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Cheers To Corps of the Past!

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Argonne Rebels

Valiant Knights

Rose City Guardsmen


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No Longer With Us:



Young Admirals

Peabody Clippers

Jolly Whalers


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Seneca Princemen

Black Shields of Sparta

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LaSalle Cadets



Northern Aurora

Queen City Cadets

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USAF Bolling AFB Drum  & Bugle Corps

USAF Bolling AFB Pipe Band

USAFA (Enlisted) Drum & Bugle Corps

Lowry AFB (Tech Training Center) Drum & Bugle Corps

Chanute AFB (Tech Training Center) Drum & Bugle Corps


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From PA:

Bracken Cavaliers

Ridley Park Rangers




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84th Bucktail Regiment

Belleville Black Knights

Geneseo Knights

Salinas Silver Sabres



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Maryland My Maryland:

Dundalk Cadets

St James Cadets

St Mary's Lancers

Little Flower Cadets

Yankee Rebels


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Jr Drum and Bugle Corps, where are they today?
Found this link 3/16/20 dating back to a post date of 3/6/06 post by trumpeto...@yahoo.com  6/23/06

I know that many of us complain about the attrition of Jr. Drum and Bugle Corps, and how many jr drum and bugle corps have either folded or gone inactive under the leadership of DCI.
I know that many have heard the allegations that in the 1970's there were almost 500 jr drum and bugle corps, and now after so many years of DCI control we have less than 30 or so jr corps depending upon how you wish to count them.

Does it bother us that the Troopers aren't marching this year , that
the Freelancers, Skyriders, Suncoast, North Star, Bridgemen(Jr)and a
whole long list of other top jr corps no longer exist.

well it bothers ole Howdy here.

So, are these allegaions of alleged 500 + jr corps true, or were the good ole days just not as good as we remember them?

The truth is that the good ole days of drum and BUGLE corps were good, and we did have a lot of competing jr drum and bugle corps and here is the proof from www.corpsreps.com

Here is a list of jr drumcorps, almost all of them inactive or folded:

>From corpsreps.com:

