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  1. Madison Scouts 2017

    Wow, I didn't notice the sword. Need to watch it again! So many great little subliminal messages, and hidden details even on the Corps uniform. Like citation chords, sashes, belts, yes even spats (even though they're brown/gray), gauntlets. Also, the head pieces have stylized Fluer-De-Lis on them. Now I wonder what the Men of Madison have in store for 2018. I'm super excited to find out. But I'll have to be patient, since they'll probably keep it a secret like they did this past season. (Unless some well connected brother wants to PM me if he knows something. ;) )
  2. Don't forget the Audobon Bon-Bons (not sure where they were from).....and the Capitol Aires from Madison WI.
  3. Madison Scouts 2017

    Congratulations Scouts for making it back into Finals with a very well executed and fine product! The more I watch your show, the more I want to watch it. This alumnus is very proud of you and all of the blood, sweat and tears you have put into this production! Now go tear the roof off of that Oil Can tonight MAD MEN!!!
  4. Madison Scouts 2017

    The show is really coming together and gaining steam. I'm really starting to love it! One very minor criticism. They changed the color of the Fluer-De-Lis that sits center field. It's definitely is visible now, but that flat bright red clashes with the overall color palette of the show. I would change it to a slightly more warm tone of red and add either a slight gradient to it, or some type of subtle texture. Because right now, it kind of feels out of place. Other than that, this show is becoming an amazing piece of work! Keep the pedal to the medal guys! GO MAD MEN!!!
  5. Madison Scouts 2017

    So are you saying that the members of the Madison Scouts will have to come back in the next life to atone for their sins committed in this one? Because that's the actual definition of Karma. Or do you want revenge of some kind? Because when you say "What goes around comes around", that sounds like they did something to you, and you want "Karma" to get back at them. Oh, I know what happened. One of them stole your girlfriend. That explains everything!
  6. Madison Scouts 2017

    Perfect. But the gold symbol is the Fluer-de-lis....just a tribal looking one.
  7. Not really in MICHIGAN CITY

    Two hours to go with only 70 miles? Or are you saying you're driving 70 miles an hour and it's still two hours to go? In any case, hope you enjoy the show tonight! Anyway
  8. Madison Scouts 2017

    I'm hoping I get to at least 2 o 3 shows this summer! I'm excited by the music Madison had chosen for their show.....especially the middle two thirds of the show - which is all original music! I hope someday Madison will do an ALL original show, but this is fantastic! It's hard to tell from the clips I've heard what the show is like as a whole, but there are some really intriguing and powerful moments!
  9. That was the year that DCI outsourced the sound engineering to IBM Interactive Media....who obviously had little grasp on how to mix/master for a Drum Corps show.
  10. Top 10 opening hits?

    1) 1990 Star of Indiana 2) 1987 Santa Clara (it's a long build to the hit, but OMG!) 3) 2001 Madison 4) 1991 Blue Devils 5) 1984 Phantom 6) 1996 Blue Devils 7) 1991 Cavaliers 8) 1980 Spirit of Atlanta 9) 1983 Garfield Cadets 10) 1991 Crossmen
  11. Shows we will never see.

    Carolina Crown performs "Sacre de Rosemary" - a Stravinsky tribute to Slim Whitman
  12. 2017 PREDICTIONS!

    Here's my somewhat bold and completely meaningless prediction... 1) SCV 2) Crown 3) BD 4) Bloo 5) Cavies 6) BK 7) Cadets 8) Madison 9) Blue Stars 10) Phantom 11) Crossmen 12) Boston 13) BDB 14) Academy 15) Troopers 16) Colts 17) Oregon Crusaders
  13. Thanks so much! Great wealth of information! :D
  14. Hi everyone - I got curious the other day thinking back to the 80s and all the legendary Drum Corps and famous people and amazing soloists from the top Corps. It got me wondering specifically about the Blue Devils...and in particular, the 86 Corps. Wondering the section breakdowns, names of some of the soloists, etc....does anyone know if there's a website that might have the 86 roster or someone who marched that year, if you have a list. PM me here or post a link if it's not a bother. Thanks much!
  15. Drum Corps Survey

    And all three of those oldest Corps - Cadets, Madison and Boston - suffer from that same dilema of how do you take risks and be modern, while holding on to certain traditions? I personally like the subtle changes and tweaks Boston has made while retaining the basic look of Boston. I hope they can find a way to keep that brand while coming up with some type of new and original idea that doesn't "copy" what Bluecoats and others have done.