time I watch it.

2015- Blue Devils, Ink is one of the most emotional shows ever.  I get all sorts of warm and fuzzy moments all through the show.  The silence in the ballad, the intensity in the opener build.  It really was a great show.

2014- Do you even need to Felliniask?

2013- Santa Clara Vanguard, I loved seeing Vanguard come back to a "Broadway" style show.  It brought out the beauty and the darkness of Les Mis.  Some of the best storytelling in DCI.

2012- Crossmen, lots of great stuff in 2012 but I just keep coming back to it.  That opener is incredible, but alot of people forget about the closer.  Some great drill moments there.

2011- The obligatory Cadets.  Everyone was super competitive that year, but Cadets show is a GE monster that I just keep coming back to.  Such a physical show, not to mention that brassline was phenomenal.

2010- Blue Devils, Through a Glass Darkly was one of the most misunderstood shows of the decade IMO.  Looking back on the past with the mirrors was such a great design feature.  The guard was perfect that year, and that opener had the most magical chords.  

2009- Blue Devils, more of a fan favorite show and I loved every second of it.  Gershwin is one of my favorite composers and the show is riddled with his tunes.  

2008- Crown, Finis is one of those "no...we're here to stay" kind of shows.  It's a Bloo 2015.  Or a Blue Knights 2005.  Triple Crown showed they were competitive, 2008 showed they were consistent.  The opener was gorgeous and the show overall was straight up beautiful.  Everything was executed beautifully.

2007- Cadets, one of the most underrated shows in history.  I honestly think it could have won with just a little more cleaning.  It was everything I wanted and more.

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1 minute ago, DrumManTx said:

2016 (THIS WAS HARD) - The Academy

2015 - Bluecoats

2014 - Bluecoats

2013 - Carolina Crown

2012 - Blue Devils

2011 - The Academy 

2010 - Bluecoats/Blue Stars (can't pick)

2009 - Boston Crusaders

2008 - Blue Stars 

2007 - Phantom Regiment 

Ooh..BAC 2009.  I forgot!  I shouldve added it.  BAC 2013 wouldve been good add too, that closer was spot on.

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2016- Bluecoats, by a sliver. It was full of energy and kept my attention throughout.

2015- BD. That was a magical show, one that I thought was filled with emotion.

2014- BD. Nothing excites me more than a group doing challenging things really well. They set a new bar.

2013- Bluecoats. It was so different. I'll never be able to say what I loved so much about it, but it was so fresh.

2012- BD, because it was interesting. This was probably my least favorite year.

2011- PR. The closer was unforgettable.

2010- PR. The entire production was gorgeous. The only thing better than the beginning was the end. Probably the most goosebumps I've gotten in one show and the most beautiful thing I've seen on a football field IMO.

2009- SCV. SCV has had some great stuff recently, but this one still stands as my favorite for them.

2008- Crown. Fantastic music, incredibly entertaining. I miss this Crown.

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2016: Bluecoats - Downside Up

2015: Bluecoats - Kinetic Noise

2014: Bluecoats - Tilt

2013: Santa Clara Vanguard - Les Miserables

2012: Blue Knights - Avian

2011: Blue Stars -ReBourne

2010: Phantom Regiment - Into the Light

2009: Santa Clara Vanguard - Ballet for Martha

2008: Phantom Regiment - Spartacus

2007: Phantom Regiment - On Air

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2016 - Crown, loved everything about this show, the brass and guard were off the charts. Sorry but I'm one of those that are not fond of synthesizer, so no bluecoats for me.

2015 - The Cadets just had a very simple yet enjoyable show, I come back to this one every time. VERY hard to pick between Crown and Cadets, but Cadets brass puts this over the top

2014 - Blue Knights, nothing to say but what an incredible show.

2013 - Crown. 

2012 - SCV, this show was just so appealing with music and visuals, loved it very much.

2011 - Cadets. This is probably my favorite post 2000 show. Everything fit together perfectly. One of the most impactful endings too.

2010 - Cavaliers. Another iconic show, the energy was amazing.

2009 - BD, this show was so entertaining and well designed. Loved the use of the chairs.

2008 - so hard to choose between Crown and Cavies. Crown brass puts it over the edge.

2007 - PR. Firebird is just one of those pieces that never gets old, and PR killed it that year.

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2016 - Santa Clara Vanguard (easily the most beautiful show on the field last year)

2015 - Blue Devils (this show became purely magical during championship week and they peaked at just the right time. I couldn't be any happier that they were able to push and get the gold)

2014 - Blue Devils (I really wanted to pick Cavies but the combination of the opening trumpet feature, the ballad, electric closer, and amazing ensemble blend wins me over)

2013 - Cadets (musically one of the most beautiful things out on a football field. They won music that year for a reason folks)

2012 - Cadets (yes, the Christmas show. This show just flowed so dang well and I felt like every movement built up perfectly. The closer was electric and so, so clever)

2011 - Phantom Regiment (One of the best opener and closer combos in DCI. Does any corps end a show better than PR? This whole show is class)

2010 - Phantom Regiment (I'm going to be saying this a lot about JD Shaw's creations but one of the most beautiful shows to be put on the football field)

2009 - Blue Devils (ENSEMBLE. SOUND. Such an amazing blend, this was classy jazz through and through.)

2008 - Blue Devils (This show should've won, blasphemy, I know. I enjoyed this show not just musically but visually as well. So many cool things going on. Also while their percussion ended up being their downfall, they had so many cool features throughout the show that sound so cool to my very untrained ears)

2007 - Phantom Regiment (if this isn't your favorite of 2007, idk what's wrong you. Jk. Maybe. The closer for this is so awesome that even Albert Lo couldn't help but just smile on the closing chord)

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1 hour ago, DrumManTx said:

2016 and 2014 were pretty tough for me.  I REALLY loved last year and 2014.  

I loved 2016 as a whole, but didn't have any show that complete just blew me away. Lots of really good shows, but not really any that I thought were nearly flawless.

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