"12th Command from Taylor, MI
1st Canadian Regiment from Edmonton, ALB
20th Maine Regiment from Oakland, ME
21st Lancers from Norwood, MA
27th Lancers from Revere, Massachussetts
2nd Decade from Montmagny, QUE
2nd Signals from Toronto, ONT
32nd Hussar from Madison, WI
3rd Regiment from Saint-Eustache, Quebec
3rd Regiment of Portland from Portland, OR
4th Brigade from St. Jerome, Quebec
507 Hornets from Norwood, PA
5th Col. RCASC from Ontario
5th Maine Regiment from Portland, Maine
76ers from Syracuse, NY
7th Regiment from New London, CT
84th Bucktail Regiment from Emporium, PA
Academie Musicale from Sherbrooke, Quebec
Ajax Sea Cadet Bugle Band from Guelph, Ontario
AL Nittany Post #245 from State College, PA
Alamo Rangers from Chicago, IL
Albacores from San Diego, CA
Alberta Girls from Edmonton, ALB
Allegiance Elite from Calgary, Alberta
Alliance Musicale from Charlesbourg, QUE
Alouette from Quebec City, QUE
Alpine Girls from Irondequoit, NY
Ambassadears from Racine, WI
Ambassadors (ONT) from Aurora, ONT
Ambassadors (PA) from Montrose, PA
Ambassadors (WI) from Hurley, WI
American Patrol from Genessee, NY
American Woodman Cadets from St. Louis, MO
Americanos from Menasha, WI
Amvet Brigadiers from Randolph, MA
Anaheim Kingsmen from Anaheim, California
Anaheim Scouts from Anaheim, CA
Andrew Johnson Presidents from Greeneville, TN
Andrews Sabres from Portland, ME
Angels from Belafonte, ONT
Angels of Ohio from Bellefontaine, Ohio
Annunciators from Cambridge/Somerville, MA
Apollo from Nashua, NH
Apollo from Vancouver, WA
Appalachian Sound from Kingsport, TN
Appleknockers from Geneva, NY
Arbella from Salem, MA
ARC-EN-CIEL from Pointe-du-Lac, Quebec
Argon Cadets from Pennsylvania
Argonauts from Salem, OR
Argonne Rebels from Great Bend, Kansas
Aristocrats from La Sarre, Quebec
Arizona Musketeers from Phoenix, AZ
Arizona Sun from Tempe, AZ
Arnprior Lions from Arnprior, ONT
Asbury Park Hurricanes from Asbury Park, NJ
Ascension Boys from Minnesota
Assumption Lariets from East Boston, MA
Atlantic Force from Danvers, MA
Atlantic Guardian from Portland, ME
Auburn Noteables from Auburn, MA
Audubon Bon Bons from Audubon, NJ
Austin Grenadiers from Chicago, IL
Austin Lancers from Austin, MN
Avant Garde from Saratoga Springs, NY
Baladins from St. Jean, QUE
Ballantine from Newark, NJ
Baltimore Police Post Sons Of Veterans VFW from Baltimore, MD
Bandettes from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Bangor Falcons from Bangor, WI
Barons from Chicopee, MA
Barons of Steuben from Corning, NY
Barringer-Walker Cadets from Newark, NJ
Bath Cadets from Bath, Maine
Bayonne PAL from Bayonne, NJ
BC Ambassadors from Richmond, British Columbia
Bedford Militiamen from Bedford, MA
Bellaires from Bellmawr, NJ
Belles of St. John from Branford, ONT
Belles of St. Mary's from Rhinelander, WI
Belles of St. Mary's (NJ) from Gloucester City, NJ
Bellettes All Girl from Bellville, IL
Belleville Bellettes from Belleville, IL
Belleville Crusaders from Belleville, IL
Belltones from Brantford, Ontario
Belvederes from Schuylkill Haven, PA
Bengal Lancers from Trumbull, CT
Berea Scouts from Brooklyn, NY
Bethesda Emerald Knights from Saratoga Springs, NY
Beverly Cardinals from Beverly, MA
Beverly Crusaders from Beverly, MA
Big Sky Reveliers from Billings, Montana
Big Tree Emeralds from Blasdell, NY
Bishop's Rock from Hopatcong, New Jersey
Black Barons from Malden, MA
Black Diamond Regiment from Schuylkill Haven, PA
Black Diamonds from Pensacola, FL
Black Gold from Tulsa, Oklahoma
Black Hawks from East Brunswick, NJ
Black Hawks from LaCrosse, WI
Black Knights from Belleville, IL
Black Knights (NY) from Oswego, NY
Black Ravens from Brooklyn, NY
Black Shields of Sparta from Mt Carmel, OH
Black Shields Of Sparta from Mt. Carmal, OH
Black Watch from Auburn, WA
Black Watch (NJ) from Willingboro, NJ
Blackhawk Voyageurs from Beloit, WI
Blackhawks from Kankakee, IL
Blazers from Lockport, NY
Blessed Sacrament Golden Knights from Newark, New Jersey
Bleu Raeders from New Orleans, LA
Blossomland Cadets from St. Joseph, MO
Blue Angels from Danvers, MA
Blue Angels from Renton, WA
Blue Angels (NY) from Brooklyn, NY
Blue Devils from Concord, California
Blue Devils B from Concord, CA
Blue Devils C from Concord, California
Blue Flames from East Brunswick, NJ
Blue Knights from Denver, Colorado
Blue Knights (IL) from Berwyn, IL
Blue Knights (MI) from Ironwood, MI
Blue Knights (MN) from St. Paul, MN
Blue Notes from Ishpeming, MI
Blue Rock from Wilmington, Delaware
Blue Saints from Sudbury, Ontario
Blue Star Cadets from LaCrosse, Wisconsin
Blue Stars from LaCrosse, Wisconsin
Blue Wanderers from Blue Point, NY
Bluecoats from Canton, OH
Bluegrass Ambassadors from Southgate, Kentucky
Bluewater Buccaneers from Sarnia, ONT
Bluewater Lionaires from Sarnia, ONT
Bluffton Pirates from Bluffton, IN
Bonnies from New Britain, CT
Bordentown Little Devils from Bordentown, NJ
Boston Crusaders from Boston, MA
Boy Scout Troup No. 63 from Michigan
Boys Club Gents
Boys of Syracuse Post 41 from Syracuse, NY
Bracken Cavaliers from Bristol, PA
Braintree Braves from Braintree, Massachusetts
Braintree Warriors from Braintree, MA
Brampton Senators from Brampton, ONT
Brantford Girls from Brantford, ONT
Brass Majesticks from New Jersey
Brass Regiment from Park Falls, WI
Brassmen (WA) from Bellingham, WA
Bridgemen from Bayonne, New Jersey
Bridgeport PAL Cadets from Bridgeport, CT
Brigade from Libertyville, IL
Brigadiers from Blackwood, NJ
Bristol Kingsmen from Bristol, RI
Broadcasters from Newton, NJ
Bronx Kingsmen from Bronx, NY
Brookhaven Crusaders from Brookhaven, PA
Brooten from Brooten, MN
