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The Cavaliers 2023

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Nice show flags!


They don't want recordings or pictures posted, so sorry.


Lots of fresh takes on old gems.



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Holy feather! Cool effect when seen on everyone!

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Nice looking uniform!

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Wow! This show is going to be a monster! 1 Encore tune is going to please older alums, other, younger and older.

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They seem aggressive too.

I've got a long drive home, but I'm excited about this show!

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....so next day impressions.

The corps is full. 16 Tubas, lots of mellophones.

In order of preparedness:

The pit and battery are top 5. Lots of notes. Some electronics, but not as heavy as before. Everything seemed to be blended very well. The snares have a LOT of tasty features, and they sound extremely clean for June. The tenors less so, but they sound great. I'm just not an expert of battery percussion, so I can't judge the nuances of tenor drums. The bass drums have some nice features too, especially at the end.  This section is ahead of the other parts of the corps.

The hornline is very good. Their sound is probably a cross between the previous brass staff and the Saucedo approach. The mellophones have some things to improve on or water during a specific part of the show. The solo groups are great. The Trumpets sound good and approach getting bright without going over the edge. There are a ton of nods to previous shows, but this show feels fresh and new to my ears. I'm very critical of their designs, and this design is a classy tribute to the past while still being tastily modern. Yeah, are we permitted to give away what tunes they're playing yet? The pictures of the uniform jackets make them look sloppy and unbuttoned, but in the field show, they're wearing white t-shirts and it's buttoned up. It reads as 2010 uniforms crossed with the earlier uniforms. Very classy.  They're loud, aggressive, and brash. They're also soft, beautiful, nuanced, and still dirty.  

The guard is large at around 44, and some of them look younger. We'll see how this section cleans up. The silks that were in seemed classy to prideful.

The stylized plume looks great on all the members, and they use them for a specific visual effect. It's a nice effect but nothing over the top.

The drill is a blend of old and new. Lots of nods to older drill, but still mostly between the 30s and the front hash, like most modern drill.  The props move around VERY well this year, and end up in all four corners of the field.

There's a diamond cutter, some Samurai-type drill, blocks, curves, stepovers, and company fronts done in the Cavalier way...

There's also modern staging.  Some of this drill is pretty dirty, and it seems like today was the first time they ran the whole show all the way through from the comments given.

If you saw the picture of the Cavalier Corps' through the years, well they play music from those years. There's a lot of content, and it's mashed up like BD taught the activity to do.

You can imagine that there's going to be "Rainbow" woven through out the entire show, but it's mashed up with Gloira ('90), and some Gloria ('89) as well as Mars and some other stuff that is usually associated with an East Coast corps from some popular musical. I probably shouldn't ruin things too much or someone may not let me live, they may let me die? Yes, there are nods to '81, '82 too. Mostly visually, but also musically.

Without ruining things, it's NOT a tribute show, but there's a lot of music from their history. It's done in a very contemporary way.

There's a LOT of drill. The field coverage is great. So far, there are no tarps. The props move and are appealing, but they're not intrusive. I see lot of potential for more integration into the show.

Everything on the design front is leagues better than everything done since 2019.

This show will grow and grow into something incredible by the end of the season.  What they performed for us last night is the skeleton. They're done with the show SKELETON, and they look better now than they have many years where they placed in the top 5 in the past. What I'm trying to say is their skeleton this year is better than previous show skeletons in the past when they placed in the top 5. Everything is there, they just need to clean, layer, and adjust.

...and their marching style is ****** leg.

The show is modern. It should please the judges just as much as the fans and the alumni. Lots of comments around me from the locals was that this was much better than last year for them.

I definitely see this as a 4-6th place design. It's aggressive, sophistocated, and class from beginning to end. Yeah, they finally have a show ending that makes sense before finals week ( 2019 excepted) again.

Let's see if the members can clean it up and the guard can perform. I definitely see them fighting with Blue Stars for 5thish....

Have fun!

I can't wait to hear about other corps this year too

Also, the show is about 11 minutes long, and feels like 5 minutes. It just goes by so quickly. It's that much fun for me.

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