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My 2002 Season Journal

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8 hours ago, Ghost said:






Must be fishing season.  Anyone have some extra bait?

i threw it out to sea for bigger fish

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5 hours ago, mfrontz said:

I wouldn't want this thread to end without paying tribute to 2002 drum major Joseph Kempf. I did not have the pleasure to meet or know him, but he graduated from my high school and thus his marching career began in the same HS marching band in which I was formed. He was a drum major for the Reading Buccaneers in 1999-2000, marched Crossmen in 2001-02 (and as previously mentioned, served as 2002 drum major) and was visual staff for Reading in 2003 and Crossmen in 2004. He was killed December 19, 2004 when a car hit him as he was assisting victims of a multi-vehicle accident on Interstate 80 in Pennsylvania. He is a posthumous member of the Crossmen Hall of Fame, and April 29, 2007 was declared Joseph Kempf Day in Pennsylvania. Had he lived, he would have influenced many more lives as a teacher, first responder, and as a staff member in drum corps. His death was tragic and needless, but it seems he made a difference in the 24 years he was given. Requiescat in pace.

Joe was an awesome young man taken from us way too soon. had the honor of knowing him from 2000

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