Buccaneers (IL) from Moline, IL
Buccaneers (KY) from Dayton, KY
Buccaneers (MA) from Lowell, MA
Buckeye State Caballaros from Cleveland, OH
Buckeyes from Cleveland, OH
Buddhist Scouts from Seattle, WA
Bux-Mont Raiders from Souderton, PA
Caballaros from Cleveland, OH
Cadets La Salle from Ottawa, ONT
Cadets of Brooklyn from Brooklyn, NY
Cadets of Dutch Boy from Kitchener, Ontario
Cadets of Greece from Rochester, NY
Cadets of New York City from New York, NY
Calgary Cavaliers from Calgary, ALB
California Crusaders from Carson, CA
California Dons from Fresno, CA
California Shockwave from Davis, CA
Cambria Cadets from Ebensburg, PA
Cambridge Caballeros from Cambridge, Massachusetts
Canadaires from Niagara Falls, ONT
Canadian Knights from Peterborough, ONT
Canadian Royalaires from Edmonton, ALB
Canton VFW from Canton, OH
Capital Chargers from Springfield, IL
Capital Regiment from Columbus, OH
Capital Sound from Madison, WI
Capital Sound (MDBCA) from Madison, WI
CapitolAires from Madison, WI
Capitolaires All Girl from Sacramento, CA
Cardinal Cadets from Scarborough, Ont
Cardinals from Scarborough, Ont.
Carmelites from Springfield, MA
Carol City Cavaliers from Carol City, FL
Carolina Crown from Fort Mill, SC
Carter Cadets from Brooklyn, NY
Castanets from Carson, CA
Castlemen from Conklin, NY
Catholic Daughters of America from Butler, PA
Cavalcade from Brampton, Ontario
Cavalier Cadets from Rosemont, IL
Cavaliers (MA) from Somerville, MA
Cavaliers (MD) from Baltimore, MD
Cavaliers (NY) from Rome, NY
Cedar Rapids Cadets from Cedar Rapids, IA
Celtic Cadets from Monticello, NY
Central Wisconsin Zephyrs from Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
Centurions from Enfield, CT
Centurymen from Richmond, VA
Challengers from Sheridan, OR
Chancellors from Ocean City, NJ
Charioteers from Troy, AL
Charter Oak Sabres from Hartford, CT
Chattahoochee Sound Association from Decatur, GA
Chesapeake Bay Brass from Maryland
Chesapeake Cavaliers from Chesapeake MD
Chessmen from Easton, PA
Chevaliers from Riviere du Loup, Quebec
Chevaliers (IA) from Waterloo, IA
Chi-Angels from Chicago, IL
Chicago Hornets from Chicago, IL
Chinese Imperials from San Francisco, CA
Chordaliers from Milwaukee, WI
Chrystalines from Quebec
Chung Wah Boy Scouts from Los Angeles, CA
Cincinnati Glory from Cincinnati, Ohio
Circleville Demons from Circleville, Ohio
Citations from Burlington, MA
Citations Juniors from Burlington, MA
Claremont Cavaliers from Claremont, NH
Cleveland Caballeros from Cleveland, OH
CMCC Warriors from Bronx, NY
Coachmen from Grand Rapids, Michigan
Coachmen (Ontario) from Keswick, Ontario
Colonades All Girl from Fairfield, CT
Colt Cadets from Dubuque, Iowa
Colts from Dubuque, Iowa
Comets from Fort Wayne, Indiana
Commanders from New City, NY
Commodore Perry Scouts from Los Angeles, CA
Commodores from Stockton, California
Connecticut Classics from East Haven, CT
Connecticut Royal Lancers from Shelton, CT
Connecticut Vanguard from Seymour, CT
Connexion Quebec from Laval, Quebec
Conqueror from Hamilton, Ontario
Conqueror II from Hamilton, Ontario
Conquistadors from S. San Francisco, CA
Contemporary Youth Ensemble from Vanier, Ontario
Continental Ambassadors from Wichita, KS
Continental Cadets from Catskill, NY
Continentals (NJ) from West Keansburg, NJ
Continentals (WA) from Burien, WA
CopperStar from Gilbert, AZ
Corporal Carroll from West Haven, CT
Corps of the North from Fairbanks, AK
Corvair Cadets from Flint, MI
Corvets All Girl from Jerseyville, NJ
Corvette All Girls from Closter, NJ
Court of Honor from Atlanta, GA
Crabtree Drum Corps from Crabtree, PA
Cranford Patriots from Cranford, NJ
Crimson Buccaneers from Bay Area, NY
Crimson Cadets from Norfolk, NE
Crimson Tornadoes from Central, CT
Crossmen from Allentown, PA
Crosstown Tornadoes
Crusader-Gladiators from St Francis, WI
Crusaders from Carson, CA
Crusaders of County LaSalle from Ottawa, IL
Danvers Chuting Stars from Danvers, MA
Darling Aires
Daurice Vigilantes from Hyde Park, MA
Debutantes from Quincy, IL
Decibels from Bellefeuille, Quebec
Decorah Kilties from Decorah, IA
Defenders from Rockland, MA
Defenders (ME) from Portland, ME
Defenders (NJ) from Morristown, NJ
DeLaSalle Oaklands from Toronto, Ontario
Delaware Rangers from Delaware
Delta Brigade from Little Rock, AR
Delta Thunderbirds from Stockton, CA
Derry Patriots from Derry, PA
Des Plaines Vanguard from Des Plaines, Illinois
Devil Dogs from Clearwater, FL
Dillonaires from Ely, MN
Dimension from Levis, Quebec
Dimensions from Grand Rapids, MI
Diplomat Juniors from Washington, DC
Dirigo Alliance from Waterville, ME
Dirigo Jets
Don Juan's from Cambridge, MA
Doremus Blue Demons from Hackensack, NJ
Dover Cadets from Dover, NJ
Dream Warriors from New Bedford, MA
Drifters from Surrey, BC
Dukes Of Imperial Guardsmen from Old Bridge, NJ
Dukes of Marlboro from Marlboro, MA
Dumont Police Cadets from Dumont, NJ
Dundalk Cadets from Baltimore, MD
Durand Silver Sabers from Durand, WI
Durham Girls from Durham, ONT
Dutch Boy from Kitchener, Ontario
Dutchtown Lancers from Rochester, NY
Dynamic Duo from Auburn, NY
Dynamic Royalaires from Oradell, NJ
Dynamic Statesmen from Rochester, NY
Dynamiques from Buckingham, QUE
E. Scarborough Kingsmen from E. Scarborough, ONT
Eagles from Saginaw, MI
Eagles of Central New York from Verona, NY
Eaglettes from Sandusky, OH
Earls of Buck from Langhorne/Buck County, PA
Earthquake from San Diego, CA
East Coast Jazz from Malden, MA
East Coast Junior Jazz from Malden, Massachusetts
East Germantown from Philadelphia, PA
Eastsiders from Manhattan, NY
Eau Claire Boys from Eau Claire, WI
