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  1. ouooga

    DCI By the Decade - The 2000s

    Wow, even with the year out of finals, I'm surprised Coats had the higher average finish than Crown. This is cool stuff.
  2. ouooga

    Best Reprise Closer?

    Blue Devils 2003 takes the cake for me.
  3. First off, I wholeheartedly agree with everyone above that says drum corps will never go mainstream. It won't, it's niche and that's its nature. If/when a marching arts program ever did become mainstream, it won't look like anything that is drum corps, or anything we've seen in general. That said... Consider Marvel Comics' evolution. Comic books are extremely niche, and looking just at the 80s and 90s, the audience that read them/had the knowledge about the characters/stories/etc. were considered extremely deep in the niche as well. Sound familiar to anyone? Late 90s, early 00s, and basically 08 to present, Marvel has completely reinvented/refined how they deliver their stories (this is broad, I realize I'm ignoring a lot of other things that happened with the niche in the same time period). For the first time ever, Iron Man, Captain America, the X-Men, etc. are mainstream. More than mainstream, they're pop culture. Everyone across the board is free to wear a Wolverine shirt walking down the street and not be considered niche - that would have been unheard of in the 90s, when a person wearing a Wolverine shirt would be given a stereotype automatically. But the die-hard niche fans aren't as on board with the current Marvel. The original fans, the ones who consider themselves 'in the know' on the real Marvel Comics, complain across the board about how they changed the stories, or the costumes (again, sound familiar?), or character backstories, etc. I'm going somewhere with this, I swear. The thing the die-hard's ignore with their argument is that the changes to story/costume/character/etc. are to make the product more accessible. The original Infinity Gauntlet story, told 1:1 on the big screen, would never ever translate. Thanos drives a friggin' helicopter that says Thanos on the side of it (dubbed Thanoscopter in some circles. No, I'm not joking.) and does everything he does to make Death (like the actual hood and cloak Death) more attracted to him. So instead, the elements are there, but the presentation is done in a way that more people will enjoy. And now...drum roll...my point! That strategy has kept them profitable! Marvel Comics was at or near bankruptcy (I think, can someone fact check that?) at one point, and has since become one of the most profitable companies on the globe. For niche, if you change the medium, tweak the model, keep the important elements and put it all in a box that everyone can get behind, there's a good chance you'll get a few more people to spend money on your entertainment genre.
  4. ouooga

    Pioneer Suspended by DCI

    If any corps read this, to any corps that is planning to put out any kind of public statement, crisis communication especially, I'd like to formally offer my writing and editing services at no charge. I'm completely serious about this, and am happy to provide credentials.
  5. ouooga

    Pioneer Suspended by DCI

    Does anyone think Roman would sell the name/assets/etc? Does anyone want to go halves on a slightly-used but nearly-good-as-new drum corps from Milwaukee?
  6. ouooga

    Pioneer Suspended by DCI

    I still can't get over that statement. The whole thing is bad, but that entire 3rd graph especially ruins it. I'm convinced no one who has ever done PR for a living - nay, even PR as a hobby - ever set eyes on these words before they were sent out. It's not a Rah Rah Cheer, it's an Apology Statement to the media/interested parties.
  7. I've decided to add on to my dream (probably Madison) show. Previously, it was Malaguena (Malaga opener, Malaguena closer). I'm not upgrading it to be Malaguena Salerosa: - Malaga - Malaguena - Malaguena Salerosa
  8. ouooga

    Pioneer Suspended by DCI

    In general, this is the biggest hurdle that the activity faces.
  9. 2015 SCV's Pure Imagination should be on that list.
  10. ouooga

    Pioneer What Next?

    I somehow had no clue that Troop didn't march in 06. They came back in 07, and made Finals in 09. Seems like a year off might be the best thing some of these struggling corps can do.
  11. ouooga

    Pioneer What Next?

    I believe it just guarantees the spot, meaning they're committed to the money and the corps is committed to not giving the spot to someone else. Don't quote me on that, that's just my interpretation.
  12. ouooga

    Medal Count

    Aside from the tie in Bronze, Blue Devils have the most of every medal type, and they're also the only corps with double digit silvers. Wow.
  13. ouooga

    Pioneer What Next?

    Man, this is seriously the way it needs to be done. I know there's so many voices against this, but let me ask this: If you were going to design a program like drum corps today, and design it to be as sustainable as possible, would you really base it on the design of a bunch of musicians from several decades ago?
  14. ouooga

    Pioneer What Next?

    Obviously I don't know everything about every corps, but that just doesn't seem true at all levels. There's definitely some corps that 'get it' and they do it really, really well. What absolutely baffles me is how other corps just ignore what their peers are doing. I said before on here, Blue Devils seem like the smartest run drum corps, and the members seem to resonate with what they're doing extremely well. I cannot fathom how there are corps like Pioneer who can look at the activity and how the Blue Devils run their organization, and then simply think "meh, my way's better." (Purely just one example)
  15. ouooga

    Pioneer What Next?

    Purely curious, what does everyone want/expect DCI to do? I'm constantly advocating that DCI needs to take a larger role in the business of drum corps, from negotiating collective buying opportunities at big box retailers or specific gas stations in exchange for discounts, to coordinating a more regulated tour that involves all corps being near each other all season, to ongoing marketing and public relations efforts throughout the summer that utilize the corps for promotional reasons. At all phases of this, I'm told routinely that the corps are separate entities from DCI, and want to remain separate in all of these aspects. If the corps are so separate from DCI, what is the expectation from DCI in this situation? From everything I've gathered, the corps are so separate from DCI that there really isn't much DCI can do, other than maybe revoking status or barring from competition, which doesn't actually help anyone.