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  1. "Patches" Watson": Robert "Patches" Watson was a baritone player in St Vincents Cadets in the mid 1950's. He joined the Navy after Vinnies and did his boot camp at Great Lakes. He then joined the Drum and Bugle Corps at the Base after pointing out in an issue of Drum Corps World that he had placed third in the VFW National indie contest held the preceeding year. His first rating in the Navy was "Bugler/Field Music". He wrote a book about his career and experiences in the Navy, titled "Point Man". In the book he wrote about his time in the St Vincents Cadets, and his involemt in the US Navy "Seals", of which he is a "Plank Owner" (Founding Member). After retirement from the Navy he became curator of the US Navy's "Seals Museum". Elphaba
  2. Spencer Webb: No idea as to what became of him. I saw his name in the St Vincents History, and they had no idea either. Elphaba
  3. St Vincents Cadets: Many time VFW and American Legion State and National Champs, last title in 1956 at Boston . Instructor team of Jim Donnelly, Vinny Cerbone and Mickey Petrone led the corps throughout the 1950's. They pretty well set the bar for competition in the early 1950's, and remained competitive until the corps was disbanded at the end of the 1961 season. Many of their members and instructors migrated to the Newark Woodsiders Frank Dorritte put out a lot of info on the "Big Green band" elsewhere on DCP. I only saw the corps on two occasions in the early 1960's and do remember their great soprano soloist Spencer Webb. Elphaba
  4. Happy Birthday: INDEED!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Mr Martin and best wishes for many MANY more!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elphaba
  5. "Getting Carded:" Both Joe Genero and Hy Drietzer told us all about this guy (And his wife). As for "Rotors" of any kind all we had in either corps were Getzen valve SLIDE GD bugles.. 🎺 The charts that Joe and Hy wrote for us didn' NEED any "Rotors"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elphaba
  6. 1970's: Madison Scouts, 27th Lancers and Bridgemen. 1980's: Santa Clara Vanguard Elphaba
  7. "In the Begining:" My Dad took me to tht old Barnum Festivals "Parade Of Champions" senior show way back in 57 or 58. Vaugely remember Hawthorne, Princemen, Geneva Appleknockers and Conn Yankees. A year later the Bridgeport PAL Cadets held their junior show wit St Vincents Cadets and some other leaders of the day. Our parish had started a parade corps and I was hooked. Elphaba
  8. Mixed Corps: Back in "My Day" there were several "Mixed Gender" junior corps, with female performers not only in the "Traditional" color gurd, but playing horns and drums as well. My two junior corps St Ann's and the Conn Royal Lanccers had females in the horn and rum setions. The Casper Troopers were a "Mixed Gender" horn and drum sections from the start as were the St Mathias Cadets and Argonne Rebels I'm sure there were many more. Raise a glass to their memory. Elphaba
  9. "Chi Angels" I stand corrected!!!!!!!!! Great detective work. Elphaba
  10. "LaFamilia": Godfather God Child Hawthorne Caballeros: Caimbridge Caballeros. Uniform and music style. Their drill instructor was a Caballero. Casper Troopers Stockton Commodores. Marching style, Jim Jones worked with them early 1970's Blessed Sacrament St Andrews Bridgemen (Prior to Bananas) NY Skyliners Lady of Loretto Knights. Uniorms an music style (Sky Alum Joe Genero music writer) NY Skyliners Skokie Vanguard. Charts by Hy Drietzer. Anahiem Scouts Amahiem Kingsmen and Velvet Knights both were born there. Bridgemen Hutchinson Sky Ryders. Uniforms and their music written by Larry Kerchner. Elphaba
  11. "Chicago Spartans": Merger corps McHenry Viscounts and Morton Grove Cougars, lasted the 1964 season. Their horn instrctor was the man that that taught Chicago Royal Airs prior to Truman Crawford. Thanks for the kind words. Always glad to help out the board. Elphaba
  12. Skokie Vanguard: There was a "merged corps" called the Chicago Spartans that were active in 1964 and went bust at the end of that season. I believe that the two former corps that created them were the Viscounts and Morton Grove Cougars. Also another Chicago area corps the "Custers Brigade" went under after 1964. Members from all these corps found their way into the Vanguard and boosted them to national contender in 1965. Elphaba
  13. Maryland My Maryland: Dundalk Cadets St James Cadets St Mary's Lancers Little Flower Cadets Yankee Rebels Elphaba
  14. "Taps": USAF Bolling AFB Drum & Bugle Corps USAF Bolling AFB Pipe Band USAFA (Enlisted) Drum & Bugle Corps Lowry AFB (Tech Training Center) Drum & Bugle Corps Chanute AFB (Tech Training Center) Drum & Bugle Corps Elphaba
  15. No Longer With Us: Mariners Commodores Young Admirals Peabody Clippers Jolly Whalers Elphaba
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