Eau Claire Scouts from Eau Claire, WI
Ebony Guard from Chicago, IL
Edmonton Strutters from Edmonton, Alberta
Eklipse from Murray, KY
El Doradans from Denver, CO
El Toreadors from Seattle, WA
Elgin Regiment from Ontario
Elkhorn Titans from Elkhorn, WI
Emerald Buccaneers from Bridgeport, CT
Emerald Cadets from New Haven, CT
Emerald Cadets (NY) from Rochester, NY
Emerald Grenadears from Rockaway Township, NJ
Emerald Knights from Cedar Rapids, IA
Emerald Knights from Cedar Rapids, IA
Emerald Knights (NJ) from South Brunswick, NJ
Emerald Knights (ONT) from Mississauga, Ontario
Emerald Lancers from Old Bridge, NJ
Emerald Statesmen from Rochester, NY
Empire Loyalists from Amherstview, Ontario
Empire State Express from Elmira Heights, NY
Enfield Sabres from New York
Envoys from Newburgh, NY
Epoch from Garfield, NJ
Erie Mavericks from Erie, PA
Escadrille from Salem, OR
Esperanza from San Diego, CA
Etobicoke Crusaders from Etobicoke, ONT
Etobicoke Knights from Etobicoke, Ontario
Evanston Gayblades from Evanaston, IL
Everett Statesmen from Everett, MA
Excalibur from Aliso Viejo, CA
Explorer Scout Post #72 from Santa Ana, CA
Expressions from Hammond, LA
Eye-Openers from Marshalltown, IA
Fairlawn Cadets from Fairlawn, NJ
Fajardo from Bronx, NY
Falcon Ridgemen from Elizabeth, NJ
Falcons from Baltimore, MD
Falcons (OR) from Athena, OR
Fantasia from Norwich, CT
Fantasia III from Little Falls, NJ
Feux-Follets from Berthierville, Quebec
Fever from Modesto, CA
Firebirds from Rochester, NY
Fire-ettes from Norwich, CT
Firesiders from Union Beach, NJ
First Baptist Cadets from Brooklyn, NY
First Defenders from Concordville, PA
Fitchburg Kingsmen from Fitchburg, MA
Fitchburg Royal Knights from Fitchburg, MA
Flamingos from Hialeah, FL
Flanders from Baltimore, MD
Flashing Lassies from Monterey Park, CA
Fletcher Raiders from Norwich, CT
Flint Guardsmen from Flint, MI
Florida Guardsmen from Ft. Meyers, FL
Florida Wave from Miami, FL
Floridians from Miami, FL
Floyd Bennet Golden Eagles from Brooklyn, NY
Flying Dutchmen from Quincy, IL
Flying Dutchmen (NY) from New York, NY
Force de Louisiane from Lafayette, LA
Fort Edward SAL Squadron 1133 from Ft. Edward, NY
Fort Madison Cavaliers from Fort Madison, IA
Fox Valley Raiders from Aurora, IL
Freelancers from Sacramento, California
Freelancers (NJ) from New Jersey
Freeman from Fall River, MA
Frontiersmen from Overland Park, KS
Ft Dodge Lanciers from Ft. Dodge, IA
Fusion from Rochester, NY
Fusion from Edmonton, Alberta
Gabrielettes from Belleville, IL
Gateway City Combine from St. Louis, MO
Gauchos from Fulton, NY
General Butler Vagabonds from Lyndora, PA
General Custer's Brigade from Mundelein, IL
General George Bell Post from Chicago, IL
General Putnam's Men from Ottawa, OH
Genesee Quest from Batavia, NY
Geneseo Knights from Geneseo, IL
Georgian Lancers from Owen Sound, Ontario
Giles Yellow Jackets from Chicago, IL
Gladiateurs de Montreal from Montreal, QUE
Gladstone SAL from Chicago, IL
Glassmen from Toledo, OH
Glenview Lancers from Glenview, IL
Gold from Hawthorne, CA
Golden Antlers from Williamantic, CT
Golden Buccaneers from Bridgeport, CT
Golden Crusaders from Southington/Meriden, CT
Golden Eagles from Portsmouth, NH
Golden Eagles from Philadelphia, PA
Golden Eagles (CA) from Los Altos, CA
Golden Eagles (NY) from Port Henry, NY
Golden Garrison from Ypsilanti, MI
Golden Knights from Southgate, KY
Golden Knights from Shrewsbury, MA
Golden Lancers from Pittsburgh, PA
Golden Lancers (OH) from Tipp City/Fairborn, OH
Golden Lions (ONT) from Simcoe, Ontario
Golden Monarchs from Toronto, ONT
Golden Raiders from Acushnet, MA
Golden Rays from Stoughton, MA
Golden Rays Junior from Stoughton, MA
Golden Skyliners from Great Falls, MT
Golden Statesmen from San Diego, CA
Grand Street Boys from New York, NY
Granite Chips
Granite State Garrison from Keene, NH
Graniteers from Rochester, NH
Grantham from St Catharines, ONT
Green Hornets from Grand Rapids, MI
Grenadiers from New Britain, CT
Grenadiers (WI) from Belmont, WI
Grenadiers of Broome County from Endicott/Vestal, NY
Grey Ghost from Verona, NY
Guardsmen from Schaumburg, IL
Guardsmen (MA) from Middlesex, MA
Guardsmen (WA) from Bellevue, WA
Gulf Coast Sound from Biloxi, MS
H.Y.P.E. from Hamilton, Ontario
Hamburg Buccaneers from Hamburg, PA
Hamilton Knights from Hamilton, Ont
Hannan's Marauders
Hanover from Hanover, ONT
Haverhill Shoemakers from Haverhill, MA
Hawks from Portland, OR
Hazardville Toreadors from Hazardville, CT
Heightsmen from Arlington, MA
Hellgaters from Manhattan, NY
Hibbing Rangers from Hibbing, MN
Highlanders from Washington
Holbrook Skylarks from Holbrook, NY
Hollywood Knights from Hollywood, CA
Holy Trinity Cadets from Boston, MA
Holy Trinity Troubadors from Boston, MA
Horizon of Quebec from Quebec
Horizons from Hawthorne (Westchester County), NY
Hornets from St. Louis, MO
Hotshots from Norwalk, CT
Howard W. McCall Bluebirds from Philadelphia, PA
Hudson Valley All-Stars from Poughkeepsie, NY
Hull Sentinels from Hull, MA
Hurricane Girls from Baltimore, MD
Hurricanes from Fall River, MA
Hurricanes (FL) from Melbourne, FL
Hyde Park All-Girl from Hyde Park, MA
Hyliters from Toronto, Ontario
IC Comets from Salem, MA
IC Queensmen from Winchester, MA
IC Reveries from Revere, MA
IC Rockets from Salem, MA
IC Rockettes from Salem, MA
Illiana Lancers from Dolton, IL
Illusion from Delaware County, Pennsylvania
Imperial Cadets from Portland, OR
Imperial Dragons from Los Angeles/Glendale, CA
Imperial Guard from Evansville, IN
Imperial Guardsmen from Livingston, NJ
Imperial Guardsmen (NJ) from Belleville, NJ
