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  1. ApathyJones

    Phantom Regiment 2018

    I can get behind this for sure.
  2. Yeah it is pretty crappy
  3. Lol I will seriously pay it all myself
  4. No kidding lol! Serious wishful thinking and hoping.
  5. How would you be able to hear how clean it was with someone singing over it for 5 mins?
  6. ApathyJones

    Blue Devils 2017 60th Anniversary!

    That would be perfect
  7. This isn't even directed at Crown specifically, but I would pay 20k if DCI banned all amplified singing next year.
  8. I kind of feel bad for Crown having to follow this.
  9. I know! Every show there has been someone just fiddling with the camera constantly. wtf are they doing?
  10. LOL why did it sound like a contra was farting directly into the microphone for the last chord lol
  11. On a different not, I am on rock solid internet and the 720p quality is now buffering constantly and has been for the past several shows, so might want to turn the quality down if you don't want stutters. Sucks that we have to pay to watch this in like 540p but whatevs.
  12. Cause you don't want to play backup to a singer? :P jk
  13. Does blending better mean being able to hear her randomly every 3rd word? It is still awful.