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Cheers To Corps of the Past!

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Is it DCI or is it the top 12 plus corps who brought the changes and voted for these changes decade after decade.  It's not the DCI executive director but the corps reps who bring forth the changes and then the directors who make up the board who vote.

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Star of Indiana Drum and Bugle Corps (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Location:  Bloomington, Indiana 

Division:  Division I 

Founded:  1984 

Disbanded:  1993; 27 years ago
(Left competition) 

Championship titles:  1991 

The Star of Indiana Drum and Bugle Corps (also known simply as, "Star") is a defunct competitive junior drum and bugle corps. Based in Bloomington, Indiana, the corps was the 1991 Drum Corps International (DCI) Open Class (now World Class) World Champion. 

The DCI Years

The Star of Indiana Drum and Bugle Corps was founded in 1984 in Bloomington, Indiana. Its startup was funded with a grant of $1,000,000 from Bill Cook and his medical device manufacturing company, the Cook Group. Marching a then-maximum one hundred twenty-eight members under the directorship of Jim Mason, at the 1985 DCI World Championships in Madison, Wisconsin, Star of Indiana became only the second corps to earn a spot among DCI's Top Twelve Finalists in its first season of competition; the first corps to do so was the 1972 Bleu Raeders. Star of Indiana marched in DCI competition for only nine seasons, but finished in DCI Finals every year, twice finishing third, second once, and winning the 1991 DCI Open Class World Championship. In addition to its DCI title, Star also won the Drum Corps Midwest Division I Championship, 1991–93; the U.S.Open in 1988 & '89; the DCI Preview of Champions title, 1991–93; and ten DCI Regional Championships, 1988-93. 

Brass Theater

As early as 1992, Star's staff knew that they wanted the corps to do more than perform a ten-minute drum corps competition program. After the 1993 season, Star of Indiana departed the competition field and developed a new way of presenting drum corps. "Brass Theater" was designed to apply the powerful brass and percussion and the exacting choreography of drum corps to pop, Broadway, movie, and classical music to create an all new type of stage entertainment. Touring with the Canadian Brass, the world's most popular brass quintet, "Brass Theater" was a hit with fans and critics alike on a ten city tour in 1994. Star and the Canadian Brass toured again in 1995 and '96 as "Brass Theater II" and "... III" to even greater acclaim. The two groups also recorded three CD's of the "Brass Theater" programs. Then, in 1997 and '98, Star settled down to perform "Brass Theater" in a theater in Branson, Missouri. 


In 1999, Star premiered the stage show, Blast! at the Hammersmith Theatre in London, England. After an unimpressive start, its audience steadily grew, until it became a top ten hit on the London stage. After a year in London, "Blast! returned to the U.S. in 2000, debuting on the Broadway stage to rave reviews. The show won the 2001 Tony Award for Best Special Theatrical Event, and, when it was videotaped for PBS, it won the 2001 Emmy Award for Best Choreography. After its Broadway run, Star took Blast! on the road, with companies touring the country each year to large and enthusiastic audiences. Casts were also developed to perform long-term engagements at Disneyland in Anaheim, California and at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Blast! continued to tour through 2012.

Alumni Corps

In August 2010, Star of Indiana returned to the DCI World Championships. The alumni had previously gathered to perform, but on August 11, the Star of Indiana Alumni Corps performed after the last competing corps in DCI's semifinals at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.[4] 

One group of Star of Indiana alumni formed Star United, a mini-corps that competes at the Drum Corps Associates (DCA) senior drum and bugle corps championships. Star United won the DCA mini-corps championship 2006-2012 and 2014–18,[5] and scored a perfect 100.00 in the 2011 Finals. Star United also performed as a SoundSport team at the 2014 & 2017 DCI World Championships in Indianapolis. 

After the 2010 alumni corps experience another group of Star alumni, consisting of past members of the Star of Indiana drumlines, decided to compete in the Drum Corps Associates ensemble competition by entering a 12 man drumline in 2011. They finished first place in their initial year. They continued to compete in the ensemble competition, fielding a 9 man drumline in 2012.[6] 

Here is link to 1991:
Star of Indiana 1991 High Cam

Here is link to 1993:
Star of Indiana 1993 1080p60 Upscale



Star evolved to this wonderful show "BLAST" Link:
Star of Indiana, 'Blast', 2000



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6 minutes ago, Rich Cline said:


Star evolved to this wonderful show "BLAST" Link:
Star of Indiana, 'Blast', 2000



Here is the featurette that is the Bonus on the DVD


Music in Motion - The Making of Blast!  

Excellent featurette of this live taped musical based on the people that made it.

All rights and credits go out to PBS and its respective owners.

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