Imperial Guardsmen (NY) from Rock Hill/Ellenville, NY
Imperial Juniors from Pembroke, MA
Imperial Knights from Midland Park, NJ
Imperial Regiment from Cheektowaga, NY
Imperials of St. Patrick's from Milwaukee, WI
Impulse from Buena Vista, CA
Impulse M from Buena Park, CA
Inbhear Mor Marchers from Ireland
Iron Brigade from Madison Heights, MI
Iron Cross from West Chester, PA
Irondequoit Statesmen from Rochester, NY
Irvington Squadron
Island Cadets from New Dorp/Staten Island, NY
Island Pioneers from Yaphank, NY
Islanders from Babylon, NY
Jackson Park Raiders from Chicago, IL
Japanese Boy Scouts from Berkeley, CA
Jay-Jays from South Boston, MA
Jeanettes from Lynn, MA
Jefferson Rangers from Medord, OR
Jersey Brass from New Jersey
Jersey Cyclones from Keyport , NJ
Jersey Raiders from Bridgeton, NJ
Jersey Shore Windjammers from Brick, NJ
Jersey Surf from Berlin, NJ
Jester from Phoenix, AZ
Jets from Hutchinson, KS
Joanettes from Leominster, MA
Joliet Kingsmen from Joliet, IL
J's from Leominster, MA
Jungle Kings from Leaside, ONT
Junior Angels from Cincinnati, OH
K of C Comets from Salem, MA
Kankakee Lancers from Kankakee, IL
Katahdin Rangers from Millinocket, ME
Kearny Pioneers from Kearny, NJ
Kemenfelt from Ontario
Kenwood Cadets from Kenwood, MD
Kewanee Black Knights from Kewanee, IL
Keystone Regiment from Newton Square, PA
Killmen from Wynantskill, NY
Kiltie Kadets from Racine, WI
Kilties from Racine, Wisconsin
Kings Lancers from Anaheim, CA
Kings Regiment from Swedesboro, NJ
Kings Regiment (NY) from Kings Park, NY
Kingsmen (NY) from Hamburg, NY
Kingsmen Cadets from New York, NY
Kingston Indians from Kingston, NY
Kinsmen from East Scarborough, ONT
Kips Bay Crusaders from Bronx, NY
Kips Bay Knight Club from Bronx, NY
Kiwanis Kavaliers from Kitchener, Ontario
Knickerbockers from Bronx, NY
Knight Command from Bettendorf, IA
Knight Storm from Chicopee, MA
Knights of Cathay from San Francisco, CA
Knights of Huntington from Huntington, NY
Knights of Lorrain from Temple, PA
Knightsmen from Millis, MA
Krescendos from Peterborough ONT
L' Anse Golden Eagles from L' Anse, MI
L.A. Chinese from Los Angeles, CA
La Clique Laurentie from Charlesbourg, QUE
Lake Erie Regiment from Erie, PA
Lake Regionairs from Monroe, NY
Lakeland Blue Devils from Ronkonkoma, NY
Lakeland Goldenaires from Pompton Lakes, NJ
Lakers from Greenwood Lake, NY
Lakeview Shoreliners from Rochester, NY
Lakewood Ambassadors from Lakewood, CA
Lakewood Scouts from Lakewood, CA
Lambton Lions from Sarnia/Lambton, ONT
Lampliters from Smith Falls, ONT
Lancers (CA) from Fontana, CA
Lancers (DC) from Washington, DC
Lancers (MD) from Baltimore, MD
Lancers (NJ) from Magnolia, NJ
Latin Knights from Bronx, NY
Le Sabres from Campbell, CA
Lee's Lieutenants from Richmond, VA
Legend of Texas from Lubbock, TX
Legion Cadets from Watkins Glen, NY
Legion Vanguard from Melrose, MA
Legionaires from Oceanside, NY
Legionettes from Enid, OK
Lehigh Valley Knights from Allentown, PA
Leicesters from Worcester, MA
Les Aventurieres from St. Georges de Beauce, QUE
Les Aventuriers from Charlesbourg, QUE
Les Boucliers from Ville St-Laurent, QUE
Les Cadets from Quebec
Les Cadets de Shawinigan from Shawinigan, QUE
Les Cadets St. Paul from Trois-Rivieres, QUE
Les Cavaliers de Drummondville from Drummondville, QUE
Les Chatelaines from Laval, QUE
Les Colibris from Lachute, QUE
Les Compagnons from Ottawa/Embrun, ONT
Les Crescendos from St. Bruno, QUE
Les Eclipses from Longueuil, QUE
Les Etoiles d'Or from Laval, QUE
Les Etoiles Dorion Vaudreuil from L'Acadie, Quebec
Les Fantaisistes from St. Jerome, Quebec
Les Gendarmes from Aylmer, QUE
Les Grenadiers from Shawinigan, QUE
Les Hilltoppers from Ontario
Les Jouvenceaux from Charlesbourg, QUE
Les Massageres from Quebec
Les Matadors from Marieville, QUE
Les Metropolitains from Montreal, QUE
Les Optimistes de Shawinigan from Shawinigan, QUE
Les Rancheros from Nunda, NY
Les Royalistes from Neufchatel, QUE
Les Senateurs from Joliette, Quebec
Les Sentinelles from Varennes, Quebec
Les Sphinx de Sainte-Therese from Sainte Therese, QUE
Les Stentors from Sherbrooke, Quebec
Les Triolets from Hull, QUE
Les Troubadours from Victoriaville, QUE
Lewiston-Auburn Scarlet Cadets from Lewiston, ME
Liberty Bell Cadets from Philadelphia, PA
Light of Indy from Indianapolis, IN
Lima Blue Devils from Lima, OH
Limited Edition from Columbus, OH
L'Impact de Dolbeau from Mistassini/Dolbeau, Quebec
Lincolnmen from Baltic Court, RI
Lindenaires from Lindenhurst, NY
Lindenaires (NJ) from Lindenwold, NJ
Lindenwold Lamplighters from Lindenwold, NJ
L'Insolite from St. Jerome, Quebec
Lionettes from Sarnia, Ont
Lions Of London from London, ONT
Lithuanians from Shrewsbury, NJ
Little Americans from Rochester, NY
Little Chute Dutch Girls from Little Chute, WI
Little Dukes from Perth Amboy, NJ
Little Falls Cadets from Little Falls, NJ
Little Flower from Baltimore, MD
Little Kings from Fitchburg, MA
Logan Square from Chicago, IL
London Imperials from London, Ontario
Lone Star from Commerce, TX
Long Island Bluejays from Long Island, NY
Long Island Grenadiers from Medford, NY
Long Island Kingsmen from King's Park, NY
Long Island Sound from Long Island, NY
Los Charros from Bensonville, WI
Louisiana Southernaires from Kenner, LA
Loyalaires from Bridgeport, CT
Lucas Rhythm Nation from Mount Vernon, NY
Luckie Ladies from Wharton, NJ
Lynch Post from Somerset, MA
Lynn Continentals from Lynn, MA
Lynwood Diplomats from Lynwood, CA
Mackie Cadets
Madison Junior Scouts from Madison, WI
Madison Scouts from Madison, WI
Madonna from Ft. Lee, NJ
Magnificent Yankees from Utica, NY
Magnolia Lancers
