DCI Classic Countdown leaves you dry.

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Attended in Burnswick ME. About 85 people in attendence. Some 27th, some BAC, some NH Spartans, some REAL dinosaurs.

Large tonic (soda to you), medium popcorn, small nachos - $14.75 please.

My recap. The "pre" 1989 corps all played a concert. A great way to park and blow and get in a groove.

74 Kingmen - exactly as I remember them. Their leg lift marking time - WOW

75 Madison - visually sort of bunched together. Wifey hated their "short" rifles

76 BD's Legend was such a great concert. That is still an all time great show. I told Bonnie Ott that I still loved her.

80 Spirit. Emotional and a little mechanical at times

80 27th. The guard worked harder than some corps. Just .35 prevented us from...

89 SCV - a very powerful and moving show

91 Star stuck out in a big way - BAD. Not as coordinated muscially as I wanted. They stuck out between SCV and VK. Can't put my finger on it. Maybe the great corps in 1991, but not the greatest DCI champ IMO.

92 - a laugh a minute and great performance. How did I ever forget Jaws?

96 Phantom's hornline - soooo much better than I remember - why did they bother with a drumline?

00 Boston. Visually they were a gas. They remined me of the wide open 2003 visual show of BD. Wide open spaces and movement. A great show. When will we get an entire rendition of Conquest?

00 Cadets show and drumline - much better than I remember.

02 Cavies. Interesting use of visual - still can't whistle 2 notes.

Wifey complained big time. (Former 27th rifle) Her comments are their is NO GUARD work any more. It's dance, throw up something, spin around, and move to catch it.

For me - the ballad has replaced concert - and percussion is not allowed to perform. Too bad.

Overall - I loved it. My fav - probably 76 BD's.

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I went to the Lincolnshire showing. Playing in two auditoria, mine looked to be about 80% full. Sound and video were both fine (loud enough, but not earsplittingly so) Course, we had Dan Acheson, Tom Blair, and Jeff Fiedler in Lincolnshire too, so there was a certain guarantee that things wouldn't suck.... :P

The crowd was a little quiet, but responsive to the biggest moments. VK got the biggest hand, Madison second (I'd suppose). I also noticed that the crowd seemed to be much older than for the quarterfinals broadcast last summer; I saw relatively few teenagers and college age kids in comparison to the numbers of folks I marched with in the 70s and 80s and those a little older than me. Anecdotal rather than scientific information, but I wonder what that could mean about the appeal of this concept....

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One more thing I thought would've been cool: if they had the pa announcer (of course I draw a blank for his name now) announce the votes like the scores at finals and if they could've shown the drum major's salutes from the retreats. Then we could've seen the SCV drum major cry again.:P

EDIT- Now I remember! It's Larry Crocker isn't it?!

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It's nice to see so many digging on 27's show. It has to be one of my favorites of all time. I'm glad 27th Lancers made the bill! :)

I told y'all you'd be trippin! :P

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I too was at the Fairfax, VA cinema. Only one theater in use and we were not totally full but well represented. The audio was very good with the earlier video tough but that was the technology back then. The differences between 1974 to 2002 is very interesting to behold. Each decade had much to offer in sheer power, finese, and showmanship. It truly reminded me of why I was invloved all these years.

I was happy to see that DCI promoted the DCA show right after the DCI Championship (I hope it is successful event). Nice that DCI offered up any notice to the senior circuit.

It would be cool if DCA could offer up a similar promotion - let the fans pick the years and have Tom Blair Productions pull together a narrated countdown.

The crowd here in VA was mildly vocal in all the right parts (it is hard to let loose in a theater setting). My daughter loved Santa Clara and was pleased to see it was picked with the most votes.

Sorry to read that some of the theaters did not get it together to offer a better showing, make your voices heard to the theater manager so that the quarterfinals broadcast will be better.

Let the 2005 season start soon! I need the tan!

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When I first discovered the lineup for the DCI countdown, I contemplated not even attending.  But after all, I thought 12.50 was worth it to see 1996 phantom on the big screen.

Well, poop on that! 

Surely DCI could have done a better job on the sound.  I mean, I could barely hear the corps over the chitter chatter of the drum corps wannabees from the local high school marching band.  Heck, my 36" screen RCA produces more volume than that.

I don't know who is to blame (DCI for shoddy production or Regional Cinemas for turning the volume down), but either way, what I thought for sure would be my preseason drum corps fix ended up being no better than a band competition with a bunch of woodwinds playing in a paper sack. 

I'm still dry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^0^

Ummm...maybe you should have asked someone at the theater to turn up the volume like I did. They must have gotten several complaints because they almost <gulp> turned it up too load. I was contemplating holding my ears when phantom started to open up. try taking some initiative next time instead of blaming DCI for a broadcast they didn't owe you in the first place.

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Most of the shows were my first time seeing so my thoughts...

74 Kingsmen- interesting, a lot has changed since the 70's...

75 Madison- even entetaining in the 70's, I enjoyed their show

76 Blue Devils- sounded great, I guess trumpet screamers are their forever trademark

80 Spirit- the sound quality was naturally better with some newer technology, they sounded good

80 27th- kinda bored me, dont see all the hype with them

89 SCV- i've seen this show plenty of times, LOVE IT!

91 Star- also have seen the show before, the mellos sound incredible!!!!!! cool drill also, very ahead of their time

92 VK- as much humor as they brought with the show, they sound very good...whole audience couldnt stop laughing

96 Phantom- seen plenty of times before, they sound 'loud', but real blatty, i never like listening to the baritones in this show, gets real groggy in the low brass sound, trumpets do sound awsome though; brass buries drumline, low brass has too many stick outs, and drill wasnt that clean...how did they get first?

00 Boston- seen tooooooo many times, drill seems the same year after year, same random drum hits, same BOX drill!!!!, brass sounds good though, but have the same BOX drill!!!!!

00 Cadets- its the Cadets, their consistently good, superior brass, clean drill, smoking drumline, amazing guard, yadda yadda....

02 Cavaliers- (same as the above)...yadda yadda...

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