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  1. She was getting so many requests. she needed to slow things down to keep up.
  2. I don't...she's said both in emails to me and in her instagram that she's watched some of the shows multiple times since her initial posting.
  3. It was....she raised it because she was getting a LOT of paid requests and wanted to slow things down a little.
  4. Now she reacts to a Crown brass warmup...and on her Instagram she says she's re-watched it over 30 times!
  5. Ah yes....I saw that one. Thanks! Hopefully there'll BE a season for her to see!
  6. And now....unfortunately, she got hit with a copyright...she put the vid on a Google drive (link in the description)
  7. All I saw was a greyed out minus sign...no working link. What was it?
  8. Oh lord....those are always gold. Has he gotten to the elephant story yet?
  9. BD's worst meal in 84 was beef stroganoff. Not many of us ate it...so after the Pt. Huron rainout show, when we were stuck at the Canadian border with Garfield, Freelancers, and 27th, we gave it to Garfield....and we sat on our busses in slack-jawed amazement watching them pound it down like there was no tomorrow. Even today, alums of 84 Cadets tell me that was their BEST meal all year!
  10. It's San Antonio....suggester probably couldn't find finals, which has much better audio.
  11. Heh....a friend of mine was head armorer for those games.
  12. She's good...she knows that 1) I'm not chasing Courtney's skirt and 2) what other woman would ever want to hook up with me?? 🙂