Has anyone seen this awful Jardiance commercial?

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2 minutes ago, Tim K said:

My taste in movies can sometimes  be depressing, so every now and then I enjoy forgettable and bad movies. In 1994 I found the movie “I’ll Do Anything” hysterical, even though the critics and audiences hated it. The previous movies I had seen were “Schindler’s List,” “In the Name of the Father,” and “Philadelphia,” not exactly laugh riots. So bad, stupid movies have their place. I also haven’t watched it again.

Same. Though if you want stupid, I would highly recommend the movie "Rubber" who's basic premise is that the soul of a serial killer transfers to a tire. The now sentient tire rolls around and kills people. Much of the film is from the tires point of view. Dumb like that is sometimes like lightning in a bottle 😆

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I don’t even know what the drug is supposed to do but the way they show marching band is pathetic. The director is on the field “directing” and doesn’t direct in time. She has some goofy expression on

Shouldn’t this go in the Band Gets No Respect thread? 😉

If you read the fine print of the medication, one of the side effects is uncontrollable goofy expressions.

For those so interested: Here's who gave us the ad.

Emily Baier Geary, Public Relations
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Email: emily.geary@boehringer-ingelheim.com  
Phone: (203) 791-5997

Tammy Hull
Communications Manager
Lilly Diabetes
Email: hullta@lilly.com 
Phone: (317) 651-9116

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