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4 minutes ago, BRASSO said:


 2011.....  "RE" 

 2009  " Ascent "

  2014 " Vanity Fair "

  2006 " Danzon "

  2017  " By a Hare "

     ...... Honorable Mention ( but will probably be selected as most favorite in this thread).... 2016 " Drum Corpse Bride " 





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I have gone back and reviewed a bunch of Academy shows and my choice hands down is...

2016 Drum Corpse Bride. I have to admit when I read the show announcement and read about it in the early season I gave it a big eye roll. A quirky zombie show with a piece I have heard just about every middle school band play.

But what I saw at prelims in the theater was sheer beauty and a well designed show. I couldn't help but root for it over Madison and Boston.

That being said just about every Academy show that I have seen has been enjoyable... particularly their more recent shows. 

I think they have found their own little Niche with show themes that are recognizable, entertaining, and easy for the audience and MMs to attach themselves to.  I am really looking forward to what they come up with for 2018!

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2006 was awesome

2016 was awesome

2007 was awesome


In that order

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Favorites -

Drum Corpse Bride (2016) - this show had a little bit of everything, and did a spectacular job of commanding the field from the moment they started.  My personal highlight was the xylophone solo.


Not so Favorites -

None.  Honestly, Academy just doesn't show up on my radar every year.  Their shows are nice, non-threatening and don't make a lot of waves.  I'd like to see them "grow up" programmatically a bit, but they're fine either way.



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1. 2014: “Vanity Fair”

2. 2016: “Drum Corpse Bride”

3. 2012: “Left of Spring”

4. 2011: “(RE)”

5. 2010: “Strangers in Paradise”

Least Favorites:

The Academy hasn’t really done a show I didn’t like. But if I had to pick one that didn’t “wow” me, I guess I’d have to go with 2008’s “Vienna Nights.”

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Drum Corpse Bride gets it!


Tomorrow I will be back with the other corps with 1 finals appearance.

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