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  1. That's why I stated that they were a step behind Texas and Indiana. Still, many California bands are ahead of bands from Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah ( minus American Fork), Arizona, New Mexico, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Montana, Minnesota, Kansas, you get my drift.... They're not bad bands, they're just a step behind Texas and Indiana, and probably in the 2nd tier of bands nationally... That's got to be a good thing....
  2. Ayala made GN Finals this year (12th), and Vista Murrieta did well in their regional BOA trip to the San Antonio Super Regional (20th). Ayala ( in Chino Hills), Vista Murrieta, Upland, Mission Viejo, Trabuco Hills, Fountain Valley, Cerritos, Los Alamitos, Mission Viejo, El Toro, Chino Hills, Rancho Verde, Rowland High, Arcadia, Etiwanda, Chino, Hart, Thousand Oaks, and quite a lot of bands in the San Diego area are good as well ( San Bernardo, Mt. Carmel). Southern California has one of the stronger group of bands in the WHOLE country, participating in several different local circuits. They regularly do very well against schools from different states and regions in the state. They may not all do BOA, but there are a lot of strong band programs in this VERY large and very populous area. Texas, Oklahoma, and Indiana schools seem to do the best schools, especially in regards to BOA. California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, the Carolinas, Penn, Tenn, KY, and Ohio are a step behind at BOA. California schools have the whole parade scene and bowl scene... So many of them put a lot of rehearsal time into that. Band programs can be strong with doing well at BOA marching band contests. Concert season, and percussion season, which California percussion sections rule the roost show off the strong SoCal band programs as well.
  3. I've lived there for many years in the past. There was a thread about the indoor facilities available in the city. You're not wrong to be concerned. The average temperatures are actually higher than 104... ...but there are indoor places too.
  4. Las Vegas is in fact building a dome! The skeleton is up!
  5. Breathe "Dah" is infecting the DCI world! Yeah!!!!
  6. It's a bit more complicated than that, but there is some truth to it. I've lived all over the place, and I've moved here 3 times over 30 years. Everytime I leave and come back, it gets more and more expensive to live here, and the standard of living keeps getting worse. ...but there is a sense of freedom and free will not present in other states. This "female inclusion rule" is just another papercut that we who live here have to endure. It is better than living in some of the states that I've lived in though... I just think it's stupid to be forced to have a board member that you may or may not want on the board of your corporation. Just find the most qualified.
  7. I live IN California and think that's a stupid law. California's driving businesses away as fast as they can as it is...
  8. Actually, the various hall of fames can decide who is on their lists, so my thoughts are moot. It looks bad for Hopkins to be on them, so regardless of anything else, I'm good with him being removed even if he is acquitted.
  9. Yes, I thought more about it,band also did some research on the topic. There's also civil versus criminal acquittal. So, yea, I should thank Spinning for getting me to think about it.
  10. Okay, what if he is found not guilty. I just think that we need to go all the way through the process before removing him from all these places. I mean, I believe the people coming forward, but I don't know any of the facts, and we haven't gone through the legal process. ...and I'll be extremely upset if anyone thinks that I don't believe the people coming forward. ....and btw, the Cambridge dictionary says acquit is: acquitverb [ T ] US /əˈkwɪt/ -tt- acquit verb [ T ] (DECIDE NOT GUILTY) to decide officially in a court of law that someone is not guilty of a particular crime: She was acquitted. The jury acquitted him. https://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/dictionary/english/acquit
  11. No particular order, and I picked more than 12. Sorry, but there are a bunch of great shows to choose from.... Neon Underground (Spirit of Atlanta 2019) True Colors (Colts 2010) Knock (Spirit of Atlanta 2018) Dark Side of the Rainbow (Colts 2014) Inside the Ink (Mandarins 2017) By a Hare (Academy 2017) Everglow (Pacific Crest 2019) Strangers in Paradise (Academy 2010) Both Sides Now (Colts 2017) Vanity Fair (Academy 2014) When Hell Freezes Over (Colts 2019) Nachtmusik (Colts 2016) Magnolia (Spirit of Atlanta 2014) The Midnight Garden (Oregon Crusaders 2015) nevermore (Oregon Crusaders 2014) Piano Man (Academy 2013) Intergalactic (Seattle Cascades 2015) Off the Wall (Vanguard Cadets 2018)
  12. Yea, what happens if he is acquitted? A lot of people will be eating crow.
  13. 1. The Cavaliers - Such a no brainer for me. Impeccably designed and such a wonderful tribute to the Warrens ( Happy Birthday to Don in heaven)! 2. Bluecoats - Perhaps the most well rounded show of the season. Such a great piece of entertainment and integration of all elements. 3. Blue Knights - Really just love their style these past couple of years. 4. Boston Crusaders 5. Colts - Helped sponsor two ladies in the guard, and they seemed to be having the time of their life. Gotta love that! 6. SCV 7. Carolina Crown - Gotta respect that performance level, and I thought the drill was great this year! 8. Blue Stars 9. Pacific Crest 10. Spirit of Atlanta - Wouldn't have hurt my feelings to see this show make finals! 11. Crossmen 12. Mandarins
  14. True. If you wouldn't say something to someone's face, you shouldn't say it online. It's all about having some class, imho.
  15. I'm just going to say this. I saw some problems in all the top shows. Like things that shouldn't have been a problem. ....but they were all very entertaining this year, and that is really all I can ask for. I want Bluecoats to win, and a shakeup at 3rd, or even 4th! Doesn't matter what, just for fun! 7th and 8th are pretty set in my mind.
  16. What I miss? I heard a slightly out of tune violin.... They're like Motel 6, they left the light on.... Okay, that was a good run by the BD. Congrats to the members, who are some of the most professional people in the activity while in uniform! Love the effort! My opinion is the judges are going to call it how they see it. If we're all happy with their run, and they're happy with their run, then the show is a success. There were a lot of interesting ideas in this show! ....my hotdog is pretty tasty too. Got that between BC and BD, thanks!