Majestic Knights from Charlestown, MA
Majestics from Sorel, Quebec
Majorettes Fleur de Lys from Quebec City, QUE
Majorettes Shawinigan from Shawinigan, QUE
Malden Cavaliers from Malden, MA
Malden Diplomats from Malden, MA
Manchester Black Knights from Manchester, NY
Manchester Muchachos from Manchester, NH
Mandarins from Sacramento, California
Manhattanaires from Manhattan, NY
Maple City Cadets from LaPorte County, IN
Marauders from Longview, Washington
Marauders (MI) from Madison Heights, MI
Marching Angels from Cincinnati,OH
Marching Angels (Canada) from Sarnia, ONT
Marching Diplomats from Sarnia, ONT
Marching Saints from Carleton Place, ONT
Maria High from Stevens Point, WI
Mariners from Rollingsford, NH
Marion Collage Blue Knights from Indianapolis, Indiana
Marion Glory Cadets from Marion, Ohio
Mark Twain Cadets from Elmira Heights, NY
Marksmen from Seattle, WA
Marquette Majestics from Michigan
Marquis from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
Maryknoll All-Girls from Los Angeles, CA
Masquerade from Randolph, NJ
Mavericks from Schaghticoke, NY
Mayshore Buccaneers
McCullough Royal Knights from Washington, DC
McFarland Post Cadets from Burlington, NJ
Meadowlarks from Secaucus, NJ
Media Fawns from Media, PA
Mello-Dears from Owego, NY
Melodiers from Lackawanna, NY
Melomanes from Pointe-du-Lac, Quebec
Melrose Explorers from Melrose, MA
Memorial Lancers from St. Louis, MO
Memphis Blues Brass Band from Memphis, Tennessee
Memphis Sound from Collierville, TN
Mercy High School All Girl from Milwaukee, WI
Messagers de Quebec-Orsainville from Quebec City, QUE
Metal Orbits
Miami Crusaders from Miami, FL
Miami Lancers from Tipp City, OH
Michael Power Knights from Toronto, ONT
Midlanders from London-Woodstock, ONT
Midshipmen from Bronx, NY
Mighty Liberators from Rochester, NY
Mighty Mites from East Brunswick, NJ
Militaires from Milwaukee, WI
Millers Falls Cadets from Miller Falls, MA
Millstadt Crusaders from Millstadt, IL
Milwaukee Gladiators from Milwaukee, WI
Milwaukee Rebels from Milwaukee, WI
Minutemen from Ottawa, Ohio
Mirage from Champaign, IL
Modernaires from Toms River, NJ
Mon Valley Express from Pittsburgh, PA
Monahan Marksmen from Sioux City, IA
Monarchs from Oakland/Wayne, NJ
Montana Wranglers from Montana
Monterey Park Girls from Monterey Park, CA
Montrose Ascots from Montrose, PA
Morrisanian Lancers from Bronx, NY
Morton Grove Cougars from Morton Grove, IL
Morton Grove Spartans from Chicago, Illinois
Mountain Magic from Huntington, WV
Mountaineers from Ontonogan, MI
Mountettes All Girl from Paramus, NJ
Mounties from St. Paul, MN
Mousquetaires from La Baie, QUE
Mt. Carmel Boys from Mt. Carmel, PA
Mt. Carmel Eaglettes from Abbeville, LA
Muchachos from Hawthorne, New Jersey
Multi-Visions from Trois Rivieres/Quest, Quebec
Musketeers from Upper Darby, PA
Mystikal from Newbury Park, CA
Nashua Elks Trojans from Nashua, NH
Nashua Sabres from Nashua, NH
ND-ettes from Bridgeport, CT
Nee-Hi's from Clinton, IA
Neptune Shoreliners from Neptune, NJ
New Dawn All Girl from Racine, WI
New Day from Racine, WI
New Image from Hicksville, NY
New London Surfers from New London, CT
New Orleans Cadets from New Orleans, LA
New York Ambassadors from Montgomery, NY
New York Lancers from Bronx, NY
Niagara Frontiersmen from North Tonawanda, NY
Night Hawks from Houston, TX
Nightfire from North Hollywood, CA
Nisei Ambassadors from Chicago, IL
Nisei Envoys from Chicago, IL
Norristown Invaders from Norristown, PA
North Force from Fargo, ND
North Hudson Girls from Jersey City, NJ
North Miami Grenadiers from Miami, FL
North Port Alliance from North Port, FL
North Star from North Shore, Massachusetts
Northern Aurora from Saginaw, Michigan
Northern Dream from Windsor, ONT
Northern Lights from Seattle, WA
Northernaires from Menominee, MI
Northmen from Rochester, NY
Northmen (WI) from Green Bay, WI
Northshore from Scarborough, Ontario
Northstars from Kitchener-Waterloo, ONT
Northwind from Oshawa, Ontario
Norway-Paris Comets from Lewiston, Maine
Norwood Debonaires from Norwood, MA
Norwood Park Imperials from Norwood, IL
Nutmeg Rangers from Southington, CT
O.L.S. Stormy Knights from Floral Park, NY
Oakfield Junior from Oakfield, NY
Oakland Crusaders from Toronto, Ontario
Oakland Rangers from Oakland, NJ
Offensive Lions from Jonquiere, QUE
Oklahoma Cadets from Oklahoma City, OK
OLC Ramblers from Brooklyn, NY
OLMM Orbits from Ridgewood (Long Island), NY
OLPH Ridgemen from Brooklyn, NY
Olympians from Olympia, WA
Optimist Cadets from Flint, MI
Optimist Knights from Guelph, ONT
Optimist Lancers from Etobicoke, ONT
Orbiteers from Tewsbury, MA
Oregon Crusaders from Portland, Oregon
Orlando Falcons from Orlando, FL
Osmond Cadets from Philadelphia, PA
Our Lady Loretto Knights from Brooklyn, NY
Our Lady of Lourdes Cadets from Paterson, NJ
Our Lady of Mercy All Girl from Milwaukee, WI
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel from Brooklyn, N.Y.
Owosso Embry Cadets from Michigan
Oxford Explorers from Oxford, CT
Pacific Blue from Surry/Vancouver, BC
Pacific Crest from Diamond Bar, CA
Pacific Paradise from Oahu, HI
Pacificaires from Surrey, BC
Page Park Cadets from St. Louis, MO
PAL Cadets from Philadelphia, PA
PAL/Windjammers from Philadelphia, PA
Paramount from Worcester, MA
Park City Crusaders from Bridgeport, CT
Park City Grays from Janesville, WI
Paterson Cadets from Paterson, NJ
Patriots from Rochester, NY
Patriots (NJ) from Flemington, NJ
Patriots (WI) from Fox Point, WI
Patriots Praise from Phelan, CA
Patrolettes from Oakville, ONT
PAV Rangers from Lowell, MA
Peabody Musketeers from Peabody, MA
