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  1. All fair points. I haven't seen a show this year that has great transitions either yet. I'm glad that they appear ahead of last year. Honestly drill is not designed the same way it was before for any corps. The opener has some interesting drill moments. The corps uses all of the field. Props are used like last year. Transitions need to be fixed. It was difficult to see the concept without closeups. My guess is more and more gets layered in as the tour progresses. This is probably why corps don't like preview shows being out before they done. It's a great start!
  2. Ok, shows on the field. Closer was weakest part. Generally a great balance of what judges will like and what fans might like. Portions a percussion features. Nice big band chords throughout. Soloist having issues. Opener is well written from visual and musical standpoint. Guards nice. Props are same color as last year and used similarly. Lots of chances to improve. Could'nt see up close. Corps has a great sound.
  3. Just saw the run through. So, it's certainly a modern show, and I would call it percussion centric. Hornline is waaaay better than last year at this time. Don't want to give anything away, but it should be a popular show.
  4. No public link. Sorry. Was just told this.
  5. If it is posted publically, I'll definitely post it publically.
  6. The link I got disappeared, but might be back tomorrow. I dunno. It's a YouTube thing...
  7. Oh, it might get drama filled. Things just changed with Covid, and FB DCP.
  8. Looks like there's going to be a live stream of the show on Friday night, June 21st. I'll probably post the link if it is public, but it maybe be on their website already. I haven't looked.
  9. These guys and gals are flying under the radar... Methinks that is good!
  10. I like the flag silks and uniforms so far. The color palette screams BD, which is totally what I'd appreciate. Drill seems dense, compressed, tightly staged. I imagine they will change this as the season goes on. Hornline sounds great. I'm getting a '94 vibe with the orchestration and chords. Just my impression, as I compare and contrast things. That's just how my brain works. Still has the BD flavor. I don't have a big opinion on the props from the video. They're not white?
  11. I always ask The Blue Knights 2016 about Great Events. They seem to know about them.
  12. Definitely looking forward to Regiment, Colts, Stars, and all too.
  13. I'm looking forward to hearing what their brass will be like this year.
  14. Great news. California should be a marching arts hotbed with all the home grown talent there! Awesome!
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