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  1. "Argonne Rebels" Truman did indeed write some of their charts as did Brian Pennington. Sandie Opie was the horn instructor, and she was one of THE best in the business. Elphaba
  2. "Drum Corps Drill": Almost anything prior to the "Staging & Dance" era qualifies. 27th Lancers had some great drill by Zengali as did Star of Indiana. Santa Clara's drills by Trooper alum Pete Emmons were always great (And trend setters) as were those of Jim Jones written for the Troopers. Elphaba
  3. elphaba01

    Looking Back to 1976

    Spirit of 76": While I don't dispute the Blue Devils win, I do give tons of credit to the fab comeback of the Madison Scouts. There are not too many corps that can dump thier show mid season, go into camp, come out with a new production and fight their way back into contention clawing their way into a second place finish in the championship night show. Their "Off the Line" production of that show is on YouTube. I get goosebumps every time I watch it. Elphaba
  4. "Great Years": Great indeed, I believe it was THE "Greatest" due to what was almost "Parity" between the league leading junior corps. Of the almost dozen plus contenders almost all of them had beaten the rest of the pack at least one time over the course of the season and at seasons end the championship titles were spraed around pretty well. 27th Lancers had the Shriners, Dream and World Open, Blue Rock won CYO and US Open, Anahime Kingsmen the "Mid America", Argonne rebels the American Legion Nationals, and Santa Clara the VFW Nationals. Elphaba
  5. elphaba01

    Phantom 1989

    "Power Plus": G BUGLES BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️ No amps required (Or needed)!!!!!!!! 😖 Elphaba
  6. elphaba01

    Mother of All Alumni Corps!

    "One More Alumni": Blessed Sacrament Golden Knights. Been around for a good long while, 😎 Elphaba
  7. elphaba01

    YEA suspends operations of Cadets 2

    "Longevity": Caballeros in Finals EVERY YEAR since 1966!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️ Elphaba
  8. "No Rings": 27th Lancers 1975. (Fab "Comeback season", just no room left at the top) Muchachos 1974 (Actually a better corps than 1975 Placement in Prelims may have hurt them). Troopers 1974. (Faded at Nationals after beating the pack early on). Troopers 1973 (Only corps to beat Santa Clara that year) Elphaba
  9. "Feeling Olde": Remember the first year Ralph Silverbrand fronted Hawthorne: 1957. 😀 Remember being taught by Mr Joe Genero (1962/64) and Mr Hy Drietzer (1965-66) on horns. 😎 I am definitly "Olde". 😪 Elphaba
  10. "Garfield Alumni Corps": I believe there already IS an "Holy Name Cadets" Alumni drum corps. Are they going to be a part of this undertaking? Elphaba
  11. "Macy's Part Deux": The 1950's had a slug of corps marching for Macy's also. They included Blessed Sacrament Golden Knights, St Vincents Cadets, Holy Name/Garfield Cadets, Audubon Bon Bons, New York Skyliners, Hawthorne Caballeros, and Reilly Raiders. Elphaba
  12. "Macy's Parade": Racine Scouts, NY Knickerbockers, Hawthorne Muchachos, an St Kevins Emerald Knights all have been in th Macy line of march. Elphaba
  13. elphaba01

    Wes Hobby Passes

    RIP Wes Hobby": Fran has pretty well said it all. Wes Hobby set the bar for all the drum corps announcers that came after him We are very much diminished by his passing. RIP Elphaba 😢
  14. "Yankee Rebels 1969": The old Baltimore Yankee Rebels senior corps did a Civil War show, (The first of it's kind BTW), way back in 1969. They called it "Requiem for an Era" and it was written by none other than Truman W. Crawford, a serving officer (And Commander) of the USMC drum and bugle corps. The show was greeted with standing ovations, and a benchmark production for it's time. Garfield Cadets did an "America the Brave" type of show in 1971 & 1972, and Casper Troopers did a "Custer's Last Stand" feature in 1971. The Madison Scouts did a "Pirates of Lake Mendota" a few years back, complete with sword fights and a pirate captin being done in by his first mate. All of those shows were tremendous crowd faves. Elphaba
  15. elphaba01

    Corps That Made Top 12 Once?

    "One and Done" Royal Crusaders & Dutch Boy Elphaba