Pearl River Cadets from Pearl River, NY
Pembroke Imperials from Pembroke, MA
Penn Grove Statesmen from Penn Grove, NJ
Penn Treaty Cadets from Philadelphia, PA
Pennsylvanians from Levittown, PA
Percussion-naut Patriots from Spokane, WA
Perles Bleues from Windsor, Quebec
Pers-Clairs from Saint Hyacinthe, Quebec
Phantom Corps from Warrington, UK
Phantom Legion from Rockford, IL
Phantom Regiment from Rockford, IL
Phoebe Apperson Hearst Post # 1197 from New York, NY
Phoenix from Brick, NJ
Phoenix (MA) from Waltham, MA
Phoenix (ONT) from Sarnia, ONT
Phoenix Kidets from Jackson, NJ
Pickering from Ontario
Piedmont Mission from Winston-Salem, NC
Pierce Rivermen from Pierce, WA
Pine City Saints from Pine City, MN
Pine Tree Warriors from Lewiston/Auburn, ME
Pioneer from Milwaukee, WI
Pioneer II from Milwaukee, WI
Pioneer Scouts from Lebanon, PA
Pittsfield Blue Angels from Pittsfield, MA
Pittsfield Cavaliers from Pittsfield, MA
Pittsfield Imperials from Pittsfield, MA
Pittsfield Monarchs from Pittsfield, MA
Pittsfield Pom Poms from Pittsfield, MA
Plainsmen from Emporia, KS
Pointers from Point Pleasant, NJ
Police Boys and Girls Club from Washington, D. C.
Polish Falcon Cadets from Elizabeth, NJ
Polish Falcons from Springfield, IL
Pontiac Chieftains from Lawrence, MA
Portland Civic from Portland, OR
Portland Oregon Crusaders from Oregon City/Portland, OR
Portsmouth Rangers from Portsmouth, NH
Post 513 from Ohio
Poughkeepsie Pacers from Poughkeepsie, NY
Praesidium from Riverview, MI
Precisionnaires from Osage, IA
Pretorian from Flushing, MI
Pride of Cincinnati from Cincinnati, OH
Pride of Oakland from Oakland, CA
Pride of the Lions from Regina, Saskatchewan
Princemen from Weymouth, MA
Princemen (CA) from Pinole, CA
Princemen (ONT) from Scarborough, ONT
Privateers from Brooklyn, NY
Purple Knights from Rockford, IL
Purple Lancers from Auburn, New York
PY Corps
Quad City Knights from Quad Cities in Illinois and Iowa
Quasar from Penn Hills, PA
Quebec Alliance from Joliette, Quebec
Queen City Cadets from Cincinnati, OH
Queen Village Queens from Warwick, NY
Queensmen from Kenosha, WI
Queensmen Squires from Kenosha, WI
Quest from Brooklyn, NY
Quest Explorers from Brooklyn, NY
Quiet Storm from St Louis, MO
Quincy Trojans from Quincy, IL
Racine Junior Scouts from Racine, WI
Racine Scouts from Racine, WI
Raiders from Wayne, NJ
Raiders of 88 from Highland Park
Railmen from Omaha, NE
Raley's Raiders from Sacramento, CA
Raley's Raiders
Rapid City Express from Grand Rapids, MI
Ravens from Bergenfield, NJ
RC Cadets from Chicopee, MA
Rebel Devils from Maryland
Rebel-heirs from Great Bend, KS
Redwood City Guardsmen from Redwood City, CA
Regal Crownsmen from Cranston, RI
Regency One from Allentown, PA
Regiment Militaire from Kenner, LA
Regimental Cadets from Staten Island, NY
Regimentals from Farmingdale, NY
Releve Musicale from Fleurimont, Quebec
Renaissance from Spokane, WA
Renegades from Lockport-Rochester, NY
Renegades (CT) from Ansonia, CT
Renegades (MA) from Quincy, MA
Reservoir Rangers from Westerly, RI
Reverie Juniors from Revere, MA
Revolution from San Antonio, TX
Richmond Hawks from Richmond, CA
Ridge Raiders from Hamilton, Ontario
Ridgerunners from Stanwix Heights, NY
Ridley Park Rangers from Ridley Park, PA
Riptides from Amityville, NY
Rising Sun from Philadelphia, PA
Riversiders from Brooklyn, NY
Rochelle Park Cadets from Rochelle Park, NJ
Rock Springs Police Cadets from Rock Springs, WY
Rocky Mountain Magic from Denver, CO
Rocky Mountain Rangers from Kamloops, British Columbia
Rose City Guardsmen from Windsor, Ontario
Royal Airs from Chicago, Illinois
Royal Blue from Staten Island, NY
Royal Brigade from Secaucaus, NJ
Royal Cadets from East Templeton, MA
Royal Chevaliers from Cedar Falls, IA
Royal Coachmen from North Tonawanda, NY
Royal Columbians from Chicopee, MA
Royal Crusaders from Finleyville, PA
Royal Emperors from Milwaukee, WI
Royal Grenadiers from Kankakee, IL
Royal Guard from Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Royal Guardsmen from Carson, CA
Royal Highlanders from Massachusetts
Royal Knights from Manitowoc, WI
Royal Lancers from Portland, OR
Royal Lancers from Cape Coral, FL
Royal Lancers (MI) from Wyandotte, MI
Royal Marquis from Malden, MA
Royal Squires from Fitchburg, MA
Royal Western
Royalaires from Flint, MI
Royalaires (CA) from San Leandro, CA
Royaleer Mounties from Haddonfield, NJ
Royales from Eatontown, NJ
Royals from Waterloo, IA
S.T.A.R. from Revere, MA
Sabre's Edge from St. Louis, MO
Sacred Heart Crusaders from Malden, MA
Sacred Heart Crusaders from Manville, NJ
Sacred Heart Sabres from Middleboro, MA
Sahler Sedan Cadets from Coatesville, PA
Saint Kevin's Emerald Knights from Dorchester, MA
Saint Patrick's Cadets from Baltimore, MD
Saints from Woodbridge-Edison, NJ
San Diego Alliance from San Diego, CA
San Jose Raiders from San Jose, CA
San Jose Rebels from San Jose, CA
Santa Clara Vanguard from Santa Clara, CA
Satellites from Leicester, MA
Saxon Knights from Centereach, NY
Scarborough Firefighters from Scarborough, ONT
Scarlet Knights from Gurnee, Illinois
Scarlet Knights (CT) from Stamford, CT
Scarlet Lancers from Wichita, KS
Scarlet Lancers from Queens, NY
Scarlet Marauders from West Swanzey, NH
Scarlet Raiders from Adams, MA
Scenic City from Chattanooga, TN
Scott's Sabers from Rochester, NY
Scout House Bugle Band from Preston, Ontario, Canada
Sea Horse Lancers from Brigantine, NJ
Seattle Cascades from Shoreline, WA
Seattle Imperials from Seattle, WA
Seattle Thunderbirds from Seattle, WA
Selden Cadets from Selden, NY
Senateurs from Ancienne-Lorette, QUE
Seneca Optimists from Toronto, Ontario
