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DCA Championship Idea-old discussion rehashed

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2 hours ago, Jeff Ream said:

at first there were some size abuses...like the year Shore showed up with what 50 something members...and then of course crunchy frog. It seems when Star showed up, the competition part got really heated

Starting in 2005, the folks who ran the I&E event... who, that year, happened to be Dick Pronti and my wife Barbara...LOL... really started reigning in the over-the-size-and- time-limit "exhibitions."  For several reasons, one which was the fact that the schedule was getting tighter and tighter with a bunch of entries in several of the categories. 


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2 hours ago, Terri Schehr said:

So that’s what they’re calling that now...:laughing:

I don’t know about the no holds bit. Saw plenty of adult beverages being held. 

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I agree with No 1 and No 2 of the thread. Shorten Class A shows to 10 minutes; 8 minutes minimum, and move DCA Championships up a week at least. Schools are now starting football games a week before labor day, with band camps taking place during DCI Finals. For some directors that's ok, but in other spaces it's a challenge because you may get locked out of certain schools. 

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I have a couple observations:


1.  Shorten the time limit may be helpful, may not.  But giving it or anything else designed to help would be a good start

2. Moving the championships up a week may keep some folks that march DCI and then go help out a DCA corps, from that experience.  It "could" reduce corps size, not increase it

3.  And admittedly this is a "perfect world" idea, but more corps could help the growth and may not actually increase costs.  How?  If you have more corps in your region, more show opportunities to compete/show with less travel, and then go on to championships if you can afford too.  Would make the "regional championship" something meaningful like it was in the past for DCI.

One thing I know wont work - sitting around and doing or saying nothing.  That's why I wont rag on someone's ideas.  I may think they are crazy, but you never know when something good comes from a discussion, including those with crazy ideas!

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