Seneca Princemen from Toronto, Ontario
Senioritas from Monterey Park, CA
Sentinels from Bellevue, WA
Sertomanaires from Sarnia, ONT
Shadettes from Maple Shade, NJ
Shamrocks from Seattle, Washington
Sharpsburg Cadets from Sharpsburg, PA
Sharpshooters from Framingham, MA
Shields from New Bedford, MA
Shoreliners from Milford, CT
Shoreliners (WI) from Kenosha, WI
Shortsville Shamrocks from Shortsville, NY
Signals from Milwaukee, WI
Silhouettes from Cape Coral, FL
Silver Bullets from Sylvan Beach, NY
Silver Echoes from Munising, MI
Silver Falcons from Stamford, CT
Silver Knights from Ludlow, MA
Silver Lancers
Silver Sabers from Beaver Falls, PA
Silver Sabres from Salina, KS
Silverliners from Walbrook, MD
Simplex Minutemen from Gardner, MA
Sir Thomas More Cadets from Braintree, MA
Sky Ryders from Desoto, TX; Hutchinson, KS
Skyhawks from Pittsfield, MA
Skylarks from Hellertown, PA
Smithtown Freelancers from Smithtown-Long Island, NY
Smithtown Plebes from Smithtown, NY
Socialites from Saugus, MA
Soundations from Belleville, NJ
Sounds of Central NY from Syracuse, NY
South Bay Medieval Barons from Milpitis, CA
South Boston Gatesmen from Boston, MA
Southern Illusion from Philadelphia, PA
Southern Knights from Franklinville, NJ
Southern Rebels from Metairie/New Orleans, LA
Southernairs from Wilmington, NC
Southwind from Lexington, KY
Souveraines from Chambly, QUE
Spacetown Cadets from Derry, NH
Spanners from Jewett City, CT
Spartans from Nashua, NH
Spartans (WA) from Vancouver, WA
Spectacle City Mariners from Greendale, WI
Spectra from Weymouth, MA
Spectra-Heightsmen Alliance from Weymouth and Arlington, MA
Spectrum from Corning, NY
Speigleaires from Troy/Speigletown, NY
Spirit from Jacksonville, AL
Spirit of New Jersey from Westfield, NJ
Spirit of the Lakes from Canandaigua, NY
Spokane Thunder from Spokane, WA
Springfield Ambassadors from Springfield, MA
Springfield Targets from Springfield, MA
Square Squadron #232 from Holland, MI
Squires from Watkins Glen, NY
Squires of Ontario from Peterborough, ONT
St Bernadette's from Brooklyn, NY
St Catherine's Marionettes from St. Albans, NY
St James Saints from Long Island, NY
St Joseph's of Amesbury from Amesbury, MA
St. Alexis Vikings from Bensenville, IL
St. Alousius Cadets from Indian Orchard, MA
St. Andrews from Cambridge, ONT
St. Ann's from Fairlawn, NJ
St. Anthony's Diamondaires from Allston, MA
St. Brendan's Cadets from Clifton, NJ
St. Brendan's Patriots from Richton Park, IL
St. Catharines Chessmen from St. Catharines, ONT
St. Catherine's Queensmen from St Albans, NY
St. Chris Brigadiers from Dorchester, MA
St. Cloud Girls from St. Cloud, MN
St. Croix Rivermen from Stillwater, MN
St. Francis Xavier Sancians from South Weymouth, MA
St. George Cadets from Paterson, NJ
St. George's Olympians from Springfield, MA
St. Gregory the Great Crusaders from Milwaukee, WI
St. Ignatius from Hicksville, NY
St. Jean from Lynn, MA
St. Joe's Ironbound
St. Joe's Peanuts from Batavia, NY
St. John Knights of Kalihi from Kalihi, HI
St. John's from Brantford, Ontario
St. John's Crusaders from New Jersey
St. John's Missilemen from Winthrop, MA
St. Joseph Patron Cadets from Brooklyn, NY
St. Joseph's Islanders from Green Island, NY
St. Joseph's of Batavia from Batavia, NY
St. Joseph's of Newark from Newark, NJ
St. Jude's Crusaders from Hopatcong, NJ
St. Julie Transit from St. Julie, QUE
St. Kevin's Emerald Chips from Massachusetts
St. Kevin's Gems from Dorchester, MA
St. Louis All-Girl from St. Louis, MO
St. Louis Cadets from St. Louis, MO
St. Lucy's Cadets from Newark, NJ
St. Martin's from Newark, NJ
St. Mary's Cadets from Nutley, New Jersey
St. Mary's Cardinals from Beverly, MA
St. Mathias Cadets from Milwaukee, WI
St. Mathias Prep from Milwaukee, WI
St. Nicholas Girls from Egg Harbor, NJ
St. Patrick's Cadets from Jersey City, NJ.
St. Paul Scouts from St. Paul, MN
St. Peter Crusaders from St. Peter, MN
St. Peter Pee-Wee from St. Peter, MN
St. Peter's Royalaires from Bridgeport, CT
St. Raphael's Marionettes from Bridgeport, CT
St. Raphael's Musketeers from Bridgeport, CT
St. Rita's Brassmen from Brooklyn, NY
St. Roccos from Brooklyn, NY
St. Rocco's Aces from Brooklyn, NY
St. Rose Junior Scarlet Lancers from Chelsea, MA
St. Rose of Lima from Newark, NJ
St. Rose Scarlet Lancers from Chelsea, MA
St. Vincent's Cadets from Bayonne, NJ
St. Vincent's of Madison from Madison, NJ
Stafford Crusaders from Stafford Springs, CT
Star of Indiana from Bloomington, Indiana
Stardusters from Arabi, LA
Stardusters from Massachusetts
Stardusters All Girls from Pompton Lakes, NJ
Starisers from Leicester, MA
Starlighters from Frankfort, NY
Starlighters (MD) from Westminster, MD
Starlighters (NH) from Pelham, NH
Starlites from Milwaukee, WI
Stateliners from Byram/Greenwich, CT
Staten Island Holy Child from Staten Island, NY
Staten Island Lawmen from Staten Island, New York
Staten Island Thunderbirds from Staten Island, NY
Statenaires from Staten Isla...

Stu  6/23/06 

Will the last corps to fold please turn out the lights?

DCI:  The World's Last Standing Drum Corps-Related Organizations
1972 - 483
2005 - 70
2010 - 50
2014 - 40
2020 - 30
2027 - 20
2038 - 10

(optional reverse - spin-off of Willie Nelson's 'On the Road Again':
"Off the Road Again ... Just Can't Scrape a Corps Off the Road Again
...." with little musical notes around it.)



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Always knew that DCI would ultimately bleed the activity dry and leave so many communities poorer.

The dearth of community-based D&BCs is no surprise.

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